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Tag: VU Human computer Interaction (CS408) Assignment # 1 Solution

VU Human computer Interaction (CS408) Assignment # 1 Solution

VU Human Computer Interaction (CS408) Assignment # 1 Solution



Human Processor model consists of three elements i.e. Perceptual System, Cognitive system & Motor system.

After picking up remote, naïve user looks at the whole system of the control panel and tries to perceive. All three systems (Perceptual System, Cognitive system & Motor system.

)  will be activated on different stages;


At stage 1, information will be encoded into internal depiction.

At stage 2, this internal illustration of the stimulus about the Remote control panel is matched up to with memorized representations that are stored in the brain. If he had already used the control panel of the Remote Control then he will perform the required response else he will try to get the required activity on the current situation by the help of COGNITIVE SYSTEM.

In third next stage he is concerned with deciding on a response to the encoded stimulus. When an appropriate match is made the process passes on to the final stage where MOTOR SYSTEM comes into play and proper response will be given to the necessary action i.e. by pressing the OPEN DOOR Button.



First of all naive user sees the remote control panel display having different buttons in it. Button 1, is used against “open door” on remote control, a visual figure of display is focused and send it to image store part of working memory. Working memory sends this image to cognitive processor. Cognitive processor routes the refined information (output of the processing made on virtual image) and sends the answer to working memory. Now the control transfer from working memory to motor processor that passes order to press the button1. Finally door opens.

Similarly, other functions like “Door Close”, “Switch on” and “Switch off” will execute in the same pattern by Motor Processor.






VU Human Computer Interaction (CS408) Assignment # 1 Solution

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