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Tag: VU. ENG-101-. English .Comprehension. (Session # 3). MID TERM. EXAMINATION. SEMESTER .Fall. 2005

VU ENG-101- English Comprehension (Session # 3) MID TERM EXAMINATION SEMESTER Fall 2005



Total Marks:35

SEMESTER Fall 2005

ENG-101- English Comprehension (Session # 3) Duration:60 mins




PVC Name/Code


Maximum Time Allowed: (60 mins)

Please read the following instructions carefully before attempting any of the


1. Attempt all questions. Marks are written adjacent to each question.

2. Mistakes in spelling, punctuation and grammar may be penalized in any part of the


3. Do not ask any questions about the contents of this examination from anyone.

a. If you think that there is something wrong with any of the questions, attempt

it to the best of your understanding.

b. If you believe that some essential piece of information is missing, make an

appropriate assumption and use it to solve the problem.

c . Write all steps, missing steps may lead to deduction of marks.

**WARNING: Please note that Virtual University takes serious note of unfair

means. Anyone found involved in cheating will get an `F` grade in this course.

For Teacher’s use only

Question Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Total




Read the passage through carefully before you attempt any question .

Although America carries a huge trade deficit with many countries of the world,

she exports to the world both her energetic culture and youthful spirit. These are most obviously reflected

in her fast food franchise outlets and dynamic film industry with its wide range of wide international


When one considers why the Soviet system has collapsed and Western capitalism still thrives, many

political analysts and well-seasoned economists may offer a variety of reasons.

The answer, if simplified to an extreme, can be summed up quite easily. The Soviets exported ideology

while the capitalists satisfied practical needs. They exported fast foods and entertainment. The Soviets took

themselves and their ideology far too seriously. Lenin, in death was never decently buried but immortalized

in a vacuum-sealed glass coffin. The Soviet ideology is far too heavy-handed, far too difficult to digest for

people who only wanted their daily bread and a little humor. Ideologies are too abstract to absorb and too

hypothetical to find useful. They are not very nourishing and when forced upon the public over several

generations, they breed resentment, boredom and poverty.

On the other hand, fast foods appease the hunger at a price almost everyone can afford. Some have argued

that many fast foods contain far too many calories and the average hamburger and milkshake is high in

cholesterol and low in nutrition. But, the ambiance in the places which serve such foods is clean, friendly

and familiar.

America has capitalized on the appeal of fast food and successfully marketed its image. The fast food

restaurants with their perky attendants, soft background music and cheerful decor offer a homey, pleasant

atmosphere where a hamburger and a milkshake can be purchased at a reasonable price. Furthermore,

they can be found in almost every developed country throughout the world and have found a large

patronage in some of the most unlikely places. Even Moscow has finally succumbed to the pressure of the

people and the yellow arches of McDonald’s can be found in the Russian capital.

In a similar manner the American film industry continues to delight and entertain both young and old

around the world. Films like E.T. and Jaws are popular because they are exciting. American actors and

actresses are often are handsome and attractive and have an international appeal. Directors like Spielberg

and Scorsese have established international reputations. They are gifted talents who know the art of

entertaining an audience and have produced films which have transcended culture and appeal to people of

all ages.

In addition, the hi-tech, special effects, the use of computer graphics and tremendous financial investments

which go into the making of a great film add to the wonder of the finished product. Nowhere is this better

illustrated than in the popular international mania which followed the release of the Titanic. So, forget

your problems, eat a cheeseburger with french fries, wash them down with a milkshake and take in a good

movie. It’s the American way!

Question No: 1 Marks: 20

Q 1. i.Which of the following is one of America’s great exports to the world? [2]

a) Ideology


b) Capitalism

c) Fast-food outlets

d) Energetic culture

ii. What can be said of the reasons for the collapse of the Soviet Union? [3]

a) The answer is easy.

b) People offer many reasons

c) The answer is too simple.

d) The answer is too serious.

iii. When America exported fast foods and entertainment what was Russia

exporting? [2]

a) Abstractions

b) Food

c) Caviar

d) Ideology

iv. Why are ideologies unattractive for the common consumer?[2]

v. What happened to Lenin’s body when he died? [3]

vi. Why do many people enjoy eating at American fast food outlets?[2]

a) They are economical

b) They are very numerous

c) The service is fast.

d) They are clean, friendly and familiar.

vii. What is a major argument against eating fast foods? [2]

viii. Which of the following is true of American fast food chains? [2]

a) They are found in every country of the world.

b) They are found in almost every developed country.

c) They are unlikely to be found in most places.

d) They all have perky and polite service.


ix. Why are films like “E.T.” and “Jaws” so popular? [2]

Question No: 2 Marks: 3

Choose the best word to fill the gap in the sentence. [3]

i. Is there anyone here who doesn’t have ______________ to a textbook?

A. viewing B. visibility C. approach D. access

ii. Your report has barely ______________ the surface of the subject.

A. scanned B. glanced C. skimmed D. noticed

iii. The story is told from the point of ______________ of a young child.

A. sight B. understanding C. view D. observation

Question No: 3 Marks: 4

Supply the correct form of word instead of words given in brackets. [4]

Example: John always (get up) gets uplate on Sunday.

i. What (you/think) about?

ii. I (study) English for three years now.

iii. When you see Asma (told) him that I have a book for (his), please?


Question No: 4 Marks: 8

Read the flow chart and answer the question given in the end.


i. What should you do if you do not have a serial number? [2]

ii. If there is no free disc space what is to be done? [2]

iii. What should you do if you want to register before finishing installation?[2]

iv. After installation what options do you have?[2]



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