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Tag: VU C408 Human Computer Interaction Mid Term Examination – Spring 2006

VU C408 Human Computer Interaction Mid Term Examination – Spring 2006

VU C408 Human Computer Interaction Mid Term Examination – Spring 2006

C408 Human Computer Interaction
Mid Term Examination – Spring 2006
Time Allowed: 90 Minutes
Please read the following instructions carefully before attempting any
of the questions:
1. Attempt all questions. Marks are written adjacent to each question.
2. Do not ask any questions about the contents of this examination from
a. If you think that there is something wrong with any of the
questions, attempt it to the best of your understanding.
b. If you believe that some essential piece of information is missing,
make an appropriate assumption and use it to solve the problem.
c. Write all steps, missing steps may lead to deduction of marks.
**WARNING: Please note that Virtual University takes
serious note of unfair means. Anyone found involved in cheating will
get an `F` grade in this course.
Question No. 1 Marks : 2
. ________________ is a Usability Goal and refers to how easy a system is to remember how
to use, once learned.
�� Learnablity
�� Memorabilty
�� Utility
Question No. 2 Marks : 2
_____________is the process of selecting things to concentrate on, at a point in time, from the
range of possibilities available.

�� Reasoning
�� Decision Making
�� Attention
Question No. 3 Marks : 5
A mouse button invites pushing by the way it is physically constrained in its plastic shell, is an
example of ___________ Design Principle.
�� Visibility.
�� Affordance
�� Mapping
Question No. 4 Marks : 2
__________ refers to the relationship between controls and their effects in the world
�� Visibility
�� Affordance
�� Mapping
Question No. 5 Marks : 15
Describe Design principle of Visibility and Affordance with one Example for each and explain
their implications for interface design.
Question No. 6 Marks : 2
. _________________ plays a role to bridge up the gape between the interfaces of machines
and human understanding.
�� Human computer Interaction
�� Software Engineering
�� Human Computer Interfaces
Question No. 7 Marks : 2
The goals of HCI are:
�� Usability and User Experience
�� Task and Goals
�� Usability Experience and Goals
Question No. 8 Marks : 2
___________ is a very general goal of Usability and refers to how good a system at doing what
it is suppose to do.
�� Effectiveness
�� Efficiency
�� Utility
Question No. 9 Marks : 2
. _________________is what goes on in out heads when we carry out our everyday activities.
�� Cognition
�� Learnability
�� Memeorability
Question No. 10 Marks : 2
_______________ is the process by which we use the knowledge we have to draw conclusions
or infer something new about the domain of interest.
�� Decision Making
�� Reasoning
�� Problem Solving
Question No. 11 Marks : 2
______________research helps us understand the domain, context and constraints of a product
in different, more useful ways than ________________ research do.
�� Qualitative, Quantitative
�� Quantitative, Qualitative
�� None of them
Question No. 12 Marks : 5
Define Human-Computer Interaction.
Question No. 13 Marks : 20
What do you understand from Usability and User Experience Goals? Name any Five of each.
Draw a conceptual diagram that illustrates the relationship between an interface, usability, user
experience and the interaction between humans and computers

VU C408 Human Computer Interaction Mid Term Examination – Spring 2006

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