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University of Oxford The Rhodes Scholarships for Pakistan 2016

University of Oxford The Rhodes Scholarships for Pakistan  2016

Welcome to the information page about the Rhodes Scholarship for Pakistan.

Each year, there is one Scholarship available in Pakistan to enable an outstanding student to study at the University of Oxford.

The first Rhodes Scholar from Pakistan took up residence in Oxford in 1951, and since that time more than 60 citizens of Pakistan have been awarded this prestigious scholarship.  They have pursued a variety of careers in public service, academia, business, law, and medicine, amongst others.  Many have achieved notable distinction, including:

  • Professor Shaukat Hameed Khan, a nuclear-laser physicist who is a Fellow of the Pakistan Academy of Sciences and was the rector of Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Sciences and Technology (GIKI).
  • Neurosurgeon Ayub K. Ommaya, the inventor of the Ommaya Reservoir, which is used to provide chemotherapy directly to the tumour site for brain tumours;
  • Wasim Sajjad, who served as interim President of Pakistan on two occasions.  He serves in the Senate of Pakistan, where he has until recently been Opposition Leader in the Senate.


Applications for the Rhodes Scholarships for 2016 for Pakistan are open.  Apply here.  

Prospective applicants from Pakistan should carefully review:
1. the general information about the Rhodes Scholarships,
2. the selection criteria that apply in all Rhodes constituencies, and then
3. the application criteria specific to Pakistan.
There are FAQs which are applicable to all applicants.

Guidance for Referees for applications for 2016 entry is available here.

The selection committee typically meet in Lahore or Islamabad before December, and the Rhodes Trust will pay travel expenses for those candidates who are invited to interview.

National Secretary for Pakistan:
Mr Wasim Sajjad
The Secretary
The Rhodes Scholarships in Pakistan
PO Box 2939

Telephone: +92 51 282 4628
Fax: +92 51 282 4520
E-mail 1: 
E-mail 2:

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