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The University of Cumbria is delighted to announce the launch of a new international scholarship programme for 2016 entrants.

The University of Cumbria is delighted to announce the launch of a new international scholarship programme for 2016 entrants.

The University of Cumbria is delighted to announce the launch of a new international scholarship programme for 2016 entrants.

We have a number of scholarships available;

For Undergraduates to the value of 50% of tuition fee costs for the first year
For Postgraduates on one-year programmes to the value of 50% of the full tuition fee
For Postgraduates on longer programmes, 50% of the first year’s fees
Scholarships will be awarded on a merit basis for outstanding academic achievement, assessed in accordance with the International Scholarships


These terms and conditions apply to all International Student Scholarships offered at University of Cumbria.

Applicants must hold an offer of a place of study on an eligible full-time bachelor’s degree, top-up degree or a taught master’s degree (180 credits) at the University of Cumbria. For students enrolling on programmes lasting more than one year the scholarship is awarded for the first year of the programme only.

  1. All scholarship applicants/recipients must be self-funding students with overseas fee status.
  2. Applicants must hold an unconditional offer for their place of study and must have accepted their offer.
  3. Applicants must have no outstanding offer conditions attached to their place of study except for the tuition fee deposit and passport photocopy.
  4. All scholarship applicants/recipients must provide evidence of funds to cover remaining tuition fee balance and living costs, as per Home Office requirements, for one academic year in the UK.
  5. The balance of tuition fee is due at or before registration.
  6. Scholarship applicants must complete the scholarship application form.
  7. The closing date for applications is 5:00pm (GMT) Friday 10 June 2016; scholarship applications received after this date will not be considered.
  8. Applications should be submitted by email to
  9. Scholarship applications will be considered and assessed by a Scholarship Award Panel. The Panel may take into account the following aspects: academic performance, English language, merit of personal statement and the short essay.
  10. The Scholarship Award Panel ‘s decision will be finalised during the month of June 2016 and applicants will be notified of the decision on their application by email from by the end of June
  11. The decision of the Scholarship Award Panel is final – the university will not provide feedback or enter into any correspondence with unsuccessful candidates regarding their decision.
  12. Successful scholarship applicants must meet any outstanding conditions (i.e. tuition fee deposit / passport photocopy) by 5.00pm (GMT) on 5th August 2016 to receive the scholarship.
  13. Scholarships can only be taken for the academic year 2016-17 and may not be deferred to any other period
  14. Scholarships will not be awarded to applicants in receipt of a scholarship from any other source
  15. Scholarships apply to the main programme of study only and may not be applied to any pre-sessional course fee.
  16. By accepting the scholarship, It is expected that scholars will assist the university with internationalisation events and provide a photograph and statement to be included in our publicity
  17. Courses which are eligible for scholarship awards are in the following areas of study: creative arts, business, law, science, TESOL, literature, sports, outdoor and social sciences. It is the applicant’s responsibility to check that their chosen course is eligible for scholarship applications before an application is submitted (please email if you require clarification)

The Award

  1. The scholarships will not be paid in cash. Scholarships will be deducted from the first year’s tuition fees on registration at the University of Cumbria.
  2. Scholarship winners will be asked to provide a case study which may be used in university publications or on the website.
  3. This award cannot be held in conjunction with any other university awards or discounts.

University of Cumbria international applicants, who hold an unconditional offer and have accepted their place, are eligible to apply for a scholarship. Please read the terms and conditions carefully and complete theInternational Scholarship Application form.

Most courses in: business, creative arts, law, science, literature, TESOL, sport, outdoor and social sciences participate in the scholarship programme. Scholarships are not available for NHS- funded courses (Nursing, Physiotherapy, Radiography, Social Work etc) or for degrees leading to Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). To check whether or not your course participates in the scholarship programme please

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