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Higher Education Commission HEC, Need based and Pak-USaid need based and merit Scholarschips offer

Higher Education Commission HEC, Need based and Pak-USaid need based and merit Scholarschips offer 

Pak-USAID Merit and Needs Based Scholarship Program


Higher Education Commission (HEC) aims to elevate the socio-economic position of the needy & deserving students by providing access to quality education through needs-based scholarships. Government of Pakistan (GOP) has also duly acknowledged the financial constraints barring students from acquiring higher education and has thus earmarked substantial funds for the improvement of education sector

According to the national income statistics(by GOP), 80 percent of the families in Pakistan cannot afford the expenses of sending even one boarder to a local public university. Pakistan finished last among a group of 40 countries ranked by the Percentage Share of Enrollment in Private Higher Education (A study by World Bank, 1994) , (Higher Education: The Lessons of Experience, 1994). On September 11, 2002, the GOP formed the Higher Education Commission (HEC) through a Cabinet Ordinance with a “mandate to transform institutions of higher education into world class seats of learning.”

The Higher Education Commission in partnership with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has been offering Scholarships of financially disadvantaged students to study Agriculture and Business Administration Programs since 2004. The USAID is committed to play its role in the progress and development of the higher education sector especially in the fields of energy, agricultural sector, economic development and humanitarian assistance.



                              USAID SCHOLAR SHIP

1. To provide an opportunity for talented students who are financially disadvantaged and are incapable of meeting higher education costs at 11 partner institutions /universities in the fields of business and agriculture.

2. To provide opportunities for academically qualified, yet financially needy, Pakistani students to continue university studies in selected partner universities of Pakistan in the fields of agriculture and business administration, especially from remote and rural areas of Pakistan (FATA, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Southern Punjab, Balochistan, and Northern Sindh).

3. To enhance the institutional capacity of the Higher Education Commission of the Government of Pakistan and local public and private sector universities in designing and implementing need and merit based scholarship Projects.

4. To provide special opportunity to the needy female students of rural areas to continue their Higher Education


1.  Scholarships are available at undergraduate & graduate levels in the prescribed disciplines (Agriculture Sciences & Business Administration) at the Partner Pakistani Universities and Degree Awarding Institutions.

2.  Students need to secure admission in the approved discipline at the participating institution as per their admission policy and be enrolled in Undergraduate / Graduate programs.

3.  Only those students who will enroll in first professional year in the respective courses offered by the participating institutions are eligible to apply.

4.  Applicant must be from the rural areas of Pakistan.

5.  The eligibility of a candidate is linked to neediness of the candidate as determined & assessed by the financial background of his/her family.


HEC & USAID looks forward to support needy students in sharing educational expenses. However please note that under this scholarships scheme, the funds are not transferred directly to students by HEC or USAID. The payment is made to needy students through participating Universities/Institutions.

The deserving students can obtain complete Scholarship Application Form from the Financial Aid Office (FAO) at the participating University/Institution or can be downloaded.

The Scholarship Form will be submitted along with supporting documents to the same FAO office after completion.

Students need to get admission in any one of the approved disciplines (i.e. Agriculture Sciences & Business Administration) at the participating Universities/Institutions as per their admission criteria.

Please note that partial scholarship for already enrolled students is not covered under this program.


All candidates who are applying for admissions at the participating universities /institutions and intend to apply for any financial aid/ scholarship programs may contact the below mentioned focal persons of the financial aid offices of the participating universities/institutions regarding further information:


UET Lahore HEC Need based and Pak-USaid need based and merit Scholarschips offer

UET Lahore HEC Need based and Pak-USaid need based and merit Scholarschips offer 

HEC Need based and Pak-USaid need based and merit Scholarschips offer 

HEC Need based and Pak-USaid need based and merit Scholarschips offer notification

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