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MGMT611 – Human Relations Assignment No. 2 Solution and Discussion Spring 2014 of Virtual University (VU)

MGMT611 – Human Relations Assignment No. 2 Solution and Discussion Spring 2014 of Virtual University (VU)

Mr. Toseef Zaidi lived with his wife and his four teenage sons; he is a former
additional secretary of government of Pakistan. In the days of his service he
was considered to be very enthusiastic, gregarious, and intelligent person
among his professional and social circle. After his retirement he started his
business, two years past smoothly after that he started experiencing difficulty in
managing his business.
He started experiencing problems with his day to day activities e.g. he began to
spend increasing amounts of time sitting idle, denying he was tired, depressed,
or lonely. Sometimes he turn the television on but never changed the channel,
his physical activities were greatly reduced. His eating habits were also
disturbed due to which he began to lose weight. His wife reported that he
seems to be of the least concern about nearly all the things happening around
As a student of human relations you are required to analyze the situation and
provide logical reasons in order to elaborate: 1. What sort of problem Mr. Toseef is experiencing?
2. Also advise strategies that how Mr. Toseef can handle the current
condition in the best possible manner.


In order to handle the worst condition Mr. Toseef must have to take a break from their business and go out to some pleasant place where he spend good time and enjoyed a lot with their family. Mr. toseef family have to care about his liking or disliking in order to got out of depression and lonely condition. They have to cook those thing which Mr. toseef like most in order to improve their health and eating habits. The most important to join healthy exercise to battling against apathy. The apathy condition kills the enthusiasm and exercise builds the enthusiasm so Mr. touseef try to exercise daily. Mr. Touseef must move the mind. Joined the parties and meet the peoples more and more to divert their mind and feel better and come out the depression and lonely condition. Spend more and more time with their family to feel good.

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