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Tag: Punjab University LLB Important Questions Subject Intellectual Property Laws

Punjab University LLB Important Questions Subject Intellectual Property Laws

Punjab University LLB Important Questions Subject Intellectual Property Laws

1. Who is a performer ? what rights are available to him under copyright act 1962 [A/10]

2. What is the term of copy right for musical? artistic and dramatic work under copyright act 1962[A/10]

3. What are the acts which do not constitute infringement of copyright [A/10]

4. What do you understand by Opposition – who can file opposition against trademark application[A/10]

5. What do you understand by PRIOR ART[A/10]

6. How industrial design is different from patent –what is the maximum term of which an industrial design can be protected [A/10]

7. Describe process of Revocation of Patent [A/10]

8. Give suggestions for effective enforcement of intellectual property right in Pakistan [A/10]

9. Not on the following [A/10]

• Copy

• Performance

• Compulsory License

• Publication

• Rental Rights


10. What is meant by Intellectual Property – Explain its branches[ A/08]

11. Discuss different criminal remedies available in Pakistan for enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights[ A/08]

12. Do you agree the existence of performing art association could be a good check on plagiarism [ A/08]

13. How a design can be registered and under what circumstances it can be cancelled[ A/08]

14. What are the sources of intellectual property laws Discuss[ A/08]

15. There is a time for acceptance or otherwise of an application for Patent Why- Discuss[ A/08]

16. What is procedure for registration of Trade Mark[ A/08]

17. When a copy right is infringed –what defenses are available to the infringer[ A/08]

18. What is meant by confusion and deception in relation to the use of a trade mark[ A/08]

19. What is meant by Intellectual Copyright[ A/08]

20. Who is the first owner of the copyright [ A/11]

21. What rights are available to an employer who has engaged an employee for creation of work under the copy right ordinance[ A/11]

22. Why the Special Rights are not extinguished even when the work has been assigned to another person[ A/11]

23. What is difference between Infringement and Passing Off[ A/11]

24. To how many Classes does the Nice classification of Trade Marks extend-What is the difference between Trade Mark &Service Marks


25. What are the Relative Grounds for refusal of registration of an applicant’s trademark application [ A/11][A/2010]

26. What is the remedy available against the order of Registrar of Trademark refusing the register an Applicants Trademark[ A/11]

27. When does an owner of an Invention become a Patentee[ A/11]

28. How a design under the Copyright Ordinance is different from Industrial Design [ A/11]

29. Are Ideas protected under the Intellectual Property Laws, if no why? If yes how?

Punjab University LLB Important Questions Subject Intellectual Property Laws

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