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Tag: Punjab University LLB Important Questions Subject Criminology

Punjab University LLB Important Questions Subject Criminology

Punjab University LLB Important Questions Subject Criminology

1. Define the term crime? Discuss various ingredients How would you distinguish it from tort-[A/08][S/2009][A][S/08]

2. Crime is a product of poor economic conditions coupled with social exploitation-[A/08] [A/10][S/8][S/08]

3. Discuss the causes of Juvenile Delinquency with special reference to Pakistan-[A/08][S/2009][S/08]

4. Distinguish between blue collar crime and white collar crime. Is any system of control of white collar crime in Pakistan -[A/08][S/2009][S/08]

5. What is criminal justice –What are different theories of punishment -[A/08] -[A/11]

6. Positive school of criminologists focused its attention on the personality of the offender, Discuss this school with reference to Cesar Lombroso,s -[A/08]

7. What method may be adopted for the treatment criminals in prisons to make them good and useful citizen-[A/08]

8. Discuss the programme which you consider to be appropriate for the prevention of crimes in the society-[A/08]

9. What do you understand by the principle of vicarious liability in crime -[A/08]

10. What is motive? Distinguish it from intention-[A/08][A/10]

11. Write detail note on

a. Blue Collar Crime b. Role of drugs in crime[A/2010]

12. Explain Individualistic and Environmental approaches of Crime -[A/11]

13. Discuss the characteristics of Organized Crime and their types which are preventive in society-[A/11]

14. What is Habitual Offender – Relevant provisions in Cr.P.C-[A/11]

15. Define negligence and different theories of negligence-[A/11]

16. Discuss different kinds of punishments as provided in PPC-[A/11]

17. Crime and Delinquency are outcome of Social Structural disorder-[A/11][A/2009]

18. Discuss Actus Rea as an essential ingredient of crime-[A/11][A/10][S/08]

19. Discuss role of Police in society .Measure to change Thana culture in our society-[A/11][S/2009]

20. What is criminology – discuss its various kinds [A/9]

21. Theories of punishment and its –Preventative theory of punishment [A/9][A/10][S/08]

22. Critically examine the causes of terrorism in Pakistan [A/9]

23. Discuss Consent –compulsion and necessity as defenses of justification of crime [A/9]

24. Family is first social experience of person – how does it influence his criminal behavior [A/9][S/08]

25. Biological theory of crime [A/9]

26. Negligence and Subjective and Objective Theory [A/10]

27. Define Criminal Libel and discuss common principle of both Criminal and Civil Libel [A/10]

28. Discuss various defenses to criminal liability [A/10]

29. Improvement in Prisons in Pakistan [S/08]

30. Note on the following

• Social Disorganization Theor

• Bonger Theory of economic structure and crime

Punjab University LLB Important Questions Subject Criminology

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