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Tag: Punjab University LLB Important Questions Subject Administrative Law

Punjab University LLB Important Questions Subject Administrative Law

Punjab University LLB Important Questions Subject Administrative Law

1. Definition, Growth and Content of Administrative Law.

2. Judicial Review of Administrative Action – Grounds.

3. Judicial Review of Administrative Action – Remedies.

4. Law of Tribunals Delegated Legislation and Ombudsman.


Part -1 Part-2 Part-3

1. What is administrative law-Nature & Scope- Factors responsible –A/7–S/6 –A/6–S/5—a/11-how it is different from constitutional law –a/11

2. Write note on the following

Constitutional Remedies – Rule of Bias–A/7

3. Point of distinction between French Droit administrative and English Rule of law–A/7–A/5


4. What is delegated legislation Factors responsible for the development of delegated legislation–A/7–A/6—a/11

5. Diceys concept of Rule of Law been criticized–S/6 –S/5

6. Note: Locus Standi-Principle of Audi Alteram Partem–S/6–A/6

7. Remedies against Administrative or Action –S/6–A/5

8. Why do we need judicial control of Administrative action–A/6–S/5

9. Jurisdiction of the High Court to review an administrative action under the Constitution of Pakistan –S/5

10. Judicial Review in Pakistan–A/5

11. Separation of powers—a/11

12. Define term bias- and its types

13. Explain principle of natural justice a/11



1. Elaborate- ad hoc appointment & Selection Authority–A/7–S/5

2. Discuss seniority of a Civil Servant under Civil Servant act 1973–A/7

3. Who is competent to file an appeal before the Service Tribunal under Service Tribunal Act 1973- write procedure–A/7



4. Procedure by inquiry officer or committee against the accused Government servant–A/7–S/6


5. Meaning of Retirement from service–S/6

6. Note on Probation U/civil servant Act 1973–S/6

7. Circumstance of Appeal to the Appellate Authority from an order passed by relevant authority–S/6

8. Note on Probationary Appointment-Misconduct–A/6

14. Period of limitation for filling an appeal under the Service Tribunal Act 1973 Note on Probationary Appointment-Misconduct–A/6

15. Note on Probationary Appointment-Misconduct–A/6

16. Penalties under Gov.Servant Rule 1973 Note on Probationary Appointment-Misconduct–A/6

17. Define: Civil Servant – Selection Authority–S/5

18. Necessary contents of memorandum of an appeal submitted before the tribunal–S/5

19. Jurisdiction of FST with reference to terms and condition of civil servant–A/5

20. Difference between tribunal and an ordinary court–A/5

21. Discuss the evolution of Service Tribunal in Pakistan-composition of jurisdiction of Tribunal–A/5

22. Powers of Punjab service tribunals against the final order of a departmental authority

23. a/11

24. Define writ and discuss the principles relating to issuance of writ of Mnadamus and Heabeas Corpus –a/11


1. Define Misconduct-penalties against misconduct– proved quality of misconduct–A/7—A/6–S/5–A/5—a/11

2. Remedies to Civil Servant in case of Appeal before Service Tribunal –A/7–S/5

3. Short Note on Promotion Claim—Appointment on Probation-a/11—a/07

4. Detail note on – Pension –Provident Fund

5. Define Probation & Confirmation

6. Difference between Probation and Ad hoc appointment – is confirmation a right after probation–S/6

7. Write note on Retirement –is employment after retirement allowed under Punjab Civil Servant Act–S/6–A/6

8. Comprehensive note on the establishment and power of the branches of the Punjab Service Tribunals–S/6

9. Circumstances a civil servant can be terminated without notice –A/6–S/5–A/5

10. Note: Dismissal from service— Termination from service

11. Comprehensive note on establishment and power of the branches of the Punjab Service Tribunal–A/6

12. Define Out of Turn Promotion—Authorized Officer & Promotion –A/5

13. Is seniority under Punjab Civil Servant Act 1974, a vested right-Can civil servant claim promotion as matter of legal right–S/5

14. Power of authorised officer and an authority in inquiry against the civil servant–A/5

15. Define: Ad hoc Appointment—Dismissal from Service—Major Penality–A/5

16. Declaration and injunction as an equitable remedies against an administrative action –a/11


Punjab University LLB Important Questions Subject Administrative Law

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