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Tag: PM Youth Laptop Scheme Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

PM Youth Laptop Scheme Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

PM Youth Laptop Scheme Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I am a student of a university, please tell me how can I apply for the Prime Minister’s Laptop scheme?


A. All public sector higher education institutes have been requested to provide the list of all eligible students meeting the criteria. Students do not require to apply specifically.


Q 2. I am a student of BS 4-year program in a university. I am in 7th semester and have attained 65% GPA in my last semester, i.e. 6th semester. Please tell me how to get the laptop from you?


A. As per eligibility criteria only CGPA (i.e. aggregated GPA of all pervious semesters) shall be considered, for which all public sector universities/ institutes have been advised.


Q 3. Can you please tell me if MPhil/ PhD university teachers are eligible under the PM’s Laptops scheme?


A. Prime Minister’s Laptops scheme is for the “Students” only, who are enrolled at any of the public sector higher education institutes of Pakistan & AJK.


Q 4. I am student 7th semester of Bachelors of Science in Computer Sciences (BSCS) from University of Karachi having CGPA 3.3 up till now. How the CGPA will be equated in percentage?


A. Universities/ institutes have been advised to provide list of all eligible students’ data including the CGPA in percentage as per the defined formula of respective universities/ institutes.


Q 5. I have been asked by my university to send email data pertaining to my department of all eligible students for the Prime Minister’s Laptop scheme, please find attached herewith in this email.


A. Please be advised that HEC shall not entertain individual’s request from a student or individual department/ constituent institute. Only consolidated data received from the office of Registrar/ Controller Examination/ Vice Chancellor of public sector HEIs shall be entertained.


Q 6. I am student of a public sector university and have come to know that my university is not in the list whereas others are included? Can you please let me know why our university is neglected?


A. All public sector universities/ degree awarding institutes are enlisted as eligible HEIs. For a complete listing of eligible HEIs,click here.


Q 7. I want to know that are orphans doing graduation are eligible for getting laptop?


A. Students meeting the criteria as defined for the scheme are eligible, however there shall be no reserve quota for orphans.


Q 8. Could you please tell me which students are eligible for the laptop scheme?


A. All students, found enrolled at the time of distribution of laptops, in any public sector HEIs who meets the eligibility criteria are eligible. However, students will get the laptops as per distribution criteria.


Q 9. I am an MBBS student of an affiliated college of a public sector university, could you please tell me if I am eligible for this scheme?


A. Students of universities/ degree awarding institutes and their constituent colleges/ institutes are eligible under this scheme. However, list of eligible students received directly from HEIs only shall be entertained.

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