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Tag: Physics Complete Mcqs for Medical Entry Test Preparation

Physics Complete Mcqs for Medical Entry Test Preparation

  • Physics Complete Mcqs For Medical Entry Test Preparation

  • Physics Mcqs
  • These mcqs are prepared especially for Medical entry test.
    1-The study of physics deals with
    a-laws of motion
    b-the structure of space and time
    c-force present in nature
    d-all of above
  • 2-The science of physics based on
  • c-only definitions
    d-fundamental quantities
  • 3-Physicists started believing that every thing about physics has been discovered by the end of
    a-20th century
  • 4-The basic quantity among the following is
  • 5-Derived quantity among following is
  • 6-Supplementry units are
    a-radian and kg
    b-steradians and time
    c-mole and radian
    d-radian and steradians
  • 7-The number of significant figures in 8.80*10^6 kg is
  • 8-The number of significant figures in 0.809999 is
  • 9-If length is 0.233m and width is 0.178, the most accurate area expressed space of significant figures is
  • 10-Significant figures in 0.000546 is
  • 11-The dimensions [ ML^2T^-2] belongs to
  • 12-The dimensions of mc^2 are
    a- MLT^-1
  • 1- the unit of energy is
    b-killowatt hour
  • 2-the dimensions of volume of liquid flowing per second is
  • d-ML3T-1
  • 3-prefix of 1018 is written symbolically as
    4-newton calculated that velocity of the sound in air at S.T.P equal to
  • 5-the speed of sound in steel is greater than it is in air because steel is
    a-more elastic than air
    b-less elastic than air
    c-more dense than air
  • d-less dense than air
  • 6-in interference there is redistribution of
  • 7-the maximum num of possible interference maxima for slit separation equal to twice the wavelength in youngs double slit experiment is
  • 8-when unpolarized beam of light is incident on a glass slab,the reflected beam is found to be completely plane polarized.what is the angle between the reflected and transmitted beam
  • 9-the source and observer are moving towards each other witha speed equal to v/2 where v is the speed of sound.the source is emitting sound of frequency n , the frequency heard by the listener will be
  • 10- in double slit interference pattern, decreasing the distance d between the slits causes the width of the fringes to
    c-remains the same
    d-increase then decrease
  • 11-a diffraction grating has 500lines per mm its slit spacing will be
  • 12-heat cannot be itself flow from a body at lower temperature to a body at higher at higher temperature,is a statement as a consequence of
    a- conservation of mass
    b-conservation of momentum
    c-first law of thermodynamics
    c-conservation of momentum
    d-second laaw of thermodynamics
  • 13-the translational kinetic energy of gas molecules at atemperature T gas is
    a-3/2 RT
    b-9/2 RT
    c-1/3 RT
    d-5/2 RT
  • 14-what is the most important fuction of telescope
    c-light collection
  • 15-consider telecommunication through optical fibre . which statement is not true
    a-optical fibres can be of graded refractive index
    b-optical fibers have exremely low transmission loss
    c-optical fibers are subjected to electromagnetic interference from outside
    d-optical fibers may have homogenous core with a suitable cladding
  • 16-magnfication at least distance of distinct vision of a simple microscope having its focal length 5cm is
    a- 4
  • 17-resolution in a microscope is primirily determined by which lens
  • 18-when the length of microscope tube increases its magnifying power
    a- increases
    b- decreases
    c- doesnt change
    d- may decrease and increase
  • 19-a man in an elevator ascending with acceleration will conclude that weight has
    a- decreased
    c- reduced to zero
    d- remained constant
  • 20- the rays which remains un deflected in a magnetic field is
    a- alpha rays
    b- beta rays
    c-gamma rays
    d-positive rays
  • 21-an electron is rojected in the direction of mgnetic field with a certain velocity. the velocity of electron will
    c-remains same
    d- becomes zero
  • 22-CRO can display the graph of function which rapidly vary with
    b- velocity
    d- distance
  • 23-two electron beams are travelling parallel to each other .they
    a-attract each other
    b- repel each other
    c-do the effect each other
    d-will turn perpendicular to each other
  • 24-the inputs of gate are 1 and 0 and output is 0 . the gate may be
    a- AND gate
    b- NOR gate
    c-XNOR gate
    d- all of them
  • 25- which of the following gate is a universal gate
    a- OR gate
    B- AND gate
    c- NOT gate
    d- NAND gate
  • 26- the nucleus Cd11548 after two successive BETA decay will give
    a- Sn 11550
    b- Sn 11350
    c- In11449
    d- Pd11446
  • 27-the reverse process of photoelectric effect is
    a- compton effect
    b- annihilation of matter
    c- x ray production
    d- gamma emission
  • 28- diffraction of x-rays by crystals show that
    a- x-rays are just like visible light
    b- x-rays are electromagnetic waves
    c- x-rays have very short wavelength
    d- the intensity of x-rays is high
  • 29- the frequency of ultrasonic waves are
    a- in audible range
    b- greater than 20 kHz
    c- lower than 20kHz
    d- greater than 20 Hertz
  • 30- shunt resistance is called
    a- low resistance
    b- high resistance
    c- bypass resistance
    d- specific resistance
  • 31- one coloumb per second is equal to
    a- one volt
    b- one ampere
    c- one walt
    d- one ohm
  • 32- ohm is defined an
    a- VC-1
    b- VA-1
    c- CV-1
    d- AV-1
  • 33- x-ray tube electrons are accelerated by applying a
    a- high current between anode and cathode
    b- high voltage between anode and cathode
    c- high stopping potential between anode and cathode
    d- high power between anode and cathode
  • 34- in medical science which radiations are uses to locate fractures or crackes in bones or teeth
    a- infra-red radiations
    b- gamma radiations
    c- x-rays
    d- ultra violet radiaions
  • 35-the minimum wavelength of X-RAYS produced if 10kvp potential difference is applied across the anode and cathode of tube is
    a- 1.24*10-10m
    b- 12.4*10-10m
    c- 124*10-10m
  • 36-laser light is highly
    a- directional
    c- unpolarized
    d- non directional
  • 37- a light beam from a high power laser when foccused by a lens can produce
    a- a hifh temperature
    b- a low temperature
    c- a moderate temperature
    d- a very low temperature
  • 38- CT scanning is the abbreviate name of
    a- computed technology
    b- computed tomography
    c- coputarized technique
    d- classical technique
  • 39- the dimensions of strain is
    b- M
  • 40-the ratio of applied stress to volumetric strain is called
    a- youngs modulus
    b- shear modulus
    c- bulk modulus
    d- modulus of elasticity
  • 41- one joule of energy absorbed per kilogram of body is
    a- rem
    b- roentgens
    c- grey
    d- becquerel
  • 42- wilson cloud chamber is based on the principle that super saturated vapours condense more rapidly on
    a- dust particles only
    b- ions only
    c- neither dust nor ions
    d- ions and dust particles
  • 1. stationary waves only of discrete set of frequencies are set up in medium. this fact is called
    a. harmonics
    b. overtones
    c. quantization of frequencies
    d. superposition of frequencies
  • 2.newton calculated the velocity of the sound in air at S.T.P equal to
    a.280 m/s
    b.250 m/s
    c.300 m/s
    d.322 m/s
  • 3.which one of the following properties of sound is affected by change in air temperature
  • 4.the velocity of sound in air would become double than its velocity at200C is
    a.313 K
    b.586 K
    c.899 K
    d.1172 K
  • 5.if 20 waves pass through the medium in 1 second with speed 20 m/s then the wavelength is
    a.20 m
    b.2 m
    c.400 m
    d.1 m
  • can be heard when difference of frequency is not more than
  • d.6
  • 7.the system followed by newton for the determination of speed of sound in air is
  • 8.stars moving towards the earth show shift shift
    c.yellow shift shift
  • 9.the speed of sound in air at S.T.P is 300 m/s.if the air pressure becomes double the temperature remains the same, the speed of sound would become
    a.1200 m/s
    b.600 m/s
    c.300 under root 2 m/s
    d.300 m/s
  • 10.destructive interference occurs as
    a.two waves that are in phase and moving in opposite direction meet
    b.crests of two waves coincide and topple over
    c.trough of two waves coincide
    d.the crest of one wave coincides with the trough of an oncoming wave
  • 11.what does a wave carry?
  • 12.the speed pf sound in steel is greater than it is in air because steel is
    a.more elastic than air
    b.less elastic than air
    c.more dense than air
    d.less dense than air
  • 13.a source produces sound with frequency of 1000 Hz.It moves away from the observer at a speed of sound.what frequency does the observer detect?
    a.1000 Hz
    b.500 Hz
    c.less than 1 Hz hears no sound
  • 14.if the energy of longitudinal wave travels from south to north, the particle of medium move
    a.from south to north only
    b.both north and south
    c.from east to west only
    d.they are created by vibrating source
  • 15.a set of 31 tuning forks is so arranged that each gives 5 beats per second with the previous one.if the frequency of last tuning fork is double to that of the first, the frequency of third tuning fork is
    a.250 Hz
    b.220 Hz
    c.160 Hz
    d.150 Hz
  • interference there is redistribution of
  • 17.doppler effect is independent of
    a.distance between source and listener
    b.velocity of source
    c.velocity of listener
    d.none of these
  • 18.a source emits a sound of frequency 400 Hz but the listener hears it to be 300 Hz.because
    a.the listener is moving toward the source
    b.the source is moving toward the listener
    c.source is moving away from listener
    d.the listener has a defective ear
  • 19.the source and observer are moving toward each other with a speed equal to v / 2 where v is speed of sound.The source is emitting sound of frequency n,the frequency heard by the listener will be
    c.n / 3
  • observer moves towards a stationary source of sound with speed 1 / 5th of the speed of sound.the wavelength and frequency of the source emitted are (lambda) and f respectively.the apparent frequency and the wavelength recorded by observer are respectively
    a.1.2 f,lambda
    b.f, 12 lambda
    c.0.8f , 0.08 lambda
    d.1.2 f , 1.2 lambda
  • 21. the wavelength of fundamental mode of vibration og s closed pipe is
    a. 2l
  • 22. the number of nodes between two consecutive anti nodes is
    a. 0
  • 23. what should be the velocity of sound source moving towards a stationary observer so the apparent frequency is double the actual frequency
    a. v
  • 24.the distance between two consecutive nodes is
    a.lambda by 2
    b.lambda by 4
    d.2 lambda
  • 1. Which of the following is incorrect regarding the first law of thermodynamics?
    a. It is the restatement of the principle of conservation of energy
    b. It is not applicable to any cyclic process
    c. It introduces the concept of entropy
    d. It introduces the concept of the internal energy
  • 2. Which of the following statements is correct for any thermodynamics system?
    a. The internal energy changes in all processes
    b. Internal energy and entropy are state functions
  • c. The change in entropy can never be zero
    d. The work done in an adiabatic process is always zero
  • 3. “Heat cannot by itself flow from a body at lower temperature to a body at higher temperature” is a statement as a consequence of
    a. Conservation of mass
    b. Conservation of momentum
  • c. First law of thermodynamics
    d. Second law of thermodynamics
  • 4. Which of the following parameters does not characterize the thermodynamic state of matter?
    a. Work
    b. Volume
    c. Pressure
    d. Temperature
  • 5. The translational kinetic energy of gas molecules at temperature T gas is
    a. ( 3 / 2 ) kT
    b. ( 9 / 2 ) kT
    c. ( 1 / 3 ) kT
    d. ( 5 / 2 ) kT
  • 6. The temperature of an ideal gas is increased from 120 K to 480 K. If at 120 K the root mean square velocity of the gas molecules is V then at 480 K it becomes
    a. 4 V
    b. 2 V
    c. V / 2
    d. V / 4
  • 7. The temperature at which the root mean square velocity of hydrogen gas molecules is twice that at 10o C
    a. 20o C
    b. 40o C
    c. 819o C
    d. 859o C
  • 8. Which of the following quantity is path independent?
  • a. Internal energy
    b. Work done
    c. amount of heat
    d. Molar heat capacity of gases
  • 9. The thermodynamics says the maximum work by a system occurs
    a. During a spontaneous process at constant pressure
    b. At constant temperature
    c. A constant volume
    d. Along a reversible path
  • 10. Entropy is a measure of for an isolated system
    a. Increase in orderliness
    b. Gain of high level energy
    c. Increase in potential energy
    d. Increase in randomness
  • 11. Which of the following is reversible process listed below are used to form Carnot Cycle?
    a. Isometric , isobaric
    b. Isometric , adiabatic
    c. Isobaric , adiabatic
    d. Isothermal , adiabatic
  • 12. A door of refrigerator in a kitchen is open consider the kitchen as an insulated closed system the internal energy of the kitchen will
    a. Rise
    b. Fall
    c. Remain same
    d. Information is not sufficient
  • 13. Telescopes are placed in space to view distant galaxies primarily
    a. To get closer to the observed object
    b. To avoid the absorption of the light or other radiations in the atmosphere of earth
    c. to avoid having to steer the telescope against the earth’s motion
    d. To avoid the light pollution from the earth’s populated areas
  • 14. What is the most important fnction of telescope?
    a. Magnification
    b. Resolution
    c. Light collection
    d. None of above
  • 15. The most serious disadvantage of refracting telescope is
    a. Their extreme expense
    b. Their awkward size
    c. The inconvenient location of the focused image
    d. Distortion of the image due to sagging and bending
  • 16. Which of the following features determines the resolving power of telescope?
    a. The diameter of the objective
    b. The focal length of the objective
    c. The focal length of eyepiece
    d. Two of the above
  • 17. Large telescopes are reflecting rather than refracting because
    a. The light gathering power of mirrors is greater than that of lenses
    b. Lenses more accurately bend light rays to the focus
    c. Mirror are easier to support than lenses
    d. No choice
  • 18. Which of the following powers of a telescope does not depend directly on the diameter of the objective lens or mirrors?
    a. Magnifying power
    b. Light gathering power
    c. Resolving power
    d. None of the above
  • 19. The image formed by an objective of a compound microscope is
    a. Real and enlarged
    b. Virtual and enlarged
    c. Real and diminished
    d. Virtual and diminished
  • 20. A person having the nearest distance of distinct vision of 32 cm uses a reading lens of 8 cm focal length.The magnification of his reading lens is
    a. 5
    b. 4
    c. 3
    d. 2
  • 21. Consider telecommunication through optical fibers. which of the folloeing statement is not true?
    a. Optical fibers can be of graded refractive index
    b. Optical fibers have extremely low transmission loss
    c. Optical fibers are subject to electromagnetic interference from outside
    d. Optical fibers may have homogeneous core with a suitable cladding
  • 22. A ray of light is incident at the glass water interference at an angle i. If it emerges finally parallel to the surface of water then rhe value of microg would be
    a. ( 4 / 3 ) sin I
    b. 1 / sin i
    c. 4 / 3
    d. 1
  • 23. Spherical aberration in a thin lens can be reduced by
    a. Using a monochromatic light
    b. Using a doublet combination
    c. Using a circular annular ask over the lens
    d. Increasing the size of lens
    24. A convex lens of focal length 40 cm is in contact with a concave lens of focal length 25 cm. The power of combination in diopter is
    a. – 1.5
    b. + 1.5
    c. + 6.5
    d. + 6.67
  • 25. Magnification at least distance of distinct vision of a simple microscope having its focal length 5 cm is
    a. 4
    b. 5
    c. 6
    d. 7
  • 26. If a convex lens of focal length f is cut into two identical halves along the lens diameter what is the focal length of each piece?
    a. Half
    b. Double
    c. Same
    d. Thrice
  • 27. How is the information transmitted into an optical fiber?
    a. It is converted into light signals that travel at high speed through fiber
    b. It is converted into electrical signals that travel through wires
    c. It is imprinted onto glass beads that roll at high speed through the glass fiber
    d. It is converted into electrical signals that continuously bounce off the fiber wall
  • 28. What purpose does the eyepiece of a microscope serve?
    a. It further magnifies the image formed by the objective lens
    b. It helps direct light towards the objective lens
    c. It reduces the image formed by the objevtive lens so the image fits in the field of view
    d. It illuminates objects placed on a transparent glass side
  • 29. Resolution in a microscope is primarily determined by which lens
    a. Ocular
    b. Projector
    c. Objective
    d. Condenser
  • 30. When a ray of light enters a glass slab from air
    a. Its wavelength increases
    b. Neither its wavelength nor its frequency changes
    c. Its frequency changes
    d. Its wavelength decreases
  • 31. A converging lens is used to form an image on a screen. When the upper half of the lens is covered by an opaque screen
    a. Half the image will disappears
    b. Complete image will be formed
    c. Intensity of image will increase
    d. Intensity of image will decrease
  • 32. How many slits would a diffraction grating need to be able to resolve two wavelengths 500.0 nm and 500.1 nm in the second order
    a. 5000
    b. 50,000
    c. 2500
    d. 25,000
  • 33. A man who cannot see clearly beyond 10 m wants to see starts clearly. He should use a lens of power (in diopter)
    a. 10
    b. – 10
    c. – 1
    d. – 0.1
  • 34. When the length of microscope tube increases its magnifying power
    a. Increases
    b. Decreases
    c. Does not change
    d. Many decreases and increases
  • 35. A double convex lens of refractive index m2 is immersed in a liquid of refractive index m1. This lens will act as converging lens. if
    a. m1>m2
    b. m2>m1
    c. m1=m2
    d. m1=m2=0
  • 36. A cannot engine converts 1/5 of the heat, which it absorbs from source,into work. When the temperature of sink is reduced by 10000C its efficiency is doubled. The temperature of the source is
    a. 400K
    b. 500K
    c. 450K
    d. 700K
  • 1. During a negative BETA decay
    a. an atomic electron is ejected
    b. an electron which is already present within the nucleus is ejected
    c. a neutron in the nucleus decays emitting an electron
    d. a part of binding energy of nucleus is converted into an electron
  • 2. A mass spectrometer maybe used to distinguished between
    a. different elements
    b. different isotopes
  • c. identical isotopes bearing different charge
    d. all
  • 3. X- rays have the energy of order of
  • a. 10eV
    b. 106eV
    v. infinity
    d. zero
  • 4. Which of the following are the electromagnetic waves
    a. gamma rays
    b. alpha rays
    c. beat-minus rays
    d. beat-plus rays
  • 5. A particle left no tracks in a cloud chamber , did not register on a GEIGER MULLER TUBE a failed to make a zinc sulphide screen glow. it was most likely
    a. a proton
    b. a neutron
    c. an alpha particle
    d. an electron
  • 6. 1 micro curie=———— becquerel
    a. 3.7*1010
    b. 3.7*107
    c. 3.7*104
    d. 106
  • 7. As a sample of radioactive element decays , its half life
    a. decreases
    b. increases
    c. remains the same
    d. changes exponentially
  • 8. One of four different atoms :A 2246 B 2446, C2346,D2044, the pair of isotones is
    a. A and B
    b. B and C
    c. A and C
    d. A and D
  • 9. The beta disintegration of of a parent element produces a daughter element which in the periodic table is
    a. up by one step
    b. down by one step
    c. up by two steps
    d. down by two steps
  • 10. The unit of radioactive constant (lambda) of the disintegration element is
    a. 5years
    b. 7.5years
    c. 20years
    d. 40 years
  • 11. What is the output state of an OR gate if the inputs are 0 and 1
  • 12. What is the input state of an AND gate if the inputs are 0 and 1
    a. 0
    b. 1
  • 13. A NOT gate has
    a. two inputs and one output
    b. one input and one output
    c. one input and two outputs
    d. none
  • 14. An OR gate has
    a. a. two inputs and one output
    b. one input and one output
    c. one input and two outputs
    d . none
  • 15. The output of a ————- gate is only 1 when all of its inputs are 1
    a. NOR
    b. XOR
    c. AND
    d. NOT
  • 16. NAND gate is equivalent to an AND gate plus a ———-gate put together
    a. NOR
    c. XOR
    d. none
  • 17. The energy of X-rays depends upon
    a. accelerating voltage
    b. heater current
    c. anode current
    d. heater voltage
  • 18. The characteristics X rays have —-wavelength than white radiations
    a. smaller
    b. longer
    c. multiply
    d. no radiation
  • 19. Bremsstahlung consist ——–wavelength of radiation
    a. singe
    b. two
    c. triple
    d. multiple
  • 20. CAT scan is
    a. one dimensional image made by computer
    b. two dimensional image made by computer
    c. three dimensional image made by computer
    d. both B and C
  • 21. X- RAYS can be used to
    a. detect submarine under sea water
    b. detect flaws in welding and bone fractures
    c. detect fault in electronic device
    d. both B and C
  • 22. A nucleus with Z=92 emits the following in a sequence a,a,a,a,a,b-,b-,a,b+,a.the Z of the resulting nucleus is
    b. 76
    c. 78
    d. 82 plutonium decays
  • 23. Which rays contain positive charged particles
    a. alpha rays
    b. beta rays
    c. gamma rays
    d. X -rays
  • 24. The particles or radiation emitted in the nuclear reaction
    Xza——–> Yz+1a ——–> Rz-1a-4——-> Rz-1a will be respectively
    a. alpha,beta,gamma
    c. gamma,alpha,beta
    d. beta,alpha,gamma
  • 25. With half life of 24000 years . if plutonium is stored for 72000 years, the fraction of it that remains is
    a. 1/8
    b. 1/3
    c. 1/4
    d. 1/2
  • 26. Exclusive -OR (XOR) logic gates can be constructed from what other logic gates?
    a. OR gates only
    b. AND gates and NOT gates
    c. AND ,OR and NOT gates
    d. OR gates and NOT gates
  • 27. What input values will cause AND logic gate to produce a high output
    a. at least one input is high
    b. at least one input is low
    c.all inputs are high
    d. all inputs are low
  • 28. If the input to a NOT gate is A and the output is X, then
    a. X=A
    c. x=o
    d. none
  • 29. Logically the output of a NOR gate would have the same BOOLEAN expression as a (n)
    a. NAND gate immediately followed by an inverter
    b. OR gate immediately followed by an inverter
    c. AND gate immediately followed by an inverter
    d. NOR immediately followed by an inverter
  • 30. Which of the following gates has the exact inverse output of the OR gate for all possible input combinations
    a. NOR
  • 31. Which of the following is not a basic Boolean operation
    a. OR
    c. AND
    d. NAND
  • 32. The output of NAND gate is low if
    a. all inputs are low
    b. all inputs are high
    c. any input is low
    d. any input is high
  • 33. The production of x-rays can be regarded as an inverse
    a. electromagnetic effect
    b. photoelectric effect
    c. Compton effect
    d. photon effect
  • 34. In the production of X-rays , 99.4% will result in
    a. kinetic energy
    b. x-radiation
    c. heat
    d. none
  • 35. Condition for the production of x-radiation includes
    a. liberation of electrons from tungsten
    b. acceleration of electrons by applying high voltage
    c. focusing and stoppage of electrons in a given target
    d. all of above
  • 36 . Which of the following statement is wrong in the context of x-rays generate from a x-ray tube
    a. wavelength of characteristic x-rays decrease when the atomic number of target increases
    b. cut-off wavelength of the continuous x-rays depend on the atomic number of the target
    c. intensity of characteristic x-rays depends on the electrical power given to the X-ray tube
    d. cut-off wavelength of the continuous x-rays depend on the energy of the electrons in the x-ray tube
  • 37. Laser can only be produced if an atom is in its
    a. normal state
    b. excited state
    c. ionized state
    d. all of above
  • 38. If lamba-1 and lambda-2 are the wavelengths of characteristics x-rays and gamma rays respectively , the n the relation between them is
    a. lamda1=1/lmbda2
    b. lambda1=lambda2
  • 39. A radioactive element Xza emits an alpha particle and changes into
    a. Yz-2a
    b. Yza-4
    c. Yz-2a-4
    d. Yz+2a
  • 40. The end product of the Th2390 is X82208.the number of alpha and beta particles emitted are
    a. 3,3
    b. 6,4
    c. 6,0
    d. 4,6
  • 41. Which of the following radiation has the least wavelength
    a. beta rays
    b. alpha rays
    c. x-rays
    d. gamma rays
  • Physics Complete Mcqs For Medical Entry Test Preparation

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