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VU CS101- Introduction to Computing FINALTERM solved unsolved past papers Spring Fall 2011

VU CS101- Introduction To Computing FINALTERM Solved Unsolved Past Papers Spring Fall 2011

CS101FINAL TERM Papers Spring Fall 2011

Most of the MCQS were from past papers. there was total 52 qs, in which 40 are mcqs and 12 long questions.
Q1, what is spreadsheet, what job it does. 2marks
Q2.sementic error. 2marks
Q3 embed java scripot code in webpage? 2mrks
Q4 Problems in old mode of presentation? 2mrks
Q5definitions of PIE charts ,line charts n bar charts?. 3
Q6 how many ways business monitor their employees? 3
Q7PRimary key and whaqt is querry in data base? 3
Q8 java screipt ka tha yaad ny Sad
Q9 Right responsibilities of ARCHITECT angd also its profile? 5marks
Q10 what are arguments, explain wth the example? 5,m
Q11 whst are Robotice and their sub components?
Q12right structure of SPread sheet?
who invented web and why?
java script codes for value 10 greater less or equal
Architect responsibilities
how TCP and IP works in internet transmission
event driven programs?
Event handling in line ?
key weakness of web?
what problems occur before multimedia presentation?
ways of monitoring employees in business??
logic and time bomb?
Q What is Function?

Q What is goal seek in Excel?

Q HTML code for adding gif and jpeg images

Q Using Java script in HTML add a button and text box, also display the text entered by clicking the button.

Q Describe local and Global Variables

Q Name any three mobile computer

Q Describe responsibilities and Profile of of Team Lead

Q What types of objects are in Java Script? (name any two)

Q Name the phases of DoS

Q Why do u think DoS is a cyber crime? what kind of crimes it can do? 

Cs101 final latest paper (16.7.2011)
Total question 52
Mcqs =40
Short =4 (2)
Mid= 4 (3)
Long=4 (5)
Q:1 what is the error of the following javascript statement ?
Student = new array (10) (2 marks)
Q:2 what is the use of UNDO in word processor ? (2 marks)
Q:3 creat the following table using HTML.
Magnitude Production (ton) Country
Rice wheat
medium 280 320 Pakistan
high 63 740 India
Q:4 write HTML and JAVA SCRIPT code that displays a textbox and button on a webpage, when user enters text in the textbox and click the button it displays that text in the message box . (5 marks)
Q:5 why the number of temporary workers are on the rise ? Discus main reasons?
(5 marks)
Q:6 how can you describe the pros of natural language processing ? (3 marks)
Q:7 how can we define a pixel ? (3 marks)
Q: 8 what is the out put of the following java script code?
Str= virtual university of Pakistan
Document.write (str.substring (5, str.lenght))
Q: 9 what are the other virus like program? Discus any two. (5 marks)
Q:10 what is the behaviour of the website without form ? (3 marks) 

1 What is spread sheet. 2
2 Approaches of Word Processor. 2
3 Name DoS Attach Phases. 2
4 How you define a Pixel. 3
5 What is Cache, why it is used? 3
6 What Kind of new Jobs are creating because of Computers? 3
7 Difference between onLoad or onUnload. 3
8 Why we use string function on javascript. 5
9 Properties, Method and event handler on image objects. 5
10 Briefly describe Document viewer and Print document. 5 

Q.41 For what purpose FTP is used in networks. (2)
Q.42 What is the error in the following JavaScript Statement? (2)
Student=new array(10);
Q.43 Why PASCAL was designed & what is the problem with PASCAL ?(2)
Q.44 What is data Normalization, also define its Goal ? (2)
Q.45 What called the brain of computer, briefly explain ? (3)
Q.46 What protocol we used for sending data gram notification? How it tests response of a destination? (3)
Q.47 What are Trojan Horses? (3)
Q.48 Is it possible to include images in web page using HTMAL & JavaScript? Write the procedure? (3)
Q.49 Write HTML & JavaScript codes that displays a text box & button on a web page, When user enters text in text box and click the button it displays the text in the text box? (5)
Q.50 Build the following page using HTML ? (5)
Q.51 If s=”All is Well that end Well” then write JavaScript code to split & show the given string by using ‘e’ as delimiter? (5)
Q.52 Suppose we are developing a bigger project and a task given to you is develop the hierarchy of the people that will involve in the project, Draw hierarchy? (5)

What is an intelligent system? (2 marks)
What is spread sheet? Write two jobs of spread sheet? (3 marks)
What are the arguments of a function? Explain with an example? (5 marks)
What are Trojan horses? (3 marks)
What are semantic errors? (2 marks)
If you are going to work on a big project then make a heuristic chart for this? (5 marks)
Write the names of the errors that are found during developing a program? (2 marks)
Write the properties of u useful web? (5 marks)
What do you mean by FTP? (2 marks) 

1) what is computer screen

2)what is structured vector graphic?

3)why local variable is preferred over global variable?

4)what is preferred organization structure for the organization?

5)write the name of DOS attack’ phases?

6)what is output?give three example?

7)write 5 advantages of multimedia presentation?

8)who is the 1st presentation on spreadsheet on personal computer?

9)define primary key and queries?


VU CS101- Introduction To Computing FINALTERM Solved Unsolved Past Papers Spring Fall 2011

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