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Tag: NTS Educator Recruitment 2016 Entry Test Preparation Mcqs

NTS Educator Recruitment 2016 Entry Test Preparation Mcqs

NTS Educator Recruitment 2016 Entry Test Preparation Mcqs

The founder of modern intelligent tests was?( Alfred Binet )
Q2= The formula to determine I.Q was presented by? ( Stern)
Q3= I.Q of a student having same physical and mental age will be? ( 100)
Q4= The I.Q of a student having twelve years mental age and tem years physical age will be? (120)
Q5= The most commonly used guessing correction formula to predict and control?(B. S=R-W/N-1 )
Q6=Who is considered the father of guidance?(Frank Parsons)
Q7=Who developed the first intelligence test (Binet)
Q8=Guidance is helpful (Makes choices,Making adjustments,Solving Problems)
Q9=Face to face relationship in which one tries to solve the problem of the other(Counseling)
Q10=The I.Q of the gifted children is(140 and above)
Q11=Which is basic (born)emotion?(Fear)
Q12=Another name of working memory is (Short Term Memory)
Q13=Perception and attention play major role in(Long Term Memory)
Q14=The mental development is closely parallel to increase in (Ability to profit from Experience)
Q15=Intelligence as presently defined is synonymous with(Scholastic aptitude)
Q16=Which is measured by in intelligence(Verbal Ability)
Q17=Intelligence Measure(Academic potential)
Q18= RJ javed is bright , Ramzan Chheena Mankera is dull. They are now six years of age,as they grow older,the difference in their I.Q will probably (Remain relatively constant)
Q19=I.Q is an index of (Rate of mental development) (PPSC 22 Nov 2nd Question)
Q20=What type of health of a child is of utmost importance that an elementary school teacher should keep in mind for the growth of the child?(Physical and Mental)
Q21=An internal state of mind of a person,which forces to do something and that is aroused as a result of some internal need of the person is called(Motivation)
Q22=The age measured by an intelligence test is called ( Mental)
Q23=WAIS is the intelligence test for ( High School Students)
Q24=The growth and learning of a child is affected by ( Heredity and Enviroment)
Q25=Control is an important characteristics of method(Experimental)
Q26=Cognitive Development deals with the development of (Child Mind)
Q27=Identical twins indentical (Developmen)(Intelligence)(Growth)
Q28=I.Q of 7 years old child with M.A of 8 years would be placed in I.Q distribution tableas :
(Unconscious Mind)
Q29=Moral Development involves(What is right and wrong)
Q30=An individual who is socially mal-adjusted develops behavior (Immoral)

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