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Tag: National Testing Service Sample Questions Paper of Pakistan Computer Bureau PCB

National Testing Service Sample Questions Paper of Pakistan Computer Bureau PCB

National Testing Service Sample Questions Paper Of Pakistan Computer Bureau PCB

  1. 1.    Ali, asked you about the components of computer. What will be your answer?


  1. A.       Monitor
  2. B.       CPU
  3. C.       Mouse and key board
  4. D.      All of above


  1. 2.    Input device is used to enter some data to get processed by computer.  You want to purchase some input devices. What your shopping list might consist of?


  1. A.       Key board and mouse
  2. B.       Scanner and Video Camera
  3. C.       Printer and a Monitor
  4. D.      Modem
  5. E.       Both A, and B


  1. 3.    Ahmad asked you about some of storage media. What you’ll tell him?


  1. A.       Hard disk
  2. B.       USB Flash Drive
  3. C.       Floppy Disk
  4. D.      All of the above


  1. 4.    Kamran wants to store a game on CD-ROM but he can’t. What you will tell him?


  1. A.       CD-ROM is a Read only media
  2. B.       CD-ROM is a Random Access Memory
  3. C.       There is some problem in the media
  4. D.      CD-Rom is full. Delete some files to store the game


  1. 5.    You were talking about operating system. Ali was listening with care. He asked “What is operating system”. What your answer will be?


  1. A.       Software that boots computer, takes care of  hardware and software and provides interaction between user and machine
  2. B.       It is a hardware component
  3. C.       It is a software to process complicated mathematical equations
  4. D.      It is a software to access Internet


  1. 6.    You have purchased a new computer for your children. What you will tell them to operate it properly?


  1. A.       Always turn off the computer properly
  2. B.       Protect the computer with dust cover
  3. C.       Always pull of the power lead to turn off computer
  4. D.      Never turn off computer
  5. E.       Both A and B



  1. 7.    Ali is using computer and Saima asked him to logoff. What will happen if Ali Logs off?


  1. A.       Computer will turn off
  2. B.       Computer will restart
  3. C.       Ali’s session will end but computer will remain functional (Up and running)
  4. D.      Nothing will happen


  1. 8.    Ali is left handed but you are right handed. You just have logged off and Ali wants to play cards. Ali Complains about mouse. How you will solve Ali’s Problem?


  1. A.       Point to Start Menu à Settings à Control Panel. Double Click Mouse Icon and change the mouse functionality as left handed or right handed accordingly.
  2. B.       Replace the mouse with a newer one
  3. C.       Call a computer expert to solve the problem
  4. D.      Every thing is Ok there is no problem


  1. 9.    You want to take Windows help. What is the best way to get help?


  1. A.       Press F11 Key
  2. B.       Press F2 Key
  3. C.       Press F1 Key
  4. D.      Press F3 key


10. You do not like the Windows’ Default Desktop. How to change the Background?


  1. A.       Enable the active Desktop
  2. B.       Right Click on the Desktop à Properties à Now click on the Desktop Tag and select the desktop Background
  3. C.       Microsoft Windows does not permit to change the Desktop
  4. D.      Open a Web page and select Set as active


11. Ali left his office for 10 minutes. He was working on a very sensitive file.  A colleague came and made undesired changes in his document. What you will suggest him to protect the computer in such conditions?


  1. A.       Enable a password protected screen saver
  2. B.       Turn Computer off whenever you leave your seat for more than 5 minutes
  3. C.       Log off properly
  4. D.      Turn the Monitor off


12. Your office colleague asks “How to create a new Folder on Desktop”. What you will tell him? (Choose the best choice keeping in view the user friendly way)


  1. A.       Right Click Somewhere on the Desktop à Select New à Folder
  2. B.       Go to Command Prompt; create a new folder with mkdir command in C:\
  3. C.       Folder can not be created on Desktop
  4. D.      It is not a good idea to create folders on Desktop



13. Print preview command is useful to have a look at document before it goes to ………..


  1. A.       Monitor
  2. B.       Printer
  3. C.       Scanner


14. Naeem is using Microsoft Windows 2000 professional.  He wants to view size, Type, and modification date of his files in c:\Naeem.  What will be your helping tip?


  1. A.       Use MS DOS for such details
  2. B.       Go to Control Panel and set such attributes
  3. C.       Double Click My Computer à Double Click C:\ Naeem à On Menu Bar Select View and Click On Details.
  4. D.      This is a critical change and should never be made.


15. Open Office Calc files contain …………..


  1. A.       Sheets
  2. B.       Pages
  3. C.       Wallpapers
  4. D.      Slides


16. Mr. Ali asks you “What is the basic purpose of Open Office Calc?” What you will tell him?


  1. A.       Making Text documents
  2. B.       Making Presentations
  3. C.       Solving our Mathematical & Accounting Problems
  4. D.      Editing Pictures


17. Mr. Naeem is on phone line. He asks you how to install a printer on Windows 2000 professional? What you will reply?


  1. A.       Select Start Menu à  Control Panel à Printers and then select Add Printer
  2. B.       Select Start Menu à  Settings à Printers and Faxes à Add Printer
  3. C.       Connect Printer to you computer and Power off the Printer. Windows will Automatically Install the software.


18. You have purchased a computer for your office. What software you will use for report writing, Typing Office orders, and Appointment letters.


  1. A.       Open office Writer
  2. B.       Open Office Calc
  3. C.       Open Office Base
  4. D.      Open Office Impress


  1. 19.  Open Office Calc consists of ……………….


  1. A.       Text boxes
  2. B.       Rows & Columns
  3. C.       Pictures & Drawings
  4. D.      Rows & Text


20. How you will open a File in Open Office Writer? (Assume Open Office Writer is Loaded)


  1. A.       On the Menu Bar select File à open à select the desired File From desired location
  2. B.       Press Ctrl + O
  3. C.       Press Ctrl + x
  4. D.      Press Ctrl + P
  5. E.       Both A and B


21. Mr. Asad is learning Open Office Writer. He asked you the difference between ‘save’ and ‘save as’. What will be your answer?


  1. A.       Save is used to save changes in an existing document, while ‘save as’ is used to save the new document as well as to save the same document with different name/location
  2. B.       There is no difference between ‘save’ and ‘save as’
  3. C.       ‘save’ is used to save images, and ‘save as’ is used to save text
  4. D.      In Microsoft Word there is only ‘save’ option available.


22. You have copied a paragraph from a web page. The paragraph has a lot of formatting. You want to keep the text only. How you will paste this paragraph in your document?


  1. A.       Ctrl + v
  2. B.       Ctrl + s à unformatted text
  3. C.       Paste
  4. D.      Paste special à unformatted text


23. You want to turn bold head line in your document. What is the complete procedure?


  1. A.       Put  the cursor in the beginning of the line and press Ctrl + B
  2. B.       Highlight the desired line and press Ctrl + B
  3. C.       Highlight the desired line and press Ctrl + x
  4. D.      Highlight the desired line and press Ctrl + C


24. RDBMS stands for …………………


  1. A.       Record Database Management System
  2. B.       Relational Database Management System
  3. C.       Regional Database Manipulation System
  4. D.      None of above


25. You have selected 200 candidates for interview. You want to send them interview letters. How you will send the same letter to 200 different people with minimum efforts and time? (Each letter must have recipient name and Address)


  1. A.       Write letter and save it with 200 different names
  2. B.       Use mail merge feature to accomplish this task
  3. C.       Send the letter to every one individually
  4. D.      Just type the name and address of recipient, and paste the rest of letter

26. Mr. Naeem is designing database for your organization. He talks about Primary Key. What he meant by Primary key?


  1. A.       Unique identifier of a database
  2. B.       Unique Identifier of a record
  3. C.       A field that is used only once in the database
  4. D.      All the fields in a table


27. You want to retrieve Name, Salary, and Tax of all the people who are managers. What query will you write?(tablename =test)


  1. A.       Select * from test
  2. B.       Select Name,salary,tax from test
  3. C.       Select name,salary,tax from test where designation=’managers’
  4. D.      Both A, and B


28. You want to insert your Organization’s Name at the bottom of 200 pages report. What is the best way to do this job?


  1. A.       Write the Organization’s Name at one page. Copy this text and paste on the rest of 199 pages.
  2. B.       Use header and footer feature of Open Office Writer
  3. C.       Use Auto text Feature of Microsoft Word


29. Mr. Naeem has designed a database for your organization. Now you want to enter data as soon as possible. What you will ask Mr. Naeem to develop so that data entry process can be started?


  1. A.       To develop Forms
  2. B.       To develop Reports
  3. C.       To develop web pages
  4. D.      All of above


30. You have computerized your office recently. On next Monday you have annual meeting with your GM. You will brief him about your achievements during last year. How can you present your ideas effectively?


  1. A.       By using Open Office Impress
  2. B.       By using overhead projector
  3. C.       By using pre-recorded movie
  4. D.      By your office files


31. What the suite of Open Office Writer, Open Office Calc and Open Office Impress is called collectively?


  1. A.       Open Office
  2. B.       Open Office Database
  3. C.       Back Office
  4. D.      Open Source




32. “Open Office Impress Slide Layout” refers to the ……….


  1. A.       Back ground image
  2. B.       Way things are arranged on a slide
  3. C.       Header and Footer of Slide
  4. D.      Color scheme of Slide


33. How you will define ‘Internet’ in a simplest way?


  1. A.       Very Large Network
  2. B.       Network of Networks
  3. C.       Network of computers in a city
  4. D.      All of above


34. What software is necessary to browse the internet?


  1. A.       Open Office Writer
  2. B.       Open Office Impress
  3. C.       Visual C++
  4. D.      Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla or Konkurer or Netscape
  5. E.       All of above


35. What is virus?


  1. A.       A program that disturbs the normal functionality of computer
  2. B.       A germ caused by dust
  3. C.       It is germ that spreads due to pollution
  4. D.      All of Above


36. One of your colleagues wants to sign up for an e-mail account. What websites will you refer to him?


  1. A.
  2. B.
  3. C.
  4. D.      All of above
  5. E.       Only A and B


37. You have computerized your office. What Software you will suggest to Account Department for Calculating monthly salary and other expenditures?


  1. A.       Oracle
  2. B.       SQL Server
  3. C.       Open Office Calc
  4. D.      Open Office Dbase



38. You want to connect to internet from your home. What device do you need to connect to internet using telephone line?


  1. A.       Phone card
  2. B.       Modem
  3. C.       Network card


39. What is true about Open Office Calc spreadsheet?


  1. A.       It is much like paper ledgers
  2. B.       Automatic calculations can be performed
  3. C.       User has no control
  4. D.      Both A and B


40. What type of data can be accessed through Internet?


  1. A.       Sound
  2. B.       Video
  3. C.       Text
  4. D.      All of above


41. Your subordinates are learning Open Office Calc. One of them is much interested in computers. After the first class of Open Office Calc, he came to you and asked “What is workbook?”  What is your answer?


  1. A.       Open Office Calc File is usually called Workbook
  2. B.       In a workbook there can be many worksheets
  3. C.       It is a ledger
  4. D.      Both A and B


42. What is the default port of http?


  1. A.       8080
  2. B.       23
  3. C.       21
  4. D.      25
  5. E.       80

National Testing Service Sample Questions Paper Of Pakistan Computer Bureau PCB

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