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VU MGT 211 MIDTERM Solved/Unsolved Papers Spring 2007

VU MGT 211 MIDTERM Solved/Unsolved Papers Spring 2007

MGT 211
Fall semester 2007
Mid term paper
Please highlight the correct option from the given choices.
1) A Pizza delivery service company generated after tax earnings of Rs. 800,000. With total stockholder investments equaling Rs. 20,00,000. What was the company’s return on equity?
a) 10%
b) 15%
c) 40%
d) 80%
2) Components of Business Plan include all of the following except
a) Marketing Component
b) Administrative Component
c) External Component
d) Financial Component
3) An agreement between two parties in which one party possess the rights to the other party is
a) Partnership
b) Strategic Alliance
c) Joint venture
d) Franchising
4) The shareholders elect the Board of Directors in the
a)Through special resolution
b)In annual general meeting
c) In Special meeting
d)In statuary meeting
5) Portion of the undistributed profit transferred to which of the following?
a) General Reserve
b) Retained Earning
c) Appropriation account
d) All of the given options
6) Brief history, Auditor’s report, shareholders’ equity and liabilities, share capital, etc are mention in which of the document?
a) Charter of Company
b) Article of Association
c) Prospectus
d) None of the given option
7) A joint stock company may be wound up voluntarily in which of the following way:
a) Expiry of Period
b) Fails to submit statutory report
c) Fails to start its business within one year from the date of incorporation
d) All of the following
8) Capital is required for the purchase of land, machines, wages and raw materials. A businessman can generate its capital from:
a) Debt
b) Equity
c) None of the above
d) All of the given option
9) Cooperative Societies are not formed for:
a) The serving of the orphans and widows
b) The help of poor people
c) For the earning of profit
d) Social welfare
10) Which of the following is the source of acquiring of redeemable capital?
a) Mudarbah Certificate
b) Debentures
c) Participation Term Certificates
d) All of the given option
Q# 11:
Which one of the following statements about marketing is inaccurate?
a) The growing number of products in all categories has made it easier for marketers to capture the attention of customers.
b) Marketing has to do with persuading customers a product meets their needs.
c) The mass market has fragmented into many different groups of customers.
d) Marketing is an organizational function and a set of processes for creating, communicating, and delivering value to customers.
Q# 12:
The process of tracking the demand and satisfaction of customers in an effort to develop products they will want to buy on an ongoing basis is called ________.
a) Marketing
b) Business vision
c) Product development
d) Customer relationship management
Q# 13:
________ is the typical sequence of changes in demand for a product that occurs over time.
a) The business vision statement
b) The product life cycle
c) Marketing research
d) A customer-oriented approach
Q# 14:
All of the following except _________ are considered to be correct statements about marketing research.
a) It is a systematic search for information about customers’ needs and how those needs differ
b) Marketing research is geared to uncover unmet consumer needs
c) With market research, the chance product development will be able to create a product consumers want to buy increases
d) Marketing research provides an inexpensive method for tracking consumer behavior
When a company targets a particular group of customers because of their need for its product, it can be stated the company has identified its _________.
a) Market differentiation
b) Market mission
c) Market segment
d) Marketing plan
________ is the combination of a product’s qualities and features, its price, the way it is promoted and sold, and the places at which it is sold.
a) Marketing mix
b) Product mix
c) Product differentiation
d) Product positioning
Q# 17:
Which type of product promotion is identified as being direct, face-to-face communication by salespeople with existing and potential customers to promote a company’s products?
a) Sales promotion
b) Public relations
c) Personal selling
d) Advertising
Q# 18:
The specific method a company uses to sell and deliver its products to customers is known as its __________.
a) Retail intermediaries
b) Direct distribution
c) Distribution mix
d) Distribution channel
Q#1 9:
Of the following distribution methods, which one is best identified as being that which occurs when a company delivers and sells products straight to the final customer?
a) Independent wholesalers
b) Direct distribution
c) Company-owned distributors
d) Retail distributors
Q# 20:
The combination of channels a company selects to place, promote, sell, and deliver its products to customers is best identified by which one of the following?
a) Missionary selling
b) Licensed distribution
c) Distribution mix
d) Distribution channel
Q# 21:
All of the following choices represent one of the four types of utility except:
a) Time
b) Form
c) Loyalty
d) Ownership
Q# 22:
The consumer rules! Find a need and fill it was the prevailing attitude during what historical era of marketing?
a) Production
b) Sales
c) Marketing
d) Relationship
Q# 23:
The marketing concept is:
a) Companywide consumer orientation with the objective of achieving the maximum amount of profits.
b) Long-run success page.
c) Largest market share.
d) Highest paid staff.
Q# 24:
________ involves long-term, value-added relationships developed over time with customers and suppliers:
a) Relationship Marketing
b) Marketing Era Marketing
c) Consumer Marketing
d) Exchange Marketing

Q# 25:
An activity in which two or more parties give something of value to each other to satisfy perceived needs is called:
a) Sales process
b) Exchange process
c) Relationship process
d) Production process
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VU MGT 211 MIDTERM Solved/Unsolved Papers Spring 2007

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