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Constitution and Labour Laws Mcqs

Constitution and Labour Laws  Mcqs

. “Lingua France” means? (Not Sure)
2. Who many amendments passed? 20
3. How many part of constitution of Pakistan? XII (Not Sure)
4. When the constitution of Pakistan enforced? 14th aug 1973
5. National assembly and senate termed together? Parliament / Majlis-e-shoora
6. Section related to high treason? 6
7. CH-I of part II of constitution is related to? Fundamental rights? (Not Sure)
8. Is Constitution provides protection against retrospective punishment? Yes
9. Constitution of Pakistan grantee of ? All
10. Is Pakistan constitution allow referendum on national issue? Yes
11. Is PM under the trail of no confidence is he send the summary of dissolved assembly? No
12. Disqualification of MNA? All
13. President of Pakistan hold his office? None of these
14. Who can become Attorney General? Ombudsmen
15. Can a provincial assembly set power station in other province? Yes
16. Who distributed revenue among the provinces? NFC
17. When after decision of SC banded labour abolition act passed? 1989
18. Child define is labour law? Under the age of 10 (Not Sure)
19. Labour force in Pakistan ? 51.78
20. Which article prohibited child labour? 11
21. Article 17 related to ? All
22. Application for union registration? NIRC
23. Is CBA allowed by law? Yes
24. Strike/Lockout illegal when? All
25. Labour Judiciary consists? All

Labour Officer mcqs Sample paper by PPSC Lahore

Labour Officer Mcqs Sample Paper By PPSC Lahore

Labour Officer mcqs Sample paper by PPSC Lahore

1-Right of Assciation is a ——–Fundamental right

2-Name ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF PAKISTAN was given in which constitution———–1973

3-Objective resolution made part of ———–in 1985

4-P.M tenders his resignation to——-president

5-Parliamnet consists of———NA, Senate, President

6-how many amendments have been made in the constitution ——-19

7- who appoints the governors? president

8-senate is presided ———–Chairman Senate

9-lower house of the parliament———National Assembly

10- Cheif election commissioner office term—-3years

11-fundamental rights are enforcable by——- both Supreme court & high courts

12-in 1973 constituent committee consists of parties—–All parties

13-chlid labor is prohibited under———constitution u/art 11

14-what age of child not allowed for labour——–14 years

15-National reconciliation order enacted in the year——–2007

16-Census is made after——–once in a decade

17-Most speaking language in pakistan———punjabi

18-pak afghan relation severed ———after every 10 years

19-faiz Ahmen FAiz is———a poet

20-what is sahiwal——–a Division & district of punjab

21-largest coastal line of province——-balochistan

22-in which area sui gas was discoverd first time—–sibbi,sui, 1952

23-kashmir is important because——-

24- another name of hatf III missile——gazdnavi

25-IAEA hearquarter———-VIENNA

26-ILO headquarter——–Geneva, switzerland

27-Egypt in which continent—–Africa

28-Al-Azhar university in which country——-egypt

29-third world countries are———backward countires

30-Solar system was discovered by———

31- who was the discoverer of radioactivity along withMarie Curie and Pierre Curie, for which all three

won the 1903 Nobel Prize in Physics?

Antoine Henri Becquerel from france

32-who is current Secretary General of UN——-Ban ki moon

33-Alumni meanz———–old student

34-NPT stands for—–Non Proliferation Treaty

35 RAM stands for—–Random access memory

36- Computers main part—-CPU

37-Drone is detectd by——?

38-richest source of Vit D——cod liver oil

39-Hepatitis C disease of—-Liver

40-climbing on up hilly in bent condition makes the person——tired, stable, fast his speed

41-Artificial forest of pakistan—-Changa manga

42-impact of wuller barrage on pakistan?

shortage of water+shortage of energy etc

43-Umul Quran is name of —Surah Fateha

44- who was called the brain of arab?

hazrat amr bin-al-ass(r.a)

45-Most hafiz e quran were martyrd in ghazwa——yamamah

46-subject of Quran———–human

47-Ayat in Surah kouser—–3

48-last khutba was dilivered by Prophet (PBUH) on mountian ——-Safa

49-Zaboor was revealed on —–Hazrat Daud AS

50-Ist constitution in the world——-Misaq e Madina

51-Hijrat Habsha was ————social boycott

52-Mutafq Alai is———hadith in Bukhari & Muslim

53-number of prisoner in jang e badar—70

54-which one of following is kind of tax——ushr n zakat

55-zakat on diamond—2.5%

56- zakat on constrution of mosque is——-not

57- Emphasis of Madni surahs was on which topic?

58-Ghzwa furqan is another name of—-ghzwa badar

59-correct word—-formidable

60-chair synonym—seat

61-No sooner is followed by—–than

62-She resembles ————-to her mother or with his sister

63-noun of the word excite——excitement

64-person unable to pay his debt———insolvent

65-he brushed ____on my arguments

66-i am sick —–of ….

67-CBA is elected through—–secret balloting

68-labour court jurisdiction

69-NIRC power

70-congniznce by labour court in dayz—-what is google?

a search engine

71-what will be the next number? 3,6,5,20,7,42,9,………?


72-what will be the next number? 4,5,7,11….?


73-1sq cm is equal to how many square mm?


74- 1 miligram gold is equal to how many milligram?


75-if the 10% length of a road is 50m what will be its total length?


76-the price of an article increase by 25% , who many % price decrease to remain the same old price

of article?


77-The writer of awaz dost is ?

mukhtar masood

78-13-blue and white nile met at?


79-freedom of trade is a?

fundamental right

80-We are saved from ultraviolet rays of sun through?

81-What odor is mixed in natural gas?

82-Surah Ikhlas is called …..of Quran?

83-D.M.S (digital management system) consist of ?

Labour Officer Mcqs Sample Paper By PPSC Lahore

CIWCE/IRI Announces One Day Training Course on Introduction to Labour Laws

CIWCE/IRI Announces One Day Training Course On Introduction To Labour Laws

CIWCE/IRI Announces One  Day Training Course on Introduction to Labour Laws

1 day training course

CIWCE/IRI Announces One Day Training Course On Introduction To Labour Laws

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