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Junior Petrol Officer Past Paper 2013

Junior Petrol Officer Past Paper  2013

1. Prophet PBUH was died in-633
2. Para in Quran-30
3. Duration of Quran revelation-23
4. Qabila of Hzrt.Usman (R.A) Ummyad
5. Nijashi belongs to-Ethopia
6. How concurred the Egypt-
7. Sword of Allah-Khalid bin Walid
8. First president of Pak-Iskandar Mirza
9. Congress formed by-A.O Hume
10. Friend not master book written by-Ayoub Khan
11. Objective resolution-1949
12. First constitution of Pak-1956
13. First election in Pak-1970
14. Zia impose martal law-5 july 1977
15. Current GST rate-17%
16. Obama belongs to which party-Republic
17. US president who assassinated-J.F kannady
18. Civil war in USA start in which reign-Ibraham Lincon
19. Pergue is capital of- Hungry
20. Yen is currency of-Japan
21. Netherland is new name of-Holland
22. Ottman capital was-Constentompole
23. The Leader book is written by-
24. Naqsh-e-Faryadi is written by-Faiz
25. Who represented Pak in UN-Patris Bukhari
26. Theory of Evolution is by-Irwan
27. Theory of graviton by-Newton
28. Theory of motion by -Newton
29. Champion trophy 2013 was held in-England
30. Nepolen defeated in which war-Waterlo
31. Shokes holls character of-Shakespare
32. Monmohan singh is-Economist
33. Mother Terissa was-Social worker
34. Iranian present president-Rohani
35. Bashar ul Assad is president of –Seriya
36. Dia mir bhasha dam is in-Gilgat
37. Durand line-Afghanistan
38. Mohnjo Daro-Sind
39. Financial Deficit means-accessed of Issuing paper money
40. Defence minister of Pak-Nawas
41. CM of KPK-Perveez Khtak
42. Low density of population in which province-Balochistan
43. Confission is sacrate personalty of-China
44. Scatted book of Sikhisim was written by-Guru Nanak
45. Capital of Australia-Canbera
46. Alaxander belongs to-Metador
47. Sprite of Islam written by –Syed Amir Ali
48. No of total round tables -3
49. Windows for PC-Bil gate
50. First capital of English in sub-continent –Madras
51. First Islamic ruler in sub-continent-Kutab udin Aebak
52. Mohammad bi nQasim was relative of-Hajaj bin Yousaf
53. Who made baghdad capital of Islamic rule –Khalifa Haroon
54. Dermatology is study of-Skin
55. No. of planets-8
56. Who settled first foot on moon-Neil Armstorng
57. Naseem Hajazi was-Historian
58. Tigres river situated in-Iraq
59. Roman XV is-15
60. Kitab ul Hind written by –Alberoni
61. Solar eclipse occurs when-Moon come b/v E.S
62. Jabir Bin Hayan was-Chemist
63. Pele was palyer of-Hockey
64. English Portion Routine
65. Creed
66. Answerable
67. Turns one’s heel means –Sharply
68. Out of hand means-Distance
69. Water is –Needed
70. Low sightedness –
71. 9999+8888+777=?
72. 0.6+0.9+0.7+?=0.864
73. 16 Worker print 6578 pages avrg
74. Low ratio is 7:15
75. 7 divided up to 100-14
76. 0.8/10
77. 10*250 under root = 50
78. A man earn 23 ,26,38 ………………..
79. Ostomicest is disease of-
80. King which assassinated –Julet Cessar
81. Sind Tas agreement was in which regime-Ayoub
82. Taqseem Squire is in-Cario Egypt
83. Rain is measured by-Rain Rod
84. More than 2300 island is in which Islamic country-Indoneshia
85. Pam-Islamism promoted in subcontinent by-Sir syed ahmed khan
86. Aswam dam is situated in-Egypt
87. Terbela Dam is constructed on-Indus
88. UN head quarter is in-N.Y
89. Tora reveled on-Musa (A.S)
90. Who introduced the principles of democracy in Pak-Ayoub

91-Egypt conquered by Amr ibn al-`As

92-Barack Obama is a member of the Democratic party

93-Prague is the capital and largest city of the Czech Republic

94-Pelé is a retired Brazilian footballer

95-Taksim Square situated in the European part of Istanbul Turkey