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Tag: ise Karachi 10th Computer Science Solved Guess Paper

Bise Karachi 10th Computer Science Solved Guess Paper

Bise Karachi 10th Computer Science Solved Guess Paper

Computer Science  Guess Paper

 Note: Attempt Five questions in all including the compulsory question

No.1 which carries 10 marks. Select any Two questions from each of the section ” A” and section ” B” . 1. Choose the correct answer for each from the given option ( 10 ) (i) A group of 4 bits is called: • Byte • word • Nibble • All of the above. (ii) A computer is a : • Part of a computer • Program to convert a high level language into machine language • Source program • Object program (iii) Non-Volatile memory is : • ROM • Cache Memory • RAM • All of them (iv) Floppy disk and hardware disk are the types of: • Magnetic tape • Magnetic disk • Optical disk • None of the above (v) 1024 gigabytes data are equivalent to: • One megabyte • 8 bits • One Tetabyte • 1024 kilobytes (vi) URL stand for: • Urban Resource Locator • Unit Resource Locator • Universal Resource Locator • None of them (vii) The size of the instruction register is always equal to the size of: • Program counter • Memory Address Register • Memory buffer register • None of above (viii) A stack is served on the principle of: • LILO • LIFO • FIFO • None of them (ix) The process of converting an analog signal to a digital signal is called: • Half duplex • Full duplex • Modulation • Demodulation (x) The registers that collect the results of computation are: • Main storage • Storage register • Stack • Accumulator 2.(a) What is a Computer System? Explain with the help of a diagram. ( 5 ) (b) What is a Cache Memory ? How is it different from a primary memory? ( 5 ) (c) Distinguish between Primary Storage and Secondary Storage. 3.(a) What are Input and Out Devices? Give two examples of each. ( 5 ) (b) What is an Operating System? Why is It necessary for a computer system? ( 5 ) (c) What is an e-mail ? How is it useful for us? ( 5 ) 4.(a) Define a Bus.Describe the function of the address bus ,control bus and data bus. ( 5 ) (b) What do you know about the copyright laws of software ? (c) what is a computer Virus ? How can we protect our computer from it? ( 5 ) 5.(a) Define a register ,What is the function of a register ? Name the important register of CPU. ( 5 ) (b) Explain with the help of a diagram the process of fetching and executing an instruction from the memory of a computer. ( 5 ) (c) What is LAN? Describe briefly the three common LAN topologies. ( 5 ) SECTION ” B” 6.(a) Define the following terms related to screen display : ( 5 ) (i) CRT (ii) Pixel (iii) Resolution (iv) Monochrome (v) SVGA (b) Which of the following address is/are the correct e-mail address( es ) ( 5 ) (i) (ii) jones@sea (iii) (iv) (v) (c) What do the following terms stand for: ( 5 ) (i) ASCII (ii) ISDN (iii) GUI (iv) TCP/IP (v) WAP 7.(a) How is a computer useful for us? Define briefly its usage in the field of education. ( 10 ) (b) Match each item of Column ” A” with its correct description in Column ” B” .( 5 ) (i) Cache (a) Spread sheet (ii) Interpreter (b) Internet (iii) Impact (c) Memory (iv) Excel (d) Language translator (v) E-mail (e) Printer 8.Differentiate between any Three of the following: ( 15 ) (i) Compiler and Interpreter (ii) Half Duplex and Full Duplex (iii) Impact Printer and Non-Impact Printer (iv) High Level Languages and Low Level Languages (v) System Software and Application Software.

Bise Karachi 10th Computer Science Solved Guess Paper

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