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International Nursing Scholarship for Pre-PhD in Research Excellence (INSPPIRE)

International Nursing Scholarship For Pre-PhD In Research Excellence (INSPPIRE)

International Nursing Scholarship for Pre-PhD  in Research Excellence (INSPPIRE)

There are opportunities for local and international students to study for a PhD in Hong Kong. Options include:

  • Fully funded (competitive) Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme;
  • Fully funded (with stipend) School of Nursing PhD scholarships;
  • Joint PhD Programmes Leading to Dual Awards (where the student can spend a minimum of 1 year in HK as part of the PhD programme);
  • Joint Supervision Scheme with the Chinese mainland, Taiwan and Macau universities (the student will be registered at the Chinese mainland, Taiwan and Macau universities concerned, whereas PolyU acts as the co-supervisor of the student and the student needs to fulfill the residence requirement).
The aims of this INSPPIREing programme are:* For those local or international students who are planning to read for a PhD degree and would like to consider a HK fellowship / scholarship

  1. To introduce PhD training in the School of Nursing to international students
  2. To provide an opportunity for international students to explore and understand life in Hong Kong as student.
  3. To bring together high caliber Hong Kong and international students to discuss doctoral education challenges, opportunities and collaborations
  4. To encourage future cross-institutional collaborations
About the scholarship
Number Maximum 20 international plus 5 local candidates
Duration 2 weeks
Date 7-18 July 2014
Local HK$2,000
Macau / Guangzhou / Shenzhen HK$3,000
South Asia, Mainland China HK$7,000
Rest of Asia, Australia HK$9,500
Rest of the world HK$12,000
(to cover costs towards accommodation in Student Halls of Residence plus air fares for overseas candidates)
Programme Information
Our School will offer a training programme to the successful applicants, covering 15 hours lectures, 10 hours discussions, and 2 days cultural exchange, with details as follows.

  • The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  • School of Nursing: Areas of SN expertise
  • Health care in Hong Kong
Research Preparation
  • Research topic brainstorming discussions
  • Decision on a PhD topic / research question
  • Challenges in PhD training
  • Exercises/discussion with student presentations around their research experiences
  • Research student life at the PolyU & Research support/resources available
  • Studying in another country: Student experience and support services
Research Areas
  • Ageing
  • Bioengineering
  • Cancer, Supportive & Palliative Care
  • Community Care
  • Disaster Nursing
  • Infection Control
  • Mental Health
  • Models of Care Delivery
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Social programme


International Nursing Scholarship for Pre-PhD
in Research Excellence (INSPPIRE)



International Nursing Scholarship For Pre-PhD In Research Excellence (INSPPIRE)

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