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How to improve English writing

How To Improve English Writing

How to improve English writing

Improving English demands loads and loads of writing provided your English grammar is flawless. The MOST EFFECTIVE TOOL for improving English is writing tons. Start with 1 page articles; get them checked from competent English teachers. If there are oft-repeated grammar mistakes then there’s no shame in getting back to the basics, learning tenses, learning how to use punctuations, form sentences and stuff like that.

Once you have learnt, start writing again.

So it goes like:
1- Revisit English grammar. Tenses, punctuations, parts of speech stuff. It is vital that the basics be strong, only then you can build up on it.

2- Start reading some quality English daily. By reading it you will be unconsciously assimilating rich vocabulary, various sentence structures and expressions etc.

3- Start with writing one page articles and get them checked by a competent English teacher. There are no short cuts to becoming an articulate writer. There’s only one rule: write, write and write more. The more you write, the more mistakes you will make while playing with different words, expressions and sentence structures. Rectification of these mistakes will ensure that you don’t repeat them. Moreover by writing more, you will be making use of the entities I stated above (Vocab, expressions, sentence structure) which you read in the newspaper. By making use of these in your writing, you bring them from your unconscious to conscious memory. Once that happens, you can make use of that stuff in future at your will. That is the power of writing!

4- When your teacher gives you a go ahead that your articles are error-free, you can move on to writing expansions of about 250-300 words. Plus you can start practising other items like comprehension, précis, direct indirect etc.

How To Improve English Writing

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