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Virtual University Of Pakistan List of Position Holders of Fall 2012 and Spring 2013 Graduating Semesters (5th Convocation) Fall 2012

Virtual University Of Pakistan List of Position Holders of Fall 2012 and Spring 2013  Graduating Semesters (5th Convocation) Fall 2012 

List of Position Holders of Fall 2012 and Spring 2013 Graduating Semesters (5th Convocation)
Fall 2012 

List of Position Holders of Fall 2012 and Spring 2013 Graduating Semesters (5th Convocation)
Fall 2012 
Batch:0902 (4 Years BS Programs)
Position Student ID Student Name CGPA
                BS-Business Administration
1st bc090201726 Waqar Noor 3.63
2nd bc090200684 Munazzah Mehak Anjum 3.34
                BS-Computer Science
1st bc090200310 Sajid Hussain 3.78
2nd bc090200853 Muhammad Mubeen 3.4
                BS-Information Technology
1st bc090200541 Nadeem Ashraf 3.7
                BS-Mass Communication
1st bc090200134 Humaira Mahmood Khan 3.43
2nd bc090200455 Mehwish Irfan 2.91
1st bc090201489 Muhammad Asad Javed 3.4
Batch:1102 (2 Years Bachelor  Programs)
                BA-Business Administration
1st bc110201412 Hafsa Abdul Wahab 3.24
2nd bc110201343 Rida Omer Awan 3.11
3rd bc110201258 Aqsa Ilyas 3.04
               BA-Mass Communication
1st bc110201824 Asra Saleem 3.4
2nd bc110201418 Sahar Saba 3.19
3rd bc110200796 Muqadas Ijaz 3.14
                BSc-Computer Science
1st bc110200092 Azhar Abbas 3.21
2nd bc110200204 Sidra Rafiq 2.84
3rd bc110200203 Muhammad Shahzad 2.79
Batch:1102 (2-Years Master Programs)
1st mc110200674 Hammad Rasheed 3.83
2nd mc110202627 Muhammad Javid Lone 3.66
3rd mc110203008 Daler Ali 3.56
1st mc110201356 Qasim Ishaq 3.92
2nd mc110201172 Komal Hafeez 3.7
3rd mc110203098 Razia Latif 3.6
Batch:1004 (2.5 Years Program)
               MBA (72 Cr. Hrs. / 2.5 Years)
1st mc100400451 Nyma Haqqani 4
2nd mc100402170 Abrar Akbar 3.76
3rd mc100402061 Muhammad Ayub Khan 3.69
Batch:1104 (1.5 Years Program)
               MBA (36 Cr. Hrs. / 1.5 Years)
1st mc110403847 Fahad Zia 3.81
2nd mc110404520 Madeeha Iqbal 3.81
3rd mc110404173 Mubashshar Abbas 3.62
Batch: 1102 (MBA-Executive Program)
              MBA-Exec. (72 Cr. Hrs. / 2 Years)
1st mc110201976 Ghulam Mustafa 3.96
2nd mc110201810 Ahmad Hassan 3.67
3rd mc110202841 Muhammad Saleem 3.55
Spring 2013  
Batch:0904 (4 Years BS Programs)
Position Student ID  Student Name CGPA
                BS-Business Administration
1st bc090403284 Tasleem Shehzadi 2.66
                BS-Computer Science
1st bc090403003 Bilal Haider 3.77
2nd bc090400084 Muhammad Bilal 3.76
3rd bc090402862 Mehwish Noor 3.58
                BS-Information Technology
1st bc090401102 Sumaira Manzoor 2.95
Batch:1104 (2 Years Bachelor Programs)
                B Com
1st bc110402287 Salman Alim Khan 3.59
1st bc110401930 Syeda Mahveen Fatima 2.65
                BA-Business Administration
1st bc110402810 Muhammad Zeeshan Akram 2.77
2nd bc110401657 Iqra Majeed 2.72
3rd bc110401578 Hafiz Muhammad Imran Basit 2.69
                BA-Mass Communication
1st bc110401808 Zartash Zahid 3.06
2nd bc110402968 Javairia Khan 2.54
3rd bc110403115 Hafiz Muhammad Yousaf 2.41
                BSc-Computer Science
1st bc110400580 Muhammad Noman Malik 3.51
2nd bc110400495 Sajjad Raza 3.36
3rd bc110402087 Aysha Mirza 3.23
Batch:1104 (2 Years Master Programs)
1st mc110402970 Ayesha Siddiqa 3.91
2nd mc110400866 Obaid Ullah 3.6
3rd mc110401054 Muhammad Amir Malik 3.54
1st mc110400143 Razi Ullah Atteiq 3.98
2nd mc110403162 Maryam Anwar 3.34
3rd mc110401255 Abdul Razzaque Anjam 3.11
Batch:1102 (2.5 Years MBA Program)
               MBA (72 Cr. Hrs. / 2.5 Years)
1st mc110200159 Mavra Mahmood Jalwana 3.78
2nd mc110200086 Muhammad Babar Shahzad 3.52
3rd mc110203028 Muhmmad Abid Naeem 3.52
Batch:1202 (1.5 Years MBA Program)
               MBA (36 Cr. Hrs. / 1.5 Years)
1st mc120203585 Owais Shafique 3.95
2nd mc120200533 Muhammad Rashid Badar 3.55
3rd mc120203963 Anum Tufail 3.43
Batch: 1104 (MBA-Executive Program)
              MBA-Exec. (72 Cr. Hrs. / 2 Years)
1st mc110401261 Shahzad Ahmad 3.79
2nd mc110402916 Muhammad Zohaib Adeel 3.64
3rd mc110402558 Zulfiqar Ali 3.59
Batch: 1104 (MS-CS Program)
              MS in Computer Science
1st ms110400048 Samreen Laghari 3.54
E & O E

To qualify for Merit Positions, students
A) MUST have:
a) Follow the defined scheme of studies or those who are carrying an equal or higher course load of the applicable program without a break in their studies.
b) Secured the highest CGPA in the respective study program (top three students only).
(Explanation: Students having the same highest CGPA will be assessed on the basis of overall marks percentage of the courses).

B) MUST NOT have:
a) CGPA less than 2.5
b) Failed/Repeat course(s)
c) Extra semester(s)
d) Exempted course(s)
e) Converted course(s)
f) Convicted in Unfair Mean Case(s)
g) Studied deficiency course(s)
h) Changed study program

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