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Punjab Youth Internship Program Important Information and Eligibility criterion for Selection, , Frequently Asked Questions

Punjab Youth Internship Program Important Information and Eligibility criterion for Selection, , Frequently Asked Questions

What is Punjab Youth Internship Program(PYIP)?  
Punjab Youth Internship Program (PYIP) is an initiative of the Government of Punjab to equip the unemployed youth with productive skills to obtain better employment opportunities.
The program is specially designed for the unemployed youth so that they obtain basic training to enhance their skills, which shall facilitate in a secure livelihood in the long term. It will assist the interns to get hands on experience and enable them to apply their theoretical knowledge acquired in their educational institutes.
PYIP will benefit 20,000 fresh graduates who shall also receive a monthly stipend for the duration of this internship.
What is the eligibility criterion for selection in the program?  
The Program is open to the Unemployed Youth who fulfil the listed criteria:

  • Age should be between 16 to 30 years
  • Must have completed 16 years of education OR
  • Technical/Vocational Diploma holders, Sub-Engineers, Health Technicians, Paramedics, Agriculture & Livestock Technicians
  • Must have HEC/Technical Boards recognized Degree/Diploma attained from a Local, Foreign, Government or Private institute
  • Must have Domicile of The Punjab Province
  • Must have a valid CNIC or Form B
  • Must have passed out in the year 2011 or onwards.
How can I apply for the internship and what is the more efficient mode of application?  
Candidates will apply only online through this portal
What are the monetary and non-monetary benefits of the internship under the program?  
The interns will be given a monthly stipend of PKR 12,000/- during the period of their placement, subject to reasonable performance, after being verified from the recipient organizations. Interns shall not be given any other monetary or non-monetary/fringe benefits during the term of their internship.
Are there any other benefits of the internship in terms of future employment prospects?  
Due to functional similarity of the placement with the intern’s academic credentials, the intern will be able to receive relevant experience that will enhance the employability and professional exposure. The skills and the experience gained will help in acquiring the right job and will add to the professional knowledge of the intern.
If I successfully complete internship, will I be given any certificate?  
All interns who will successfully complete the internship will be awarded the internship completion certificate by the respective private/government organization.
In case, one leaves the internship before Three Months, will there be any penalty or any other implication?  
There will be no penalty, if the reason for leaving the internship is appropriately communicated to the respective organization. However, the payment of stipend will be ceased from the date the intern may have left the placement. Moreover, no internship completion certificate will be given to the interns who will not complete the full term of internship.
Is it possible to seek transfer of placement as intern from one department/location to another?  
Interns will not get any transfer from the designated department/organization and will have to complete their internship duration in the assigned department of the respective organization.
I was selected in PYIP 2012-13 but was not awarded any internship, so am I still eligible and can I re-apply?  
Yes, you are eligible and you can re-apply.
I was awarded internship in PYIP 2012-13, can I apply for PYIP 2013-14?  
No, you cannot.
If I am offered a job while I am doing my internship under PYIP 2013-14, can I quit?  
Yes, you may quit the program after following the exit strategy of the respective employer.
The result of my final semester is awaited; can I apply for PYIP 2013-14?  
No, you cannot, unless your result is announced before the commencement of PYIP 2013-14.
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