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Complete Information About Pakistan Armed Forces

Complete Information About Pakistan Armed Forces


Pakistan Armed Forces
پاک مسلح افواج

Founded 1947
Service branches  Pakistan Army

Joint Staff Headquarters, Rawalpindi

President Mamnoon Hussain

Minister of Defence
Khawaja Asif

Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee
General Rashad Mahmood

Pakistan Army


Military age 16–49 years old
Conscription None
Available for
military service 48,453,305 males, age 16–49 (2010 .),
44,898,096 females, age 16–49 (2010 .)
Fit for
military service 37,945,440 males, age 16–49 (2010 .),
37,381,549 females, age 16–49 (2010 .)
Reaching military
age annually 2,237,723 males (2010 .),
2,104,906 females (2010 .)
Active personnel 617,000 (ranked 7th)
Reserve personnel 550,000 (ranked 15th)
Budget $6.98 billion (2013–14) (ranked 25th)
Percent of GDP 2.7% (2013)

Domestic suppliers

Air Weapons Complex
Heavy Industries Taxila
Integrated Defence Systems
Global Industrial Defence Solutions
Defence Science and Technology Organization
Karachi Shipyard and Engineering Works
Kahuta Research Laboratories
National Development Complex
National Engineering and Scientific Commission
Pakistan Aeronautical Complex
Pakistan Ordnance Factories
Metallurgical Laboratories
Integrated Dynamics
Margalla Electronics
Marine Systems Limited

Foreign suppliers
 United States

Annual imports  China,  United States
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Ranks Awards and decorations of the Pakistan Armed Forces

The awards and decorations of the Pakistan Armed Forces recognize a service member’s service and personal accomplishments while a member of the Pakistan armed forces. Together with military badges, such awards are a means to outwardly display the highlights of a service member’s career.
The Nishan-i-Haider (Urdu: نشان حیدر meaning “Order of the Lion”) is the highest military award given by Pakistan. Awarded “to those who have performed acts of greatest heroism or most conspicuous courage in circumstances of extreme danger and have shown bravery of the highest order or devotion to the country, in the presence of the enemy on land, at sea or in the air …”[1]

Recipients Nishan-i-Haider
recipients receive an honorary title as a sign of respect: Shaheed meaning martyr for deceased recipients and Ghazi meaning victor for living recipients. As of Sept 19, 2013, all Nishan-e-Haider awards have thus far been given to the people engaged in battles with India.

Captain Muhammad Sarwar Shaheed (1910–July 27, 1948)
Major Tufail Muhammad Shaheed (1914–August 7, 1958)
Major Raja Aziz Bhatti Shaheed (1938–September 10, 1965)
Major Muhammad Akram Shaheed (1938–1971)
Pilot Officer Rashid Minhas Shaheed(Air Force) (1951–August 20, 1971)
Major Shabbir Sharif Shaheed (1943–December 6, 1971)
Jawan Sawar Muhammad Hussain Shaheed (1949–December 10, 1971)
Lance Naik Muhammad Mahfuz Shaheed (1944–December 17, 1971)
Captain Karnal Sher Khan Shaheed (1970–July 5, 1999)
Lalak Jan Shaheed (1967–July 7, 1999)
Naik Saif Ali Janjua Shaheed (25 April 1922 – 26 April 1948) (Was awarded Hilal-e-Kashmir – an equivalent to Nishan-i-Haider)
 Hilal-i-Jurat (Crescent of Courage)
 Sitara-i-Jurat (Star of Courage)
 Tamgha-i-Jurat (Medal of Courage)
Imtiazi Sanad (Mentioned in Despatches

Non operational award

 Sitara-e-Basalat (Star of Good Conduct)
 Tamgha-e-Basalat (Medal of Good Conduct)
 Tamgha-i-Khidmat Class I (Medal of Services)
 Tamgha-i-Khidmat Class II (Medal of Services)
 Tamgha-i-Khidmat Class III (Medal of Services).

Civil-Military AwardsEdit

 Nishan-i-Imtiaz (Order of Excellence) Military Division
 Hilal-i-Imtiaz (Crescent of Excellence) (Military)
 Sitara-i-Imtiaz (Star of Excellence) (Military)
 Tamgha-i-Imtiaz (Medal of Excellence) (Military)
Tamgha-i-Khidmat (Medal of Service) (Military)

Military decoration
Pakistan Military
^ PAF Combat website on military awards
^ a b “Honours and Awards”. Pakistan Army. Retrieved 2009-06-06.
PAF Falcons – Heroes
The Shaheed Foundation’s list of recipients
Military Award Recipients
Decorations and Medals of Pakistan

Pakistan honours and military decorations

Nishan-i-Haider Medal (Sign of the Lion; 1st highest award)
Hilal-i-Jur’at Medal (Cresent of Courage; 2nd highest award)
Sitara-i-Jur’at Medal (Star of Courage; 3rd highest award)
Tamgha-i-Jur’at (Medal of Courage; 4th highest award)
Imtiazi Sanad Medal (Mention in Despatches; 5th highest award)
Non-operational awards

Sitara-e-Basalat (Star of Good Conduct)
Tamgha-e-Basalat (Medal of Good Conduct)
Tamgha-i-Khidmat (Class I) (Medal of Service; military)
Tamgha-i-Khidmat (Class II) (Medal of Service; military)
Tamgha-i-Khidmat (Class III) (Medal of Service; military)

Civilian military awards
Nishan-e-Imtiaz (Order of Excellence)
Hilal-i-Imtiaz (Crescent of Excellence; civilian)
Sitara-i-Imtiaz (Star of Excellence; civilian)
Tamgha-e-Imtiaz (Medal of Excellence; civilian)
Tamgha-i-Khidmat (Medal of Service; civilian)
Nishan-e-Haider recipients


Captain Raja Muhammad Sarwar (1948)
Major Tufail Muhammad (1958)
Major Aziz Bhatti (1965)
Major Muhammad Akram
Pilot Officer Rashid Minhas
Major Shabbir Sharif
Jawan Sawar Muhammad Hussain
Lance Naik Muhammad Mahfuz
1972 to date
Captain Karnal Sher Khan (1999)
Havaldar Lalak Jan

 Pakistan Armed Forces

Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee

Chairman Joint Chiefs
Joint Staff Headquarters
Judge Advocate General Branch
National Command Authority
National Defence University
Military history
Air Force history
Awards and decorations
Defence industry
Inter-Services Intelligence
Inter-Services Public Relations
Inter-Services Selection Board
Missiles programme
Nuclear doctrine
Nuclear industry
UN peacekeeping missions
Weapons of mass destruction
Military coups in Pakistan
General Headquarters
Chief of Army Staff
Army Strategic Forces Command
Army Aviation Corps
Command and Staff College
Military Academy
Army Education Command
Serving army generals
Special Services Group
Army Aviation Corps
Azad Kashmir Regiment
Baloch Regiment
Frontier Force Regiment
Governor General’s Bodyguard
Northern Light Infantry
Punjab Regiment
Sind Regiment
Air Force* 
Air Headquarters
Chief of Air Staff
Aeronautical Complex
Air Force Academy
Air Force Bases
Air Force Education Command
Air Force Strategic Command
Air War College
Combat aircraft
Combatant Air Force squadrons
PAF Institute of Aviation Technology
PAF Museum
Special Service Wing

Naval Headquarters
Chief of Naval Staff
Coast Guard
Maritime Museum
Naval Academy
Naval Air Arm
Naval Education Command
Naval Engineering College
School of Logistics and Management
Naval Strategic Forces Command
Naval War College
Special Service Group Navy
Strategic Institute for Naval Affairs
Active ships
PNS Ghazi
PNS Hangor
Kalmat Naval Base
Makran Naval Base
Qasim Naval Base
Naval Air Station
Ahsan Naval base
Jinnah Naval Base
Mehran Naval Air Base
Naval hospitals
P.N.S. Rahat
P.N.S. Shifa
Research vessel
PNS Behr Paima
Paramilitary forces
Airports Security Force
Chitral Scouts
Frontier Constabulary
Frontier Corps
Khyber Rifles
Maritime Security Agency
National Guard of Pakistan
Pakistan Coast Guard
Pakistan Rangers
Zhob Militia
Wars and conflicts
Indo-Pakistani War of 1947 / 1965 / 1971
Bangladesh Liberation War
1970s Baloch insurgency
Siachen conflict
Kargil War
War in North-West Pakistan

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