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In order to ensure merit based opportunities and equitable horizontal
mobility amongst teaching staff of various educational institutions, situated
at hard as well as soft areas of the province, the following Transfer Policy is
hereby approved, in continuation of Department’s Transfer Policy dated
14.06.2011, to streamline the process of transfers / postings of the
teaching/administrative staff in the Higher Education Department (HED).


Since HED is synchronizing its yearly scheduled activities with
commencement and closure of financial year, teaching staff will be provided
with an opportunity to get themselves transferred to the college / station of
their choice, through an automated merit-based procedure. This opportunity
of request based transfers will be provided to them once a year during the
month of July only, whereas for the remaining period of the year, there
shall be a complete ban on all kinds of transfers in the HED, with the
exception of certain cases explicitly specified in the Transfer Policy, 2013. In
this regard, following Schedule of Activities is proposed to be followed in
future, for transfers of Assistant Professors and Lecturers, during the month
of July & August :-

Action Responsibility Time
Period /
a. Updating of Seniority Lists HED/DPI May-Before
June 1st

b. Updating of the main database
of HED in terms of vacancy
positions, students data and
subject-wise STRs.
MIS Cell of HED 7-days
before June

c. Lifting of Ban on transfers HED June 15th

d. Generation of Division-wise
lists of all
vacant/filled/sanctioned posts
available in all colleges,
separately for each subject, in
1: MIS Cell of HED
shall be responsible to
generate latest
division-wise vacancy
position throughout
7-days after
June 15th Page 2 of 13

respect of each college, by MIS
cell in HED as well as the DPI
the province.
2: DPI Colleges
through Director
Colleges, of each
e. Reconciliation of data of MIS
and DPI, and
identification/removal of
discrepancies (if any)
1: DS Concerned 7-days
(Before 30th

f. Display of the all the vacant
posts in the offices of HED/DPI
Colleges/Director Colleges, as
well as website of HED, for
information of all concerned
 MIS Cell of HED
to display lists
 DPI(Colleges) to
display lists
 DE(Colleges) to
display lists
3-days (1st

Week of
g. Orientation / Training of
Directors about parameters of
Transfer Policy
MIS Cell of HED One day
h. Receipt of applications /
requests for transfers on
prescribed Performa, duly
vetted by the Principal or
his/her authorized officer.
 Inter-divisional request
of A.Ps and Lecturers
 Lecturers (within
divisions) and A.P

 DPI (Colleges)

 DE(Colleges)

7- days
i. Data Entry/Scrutiny/Processing
of application
 DPI(Colleges)
 DE(Colleges)
3-days after
closing date
of receipts
for transfer
j. Issuance and display of
transfer orders in the offices of
HED/DPI Colleges/Director
Colleges, as well as website of
HED, for information of all
 MIS Cell of HED
to display lists
 DPI(Colleges) to
display lists
 DE(Colleges) to
display lists
1 day
k. 1
Representation before
“Review Committee” before
 Director Colleges
& Representative
7-days Page 3 of 13

Original Transferring Authority of DPI Colleges
 DPI Colleges &
SO of Concerned
Section in HED
l. 2
Representation before
“Appeal Committee” of
Appellate Authority
 DPI Colleges &
SO of Concerned
Section in HED,
in case of orders
of Director
Colleges’ Review
 Special Secretary
Establishment /
DS Concerned, in
case of orders of
DPI Colleges’
m. Imposition of ban  HED 1 day (14th



a. Transfers, subject to the conditions spelt out in the policy ibid, will be
made during the month of July / August only, except in case of posts
created in the newly established / upgraded institutions or under
extreme exigencies as enumerated in Para b, vide infra;

b. There will be no bar on transfers on administrative / disciplinary,
compassionate grounds, mutual transfer cases, wedlock basis, genuine
/ specific hardship cases i.e. medical grounds / death of spouse /
physical disability, promotion cases and those awaiting posting,
irrespective of the time of the year or tenure / time served in the
position held. Likewise, vacancies occurring as resultant of retirement,
death etc. will continue to be filled round the year as per routine.
Specific features of each case have been spelt out in Section 4, vide
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c. Within two years immediately before superannuation, the teachers
shall not be transferred from their place of posting except on
administrative / disciplinary / hardship grounds.

d. Within one year immediately before superannuation, the teachers may
be transferred to their home station, to facilitate them in preparation
of their retirement documents.


The authorities for transfer posting of the officers in the Higher Education
Department will be as under:

Authority TORs of Authority
1. All the Administrative posts (Principal, Assistant
Directors, Deputy Directors, Directors etc.)
2. Professors and Associate Professors throughout the
3. First placement after selection through PPSC of
Lecturers and above;
NOTE: Secretary HED may exercise full authority in
respect of all officers in all grades, on case to case basis,
in accordance with the Transfer Policy ibid, except those
falling under the exclusive jurisdiction of S&GAD.
Likewise, Secretary HED may delegate one or more of his
functions, upon the Special Secretary HED;
1. Inter-divisional Transfers of Lecturers and Assistant
Professors throughout the province, only to the
extent of placement of Lecturer/AP at the disposal
of Director Colleges of the concerned Division for
further posting within the Division
2. First placement after selection through PPSC of
Lecturers, who report for joining at HED. They will
be referred to DPI (Colleges), who after securing an
NOC from the concerned Director, shall place the
services of the Lecturer/AP at the disposal of
Director Colleges of the concerned Division for
further posting within the Division.
3. Placement of all Lecturers who have joined back
after long leave / deputation / study leave etc., Page 5 of 13

referred by HED. DPI after securing an NOC from
the concerned Director shall place the services of
the Lecturer/AP at the disposal of Director Colleges
of the concerned Division for further posting within
the Division.
D.E (Colleges) Transfer of Lecturers and Assistant Professors within
a division. In case of inter divisional transfers,
Director will issue an NOC for a specific post
preferably for the colleges located in the periphery,
forward the same to DPI Colleges, who shall place
the Lecturer/AP at the disposal of D.E (Colleges), for
further posting within Division. It will be mandatory
for the DE (Colleges) to maintain log / record of all
the NOCs issued by him. The Director, while
making such a transfer, take into account the
seniority, merit marks secured by contesting
candidates, according to the marking criteria
specified in the Transfer Policy ibid.


a. All directives from the office of the Prime Minister, the Governor, the
Chief Minister and Chief Secretary, Punjab, shall be forwarded to the
authority concerned as defined above, under the transfer policy;

b. All requests / applications, for transfers against the vacant posts, must
be submitted by the applicants through the office of respective
principals, on prescribed Performa (Annex-A), before the relevant
Authority indicated above. Any direct application on plain paper that is
not received through proper channel shall not be admissible in HED.

c. The application for inter-divisional transfer must be placed before the
DPI Colleges, along with an NOC of the respective Director of
Education (Colleges), where the transfer is intended. In case more
than one options are given in the application form, separate NOC for
each post will be required. The DPI after satisfying himself with
regards to NOC, shall place the officer at the disposal of the concerned
Director Colleges, who shall transfer the officer concerned to a specific
position, according to the merit marks achieved against the respective
post. To avoid any duplication or discrepancy, all the offices will share
information before issuance of transfer orders. To avoid any Page 6 of 13

duplications in transfers by different authorities, all transfers will be
carried out by automated system of transfers after doing the file work
in that regard, using the main database maintained in the HED.

d. Separate register for receipt of applications on prescribed Performa,
shall be maintained at each office. All applications received shall be
entered in these registers and receipts thereof shall be issued to the
applicants. All such applications will be entered in computer. The
subject-wise Student Teacher Ratio (STR) of the present college where
the applicant is posted and that college where transfer is requested,
will be generated and appended with the application, before further

e. All the applications will be processed through computer program
“Transfer Engine” and post-specific merit list of all the applicants be
generated based on numeric score attained, according to the Marking
criteria, laid down in the Section No 3, pertaining to Merit Marks.

f. All such applications will be placed before the respective competent
authority who shall examine the applications, and award merit marks,
strictly according to the laid down criteria, for further necessary action
accordingly. The competent authority will issue the transfer orders
through the automated system of transfer i.e. the transfer engine,
indicating therein officer’s CNIC number and a unique computer
system generated number in addition to all other basic information
about him / her. Final charge assumption order shall also be issued
through the transfer engine, and the system shall be updated
automatically. On presentation of transfer orders at a college, the
Principal will feed the unique reference/CNIC number of the teacher
contained in the transfer orders to the link /interface provided at his
end, of the main database of HED generate the charge report. On
generation of charge report through automated system, data base at
the back end will be automatically updated. This computer printed
Charge report when signed by the concerned Principal will be the only
valid charge report submitted and communicated for all purposes to all
the quarters concerned including the Accountant General and the
District Accounts Offices.

g. First representation as a consequence of any deviation/departure from
the laid down criteria, received after issuance of the transfer orders,
shall be placed before the “Review Committee”, consisting of the Page 7 of 13

respective transfer authority and a representative from the higher
office in the hierarchy, for disposal strictly on merit. All record in this
regard including copy of the decision conveyed to the applicant, will be
archived properly, in presentable form.

h. Second representation as a consequence of any deviation/departure
from the laid down criteria, received after issuance of the orders of the
“Review Committee”, shall be placed before “Appeal Committee”,
consisting of DPI Colleges and Deputy Secretary of Estab. Section
nominated in HED, in case of representation against orders of Director
Colleges’ Review Committee or Special Secretary HED & AS
Establishment / DS Concerned, in case of orders of DPI Colleges’
Review Committee, for disposal strictly on merit. All record in this
regard including copy of the decision conveyed to the applicant, will be
archived properly, in presentable form. The Appellate Authority will be
empowered to call any record relevant to attend the grievances of the

i. After completion of transfer / posting phase in the month of July each
year, each Director of Education (Colleges) shall furnish a consolidated
report describing the subject-wise/cadre-wise position of
sanctioned/filled/vacant posts, to the DPI (Colleges), by 14th
for onward submission to HED, where the data shall be reconciled with
the database of Transfer Engine, for identification and removal of
discrepancies, if any. MIS cell of HED shall ensure that Soft copies in
the form of “pdf” file will be communicated simultaneously to all the
respective colleges and office of the DPI, for feedback and update of
database, as per factual situation, before 14

j. Any exercise of political/undue influence, may entail serious
consequences, as per policy of the Government, and the applicant’s
request for transfer, may not be entertained.


Merit Marks shall be awarded according to the following criteria:

Marking Criteria Merit Marks
i. Qualifications
1. PhD

1. 5 marks Page 8 of 13

2. M.Phil
3. Masters
2. 2 marks
3. 1 marks
ii. For each year served in hard area duly notified
by HED (Annexure B)
2 marks
(max. upto
10 marks)
iii. For each year served at place other than
desired place of posting / district
1 mark
(max. upto
10 marks)
iv. Wedlock 2 marks
v. Widow Case 2 marks
vi. Physical disability 2 marks
Grand Total


a. All the application received on a specific date will be entered the same
day and processed in the automated system.

b. The STR of the relevant subject in both the colleges will be duly
considered while arriving at a decision for transfer.

c. Performance of teaching staff and head of the institutions particularly
at the divisional headquarters will be monitored annually. Those
producing below average results of the respective boards and
universities, will be placed out of periphery notwithstanding any
provision of the policy ibid;

d. Applicants with history of disciplinary cases / departmental inquiries
shall not be accorded preference. Similarly applicants with prolonged
history of litigation against the department shall not be accorded

e. In case an applicant is in the last year of his service period, preference
shall be attached to his application, for posting on desired post, along
with permission to proceed on LPR.

f. In case more than one application is received / processed for a post,
including any application for inter divisional transfer, preference shall
be accorded to the candidate securing the highest merit marks. Page 9 of 13

g. In case of a tie on merit marks achieved, preference shall be attached
according to seniority. If the teacher has not yet been allotted
Seniority Number due to some reason, his / her batch of entry into
service / last promotion as well as his / her date of birth will be
considered for determination of his / her seniority.
h. Minimum period next transfer shall not be less than one year.



The mutual transfers will be allowed by the competent authorities
subject to the availability of the post in that particular subject /
discipline. The comments / recommendations of the respective principals
will be mandatory to ascertain such requests. The DPI (Colleges) will be
the authority for inter-divisional and DE (Colleges) will be the authority
for intra-divisional mutual transfers of Lecturers and Assistant


Subject to the criterion described above and all other things being equal,
preference will be given to husband and wife for posting at a station if
both are in Government service by giving 5 marks. In case either the
spouse being an employee of the department other than Education, that
other Department / Organization will also have equal responsibility of
keeping the spouses at one station. However, this will not be allowed as
a pretext for seeking transfer to Lahore city or other attractive stations.
The husband and wife can be united at any station where relevant posts
are available.

If otherwise eligible, the transfer on compassionate grounds may be
carried out by the respective authorities, as the case may be, in case of
deserving candidates on medical grounds, death of spouse, physical
disability etc. subject to satisfaction of the competent authority.

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a. Consequent upon outcome of an inquiry proceedings or reasons
satisfactory to shift a teacher on his / her poor academic results,
poor conduct and poor performance in administration or managing
the financial affairs, an officer / official may be shifted from an
Institution / Administrative post by the HED.
b. During an academic session if a teacher/s are observed without
class / work-load in the time table, or there is no enrollment in any
particular subject and teacher/s remain idle, the respective
DE(Colleges) will be empowered to shift / transfer such idle teacher
to other institutions within the particular division where the demand
on STR basis exists. Preference shall be accorded to IT teachers.
c. The DPI (Colleges) will be the authority for inter-divisional transfers
of the officials in BS-1 to BS-16 after ascertaining due NOCs from
the respective Principals through concerned DE (Colleges).
d. Likewise, DE(Colleges) may actualize the transfer of the officials of
BS-1 to BS16 on administrative / disciplinary grounds within the
respective divisions


For the administrative posts of Divisional Directors, panel of 6
eligible officers shall be invited, for interview. Evaluation shall be
done according to following criteria:

Field Marks
1. Academic Qualification:

2. Seniority 10
3. Last five years Performance Evaluation
4. Administrative Experience 10
5. Computer Skill / literate 10
6. Board / University results of Last Year 5
7. Communication Skills 5
8. Interview / Presentation on job
description way forward and
methodology of ten minutes
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a. The posting against administrative posts will be made after careful
scrutiny of service record of the applicant. Those with record of
inquiry / disciplinary proceeding carried out or in progress against
them, habitual litigant against the department of having poor
repute not good, will not be considered for posting on
administrative posts.

b. Normal tenure of posting of Director Public Instruction (Colleges),
Director of Education(Colleges), Dy. Director Colleges and
Assistant Director Colleges, will be three years, subject to
satisfactory performance and administrative convenience.

c. The transfer and posting against the posts of Principals, will
continue to be made by the HED, by calling the panels. In case the
requisite numbers of persons are not available for panel, name of
suitable persons on district / division basis, may be submitted to
the department for consideration.

In case an applicant is in the last two years of his service period, he shall not
be considered for any administrative post.


a. The erratic adjustment in any of the following form shall not be
i. Against higher / lower post
ii. Against irrelevant subject
iii. On loan basis from one place / institution to the other
iv. One’s own pay and grade

b. In case of administrative posts, posting in own pay and scale may
be made only by the HED, if suitable candidate / officer is not
available. It would be temporary arrangement till the availability of
a regular incumbent. Similarly, for administrative reasons /
requirements, only HED will have the authority for temporary
attachment of teachers / officials with any office /officer to meet
the exigencies.
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c. Erratic posting already in vogue will be gradually rectified, in the
following manner:
i. Whenever a regular selectee of PPSC is available.
ii. Adjustments / postings of freshly promoted officers.
iii. Re-adjustments / conversions as a result of rationalization
iv. Re-adjustment of erratic posting / adjustments against
regular posts.

In case when need is generated for up-gradation / down-gradation
of posts, change of nomenclature or the shifting of the posts, the
case will be referred to the HED for necessary action / approval.
Only after receiving the due authorization, such transfer cases will
be disposed off by the respective authorities.


a. The single teacher in a subject, if otherwise eligible, will be
allowed transfer during the month of July only.
b. The single teacher if qualifies, will be considered for transfer to his
/ her station of choice and the junior most in that subject in the
city or nearby station, may be provided as his / her substitute.
c. In case no substitute teacher is available, the respective principal
may be empowered to hire the services of teacher/s as stop-gap
arrangement on the criteria of hiring faculty for 2nd
shift, from
college own resources after due approval of the college council, till
a regular incumbent or CTI is available in that particular subject.
No additional funds shall be provided by the HED for this purpose.
d. The principal will place request for hiring services of CTIs against
all the vacant posts in his / her college for due sanction /
authorization and funds by the department.
e. The respective DEs will submit demand of CTIs in all colleges in
his division for consolidation at provincial level, which will be
submitted to the department by the DPI (Colleges). The entire
exercise is to be completed within month of July for placing case
for due sanction and provision of budget prior to opening of the
college after summer vacations.
f. The stop-gap arrangement to hire the services of CTIs to fill
vacant slots of teachers as and when they occur shall be allowed
throughout the academic session.
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There shall be a complete ban on any up-gradation or conversion of
seats, except for the period when the ban on transfers is lifted, according
to the criteria separately notified.

Rationalization policy shall precede the transfer policy and implemented
during the months of March and April each year, according to the criteria
separately notified.


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