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Tag: Current Affairs 2017 Mcqs Test Preparation

Current Affairs 2017 Mcqs Test Preparation

Current Affairs 2017 Mcqs Test Preparation

Hassan Rouhani has been re-elected as the 7th President of Iran. He was elected as president for his first term in 2013. in 12th round of Iranian presidential election. He is 5th president of Iran to be elected 2nd time in a row by securing 57.1 % votes.
2. French footballer and former Arsenal winger Robert Pires will be coming to Pakistan in July and joining Brazilian legend Ronaldinho
3. Pak’s budget will be announced on 26th May.
4. Orange line metro will reach Lahore in July 2017. 26 km and 26 stations in a metro line.
5. Pakistan has won 3 silver and 6 bronze medal in Baku, Azerbaijan, 4th Islamic solidarity games.
6. Jordan’s Azraq refugee camp becomes first to run entirely on solar energy
7. US renowned war photographer Stanley Greene passed away.
8. US signed trade deals of $350bn (£270bn) with Saudi Arabia. 110 billion dollar arm deal.
9. First ever air flight for Israel from Saudi Arabia because Trump’s visit scheduled for Israel on 22 may.
10. Trump also took part in famous sword dance in Saudi Arabia. He is also presented highest civil award of Saudia “king abdul Aziz” award. He is 3rd Us president after Obama and Bush to get this award.
11. Trump and King Salman has presided the Arab Islamic American summit 2017.
12. North Korea on Sunday tested its most powerful intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) on Sunday from a location near Pukchang .
13. A preliminary deal worth $6 billion to assemble 150 Lockheed Martin Blackhawk helicopters in Saudi Arabia was separately announced at the Saudi-US CEO Forum held in Riyadh during Trump’s visit.
14. .IPL 10 has won by mumbai indian’s team.
15. Huashang the first Chinese weekly newspaper operates out of Islamabad.
16. Ruet-e-Hilal committee to sit on May 26 for Ramzan crescent sighting
17. PPP’s Sherry reman’s bill Bill empowers ECP to hold re-election if women barred from voting changes in article 78.
18. ‘Try Mashal’s murderers in military court’: Resolution passed on journalism student’s chehlum in Swabi.
19. umar Akmal dropped from Pakistan’s Champions Trophy squad amid failing fitness test.

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