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Tag: Bise Karachi 1st year Chemistry Important Questions

Bise Karachi 1st year Chemistry Important Questions

Bise Karachi 1st Year Chemistry Important Questions

Class 1st Year Chemistry Guess Paper Science
Important Questions:

Q1a) Define following:
Significant figure
Exponential notation
Molar volume
Avagadro number

b) Differentiate in following
Emperical formula and molecular formula
Random error and systematic error
Amorphous and crystalline solid

Q2a) Types of crystals

b) Electrolysis

c) X-rays and atomic number

d) numericals

Q3a) State and explain behaviour of gas and liquid according of kinetic molecular theory

b) Define following
Pauli’s exclusion principles
Unit Cell
Vapour pressure

Q3a) Describe Rutherfords atomic model and explain its basic assumption and defects

b) Explain Hydrogen spectrum

c) Describe discharge tube experiment and give properties of cathode rays and positive rays

D) Define the following
Ionization potential
Electron affinity
Electo negativity
Ionic radius

e)Write a note on:
Quantum number
Aufbau principles
Hydrogen bonding
Heisenberg’s uncertainity principle

Q4a) Define hybernization. Explain type of hybernization

b) Give the points of electron pair repulsion theory and explain hyberdization geometry and structure of following molecule(NH3, H2O, BF3, C2H4)

c) Differentiate following:
Polar bond and non polar bond
Sigma bond and pi bond
Atomic orbital and Molecular orbital
Bonding orbital and Antibonding Molecular orbital

d) What is chemical bond? Explain covalent bond and co-ordinate covalent bond with an example (NaCl)

Q5a) Define following:
Heat of formation
Exothermic reaction and Endothermic reaction
Intensive and Extensive properties
Hess’s Law of summation

b) State and explain 1st law of thermodynamics and prove (pressure volume work, qp=delta H, qy= delta E)

c) Important reasons:
Liquid give capalary action
Food rapidly cooked in pressure cooker
Dipole movement of CO2 is zero
Ionic bond in NaCl is formed
HCl is polar but H2 is non- polar
Honey is more viscous than water
Powder CaCO3 highly reactive than their crystalline CaCO

d) Define radioactivity and type of radio active elements? Give properties of alpha, beta and gemma rays

e) Numericals

Q6a) Define the following:
Solubility product
Equillibrim state
Reversible and irreversible reaction
Bond Energy

b) Common Ion effect

c) What is electrode potential. Describe (SHE) Standard hydrogen electrode. How is electrode potential of Zn or Cu determined

d) Write a short note on:
Hydrogen bond
Velocity of reaction

Q7a) Define the following:
Order of reaction

b) Define rate of reaction. Explain effecting factors on rate of reaction

c) Write a short note on enrgy of activation

d) Numericals

Bise Karachi 1st Year Chemistry Important Questions

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