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Tag: Bise Karachi 10th English Solved Guess Paper

Bise Karachi 10th English Solved Guess Paper

Bise Karachi 10th English Solved Guess Paper

10th English  Solved Guess Paper

10th English  Solved Guess Paper 1 TIME: 3 HOURS MAX. MARKS: 75 Q.1. Write an essay of 100 to 120 word on any ONE of the following topics. (10) i. Pakistan Day Celebration ii. Duties of a Monitor in a School iii. Games and Sports in the life of a Student iv. An Overnight Picnic by the Sea Q.2 Write an application to your headmaster/headmistress requesting him/her to start the computer classes at your school. (08) OR Write a letter to your friend about your favourite hobby and the benefit it gives you. Q.3 (a) Do as Directed. (04) i. Ahmed took the S.S.C Examination. (Change into Present Indefinite Tence) Ahmed takes the S.S.C Examination. ii. He spit on the floor. (Change into an Interrogative Sentence) Did he spit on the floor? iii. She does not make a mistake. (Change into an Affirmative Sentence) She makes a mistake. iv. He recommended a better book to his brother. (Change into a Negative Sentence) He did not recommend a better book to his brother. Q.3 (b) Change the Voice of the following sentences. (03) i. He bears all the troubles gladly. All the troubles are botreby him gladly. ii. Who broke the chair? By whom the chair was broken? iii. I have been surprised by your result. Your result has suprised me. Q.3 (c) Change the form of narration of the following sentences. (03) i. The father said to his son, “Work hard if you want to succeed in Life”. The father a wised his son to work hard of he wanted to succeed in life. ii. He said to me, “Where do you live?” He asked me where did I live? iii. He says that he recites the Holy Quran daily. He say” s “I recite the Holy Quran daily”. Q.3 (d) Insert suitable prepositions in the following sentences. (02) i. This book is free from mistake. ii. She has no control on her children. Q.3 (e) Insert the correct forms of the verbs in the given sentences. (02) i. I (stay) here until he comes back. stay. ii. She has been (reciting) the Holy Quran for the last two hours. recite Q.3 (f) Insert a suitable articles. (01) i. She met me a day before yesterday. Q.4 (a) Answer any SIX of the following questions in two/three sentences each. (12) i. What does the Holy Prophet (S.A.W) say about the Holy Book of Allah? ii. What message did Quaid-e-Azam give the people on the first anniversary of the Independence Day? iii. How do germs get into our body? iv. Why did men begin to live together? What happened when the societies grew larger? v. What is a barrage? What areas of Sindh are irrigated by Guddu Barrage? vi. What was the role of Lady Haroon in the struggle for Pakistan? vii. What things are on exhibition in the museum of Moen-jo-Daro? viii. How importance are our neighbours to us according to the Holy Prophet (S.A.W)? ix. What are the problems faced by Pakistan and how can they be solved? Q.4 (b) Answer any FOUR of the following into two/three sentences. (08) i. With what does the poet compare children? ii. Why did God bless Abou Ben Adhem with his love? iii. How did the poet feel looking at the daffodils? iv. Why can the poet not wait to enjoy the beauty of the woods? v. What did the King say to the Miller in the last stanza of the poem “The Miller of the Dee”? Q.5 Fill in the blanks of any SIX of the following choosing the correct answer for each from the brackets. (06) i. A metal statue of a Dancing girl has been found in the ruins of Moen-jo-Daro. (Brave girl, Smilling girl, Dancing girl) ii. But in my mind is the wind of Autumn. (Winter, Autumn, Summer) iii. Thou charm” st the wandrer” s Woe away. (Show, Woe, Low) iv. The Holy Prophet (S.A.W) Urged the Muslims to help the sick and the suffering. (Desired, Urged, Pressed) v. Allama Iqbal said that the Principle of European democracy cannot be applied to India. (Philosophy, Style, Principle) vi. No lark more Delightful than he. (Blithe, Delightful, Tight) vii. “The Children” has been composed by Henry Longfellow. (Elasa Kazi, William Wordsworth, Henry Longfellow) viii. The Pakistan Resolution was passed in A.D. 1941. (1941, 1947, 1941) Q.6 Use any FOUR of the following idioms in your own sentences. (04) to look after, fond of, to look into, to take part, nothing but, to get over, far and wide Q.7 Translate the following into English. (06) ب ہے۔ KLM NO س ا KR ے M اُس KTM Does he passess a book. ےراہمت Z ءاهب ےنت ^ ؟ےہ How many brothers do you have? ہے؟ KT` aObc ن Kde ے f اُس He has bought a house. م^ تسود ےنپا ےس حبص ں Z راظتنا ا Z ۔ںوہ اہرر  I have been waiting for my friend since morning. م وت اگ ےلوب چس ہو رگا ^ ہن ازس ےسا ں ^ ۔اگ ںود ں If he speaks the truth i will no give him the punishment. وس حبص ہو ^ ےنلہٹ ےر Z ل ے ^ ءاج ے ^ ۔ےگ ں They will go for a walk early in the morning. OR Make the Summary of the following passage. Once in a battle Hazrat Ali was in the thickest of the fight against a tribe hostile to Islam. A stout warrior from among the enemy fought his way up to him and attacked him. Hazrat Ali too made a counter attack and a grim fight followed. At last the sword of the enemy broke into pieces and he stood defenceless. When Hazrat Ali saw this he stopped his fight because he desdained to take advantage of the helpless condition of his adversary. Q.8 Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given at the end. (06) Pakistan is full of beautiful natural scenery. In the north area the snow-capped mountains with their silvery waterfalls and cool lakes. The central part consists of the fertile green plains of the Punjab and Sindh. Then there are the rocky regions of Baluchistan and the beautiful shores of the Arabian Sea. These geographical variations are reflected in the customs of the people of various regions of our country. i. Where are the snow-capped mountains? ii. What does the central part of Pakistan consist of? iii. Which region of Pakistan is made of hard rocks? iv. What do the customs of various regions of Pakistan reflect? v. Write the opposite of “Fertile”? vi. Write the synonym of “Shore”?

Bise Karachi 10th English Solved Guess Paper

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