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Tag: B.A English part 1 Question Answers

B.A English part 1 Question Answers

B.A English part 1   Question Answers

: 1 How long tripods ruled the world?
A: The Tripod ruled the world for more a hundred years.
Q: 2 How did they governed the world?
A: They governed simply and effectively dominating the minds of men.
Q3: When was the writer supposed to be capped?
A: The writer supposed to be capped was the following year of his cousins capping ceremony.
Q: 4 Who was Ozymandias?
A: He was a Vagrant and he called himself Ozymandias .He was a big red haired ,red bearded man who sang strange songs and spoke lines of poetry and mixed sense and nonsense when he talked.
Q:5 Who are Vagrant?
A: The Vagrants are those for whom capping had not worked properly. Their minds had declined to accept the conditioning of the Tripods and in refusing had been broken.
Q 6: How do common people feel about them?
A: Common people feel the emotions of pity about them and they disliked Vagrants.
Q 7: Describe the appearance of Ozymandias home writer met?
A: Home writer met that man he had a big red haired and red beard.
Q 8: Why did writer not invite Ozymandias at his home?
A: The writer did not invite Ozymandias at his home because he was meeting Ozymandias without his parents permission.
Q 9: What was his opinion about Tripods?
A: In the opinion of Ozymandias he was enemies of men ,not benefactors and invaders.
Q10: What was his opinion about Capping?
A: In his opinion through Capping minds which were just beginning to think themselves were subdued and harnessed to the worship of their oppressors.
Q11: What for he invited the writer?
A: He invited the writer for the journey of White Mountains.
Q12: How many people lefted the village?
A: There are three peoples which has lefted the village.
Q13: What was their destination ? How did they win the battle with Tripods?
A: Their destination was across the sea from England far to the south.They win the battle with Tripods with the help of ancient weapons which they found in the ruins of one of the great cities,destroyed it.

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