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Tag: ALLAMA IQBAL OPEN UNIVERSITY Employees Umrah Scheme (AIOU-US) (SoPs/Regulations)

ALLAMA IQBAL OPEN UNIVERSITY Employees Umrah Scheme (AIOU-US) (SoPs/Regulations)

ALLAMA IQBAL OPEN UNIVERSITY Employees Umrah Scheme (AIOU-US) (SoPs/Regulations)

Employees Umrah Scheme (AIOU-US)
The title of the scheme shall be “Allama Iqbal Open University Employees Umrah Scheme (AIOU-US)”. The scheme shall be run by all the three associations: Academic Staff Association (ASA), Officers Welfare Association (OWA) and Employees Welfare Association (EWA) jointly. Under this scheme, funds shall be made available through a draw to perform Umrah or as the case may be as explained in the Terms and Conditions (given in Section-3). These regulations/SoPs shall come into force immediately after approval.
Eligibility for Membership, Registration & Monthly Contribution
1. Any regular employee of AIOU at the main campus and regions can join AIOU-US as a member if his/her service is not less than ten years before superannuation. Employees with less than ten years can also join this scheme after fulfilling conditions given in Section-2.
1.1 Employees shall fill in the prescribed application form. The applicants shall submit the duly filled in and signed application form directly to the Secretary of the association concerned.
1.2 After registration, the candidate shall be allotted a membership number and designated as AIOU-US Member.
1.3 The Secretary of the association concerned shall be responsible for keeping the record of application forms received, membership numbers and all other relevant matters.
1.4 The members shall make monthly contribution with the details as given below:
Employees Category
Amount in Pak Rupees
BPS 17 to 22
BPS 05 to 16
BPS 01 to 04
1.5 The Treasurer’s Department will be responsible for overall financial management, for which a separate Umrah Account shall be maintained.
1.6 Monthly contribution shall be made in the form of deductions from members’ salary by the Audit Department.
1.7 As and when designation/BPS of members changes, they would inform the Treasurer Department for making deductions according to their new scale. The members shall be responsible for making revised contribution in accordance with the rates specified for their new designation/BPS.
1.8 All members shall ensure that the monthly contribution is being made from their salary according to their BPS till their retirement or cancellation of membership.
1.9 The contribution of members will come to an end at the retirement even if they have availed Umrah opportunity.
1.10 The funds contributed by members shall be non-refundable and non-transferable under any circumstances.
1.11 Funds collected under this scheme shall be exclusive property of its members. The AIOU administration is not authorized to use these funds or transfer anywhere/in any case.
Section 2
Terms and Conditions
2.1 Members shall be included in the list for draw after one year i.e. making full one year’s contribution. A member of AIOU-US shall be a member of the scheme as long as he/she makes the monthly contribution regularly and remains in the employment of AIOU.
2.2 The members, who fail to make regular contribution shall not be entitled to participate in draws. Unless they clear all dues, their membership shall remain suspended.
2.3 All those employees who are interested in participating in the Umrah Scheme but have not yet completed one year (i.e. payments for one year not complete) shall have to pay arrears (to complete one year’s payment) to become eligible for the draw.
2.4 Anyone having service less than ten years before superannuation and wishing to join the scheme as a member shall pay the arrears according to the rates followed in past (period for which to be deposited).
2.5 In case of retirement or resignation (leaving the university) of a member, after making ten full years contribution, he/she shall automatically be entitled for Umrah without draw subject to availability of funds. If sufficient funds are not available in that particular year, 50% quota be followed for retired personnel according to their seniority in terms of their retirement (irrespective of theirs grades)
2.6 In case of death of a member his/her spouse (or as the case may be according to Shariah law shall automatically be entitled for Umrah without draw subject to availability of funds.
2.7 A member once won the draw for Umrah shall not be entitled to participate in subsequent draws taking place thereafter but he will continue to make monthly contribution for ten years or till the age of retirement whichever is earlier.
2.8 A selected member may use funds for performing Hajj. However the difference of expenses shall be borne by him.
2.9 If a selected member is not in a position to travel immediately due to any valid reason, then he/she shall remain entitled for his/her amount to perform Umrah or as the case may be as explained in 2.8 above for a maximum period of one-year commencing from the date of draw. If he/she is not able to travel at all then Clause 2.6 would be applicable.
2.10 Audit of Umrah Scheme will be conducted at the end of every year by the University Auditor.
2.11 The draws held in past shall be effective soon after these SoPs/regulations are implemented.
2.12 In case of any dispute/conflict, the matter will be referred to the Vice Chancellor for decision in consultation with the UMC (details given in Section-3), whose decision will be final.
Section- 3
Umrah Management Committee (UMC)
3.1 This scheme shall be governed and administered by the Umrah Management Committee (UMC) with the following constitution:
A senior officer to be nominated by Vice-Chancellor amongst the members of AIOU-US
Chairman shall choose Secretary from the members of Umrah Management Committee with the consultation of the committee
President and General Secretary, ASA
President and General Secretary, OWA
President and General Secretary, EWA
Treasurer / nominee
3.1.2 The committee shall be notified by the Registrar.
3.2 Functions and Powers of Umrah Management Committee
3.2.1 The Committee shall monitor registration of members according to the ‘Registration Procedure’ (see Registration Procedure at Section-1).
3.2.2 The Secretaries of the associations concerned shall prepare the list of members and handover to the Secretary, Umrah Management Committee for display on notice boards in the month of Muharram or as the case may be every year.
3.2.3 The Secretary of Committee shall prepare consolidated list of members with the assistance of secretaries of the associations concerned.
3.2.4 The Committee shall monitor the Umrah Account which shall be audited by University Auditor quarterly. The Audit Officer shall present the report to the members of the Management Committee.
3.2.4 The Committee shall calculate/decide the Umrah Draw Amount after consulting the quarters concerned and keeping the funds available in the Umrah Accounts in view.
4. Umrah Scheme Draw Procedure
4.1 The Committee shall be responsible for the conduct of Umrah draws as per laid down ‘Draw Procedure’:
4.1.1 The draw/balloting shall take-place according to Islamic Calendar.
4.1.2 a) Names of members for performing Umrah shall be drawn through a computerized ballot every year (two times) in any of the following months:
i) Muharram/Safar ii) Shawal/Zeeqa’d
b) However, this year draws shall be conducted immediately after approval of these SoPs.
4.1.3 The draw shall preferably be conducted in the presence of Chairman and representatives of all the associations/UMC.
4.1.4 The number of draws shall be according to the amount received in the two different categories, i.e BPS 1-16 and BPS 17-22.
4.1.5 The Committee shall notify the names of successful members who are selected through computerized draws within three working days after the draws.
4.1.6 After the draw, the UMC shall invite EOI as required from approved reputed firms/travel agents as per procedure/rules for making arrangements for the selected candidates. No cash management shall be made by individual and payment shall be made through crossed check in favour of the firm /travel agency.
NOTE: Any amendment in the SoPs/regulations shall be routed through the UMC for discussion/approval by the general body of AIOU-US members.

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