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Tag: Air University Department of Humanities Evening English Language Courses

Air University Department of Humanities Evening English Language Courses

Air University Department Of Humanities Evening English Language Courses

Air University  Department of Humanities Evening English Language Courses 

Evening English Language Courses
Department of Humanities (Faculty of Social Sciences), Air University offers the following courses in the Summer Semester 2013.
Certificate Courses      
Name Duration Fees Eligibility
Functional English 96 hours RS: 12,000 Matriculation
Conservation Skills in English 96 hours RS: 12,000 Matriculation
Technical English 96 hours RS: 12,000 Intermediate
12th November to 12th February 2014
5.30 to 7.30 pm (Monday to Thursday)
Last Date of Registration:
12th November 2013
For Admission Form click here
For course details click here.
Information for the Candidates
The Admission Office will handle the admission/fee procedures.
Students will take the admission form and brochure of the course from the Admission Office, select the course and submit it along with the fee.
Students and employees of Air University are entitled to a 50% fee concession. Wards of PAF officers are permissible to a 25% concession.
Students who want to defer their course under exceptional circumstances must intimate the Coordinator within 2 weeks after the start of the course. They will not have to submit the fee again when they rejoin.
The fees once submitted will not be refunded.
Placement Activity
A Placement activity test will be conducted by each course instructor after the commencement of the class which will help to decide which level best matches the student’s needs (particularly in the Functional English and Technical English courses).
  2. The Placement Activity would also guide teachers to understand students’ needs. It would specifically help the Technical English’ instructors and course designers to understand at what level the students are, and how the course needs to be tailored to match the requirements.
  3. Currently two courses are being offered in two levels: Functional English and Technical English. Students for these courses will be guided through the placement activity test conducted by the instructor to help decide which level best suits their current command of the language. If, however, student/s persists to stay in the selected course, they would be informed that they may do so, but if they don’t meet the required assessment criteria they wouldn’t be awarded the certificate. This should be handled very carefully.
Switching Courses
Students will be allowed to switch their courses only within the first week if allowed by his/her course instructor, for example, from Functional English to Conversation skills in English. However, for switching they would still have to appear in the Placement activity test designed to understand the student’s level of proficiency. This would also be kept as a record by the instructor to know the student’s proficiency at the time of commencement of the course to be matched with latter performance.
Students are expected to attend all classes to take full advantage of the learning opportunities, including assignments, presentations, quizzes, etc.
A minimum 75% attendance is mandatory to appear in the final examination of their respective courses. No allowance shall be given on this account unless the student has missed the classes because of reasons attributed to the department.
Discipline/ Code of Conduct
All students must have their ID cards with them while on campus. Students must apply for the ID Card on the first day of the commencement of the classes.
Students must follow the Air University dress code: a decent and formal wear is compulsory.
Students, who have their own cars, must get the car stickers from the Evening Programme Coordinator for entry from the main gate. No applications for the gate pass will be accepted after the 2nd week of classes.
Students must not misbehave with the teachers or within one another in the class other wise will be dismissed.
Certificate/Diploma will be awarded at the end of the course in a closing ceremony, so all participants must attend the ceremony. To get the award, students must meet the assessment criteria defined by their course instructors.

Air University Department Of Humanities Evening English Language Courses

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