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1st Year Zoology Important Questions And Guess Paper

1st Year Zoology Important Questions And Guess Paper

Define characteristics Or classification of Enzymes with factors.
Define Cardiac Cycle in Man.
Give the name of Human Respiratory System.OR Define the types of Respiration in Man.
briefly define Sexual or Asexual Reproduction cycle of Malaria
Define The following:

Triploblastic, Diploblastic, Trachea, Platelets, Phagocytosis, Pinocytosis, Hypertension Peace Maker, MHC I & II, Carnivores, atherosclerosis, Transformation, Blue babies, Blumini Nervosa, Terpenoids, Haemocoel, Immunology. Polymorphism. Amniotes Difference b/w DNA and RNA. Close type & Open Type circulation, Edema, Akinites, Clonning, book lungs, Hibernation

Define Symmetry with its types. Or Define Coelom types.
Briefly define Single Circuit and double circuit plan.
Give character of Sub Phylum Agnatha or Mammalians
Write the digestion in Hydra, Planaria and Earth Worm
Write down The Properties of Water.
Dental disesases or gasterointestinal diseases in man.
Describe the respiration in Fishes, Earth worm and in birds or in Frog.
Define Antibiotcs with their uses.
Define Respiration in Cockroach. Or Draw its Label diagram.
Define five kingdoms Classification with example.
Differentiate b/w Arties and Veins. RBC & WBC. Intercellular & Extracellular Digestion. Diastole and Systole. Phagocytosis, Pinocytosis. Inhalation (Inspiration) and Exhalation (Expiration). Incomplete and Incomplete Metamorphosis, Chondrichthyes and Ostichthyes
Write the name of the Phylum of following organisms:

a) Centipede b) Planaria c) Earth Worm d) Sea Anemone e) Star Fish d) Sea Urchin e) Sponges f) Sea Cucumber g) Spiders h) Paramecium i) Snail
Write the composition of Blood. Or Define SA Node or AV node
Discuss Flight adaptation in birds.
Define Lymphatic System with function.
Write the name of five edible fishes in Pakistan.
Write five properties of mammals with its classes.
Discuss mode of Nutrition in Animals.
Define Parasitic Adaptation in Worms
Define Cold Blooded and Warm Blooded Animals.
Define Key lock or Induced Fit Model Theory of Enzyme. Or Write down Enzymes Classification (Names Only)
Short note on Human teeth Also write dental formula
Why amphibians are unsuccessful land vertebrates
Describe Human Respiratory Disorder and Human Cardio Vascular Disorders.
Define the Functions of Liver Stomach, Lungs, Pulmonary Artery and Vein

Define the characteristic of the following Phylums:

Arthropoda with its classes Mollusa Annelida, Cnidaria, Protozoa with classes,

Echinodermata, Platyhelminthes, Class Aves, Mammalia with sub classes .

2) Explain Immune System in Man

3) Asexual Reproduction stage in plasmodium life cycle.

4) Discuss Lysogenic or Lytic Cycle of Bacteriophage.

5) Lable diagram of Teeth or Human Heart or Digestive System on Man

6) Discuss the Method of Respiration in Man.

7) Discuss Biological Method with its types.
Draw neat diagram of Human Heart OR explain the structure
Explain Complete Digestion in small intestine.
Draw the structure of Villi.Or explain Its Functions
Show Graphical grouping of Protostomata and Deutrostomata OR explain Protostomata and Deutrostomata.
Explain Phytophethora Infestens with its reproductions

1st Year Zoology Important Questions And Guess Paper