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1st Year English Important Solved Questions & Notes for Exam 2013

1st Year English Important Solved Questions & Notes For Exam 2013

1st Year English Important Questions & Notes for Exam 2013

Q1: Why did Norma consider (he (One and attitude Df Mr. Steward Offensive?

Ans. she found Mr. stewards attitude uflensiye because he had ignored her indinerent attitude.

Q2: Why did Arthur disagree with his wife?

Ans. Arthurdisagreed with her oecause he thought it wduid be a murder to get someone kiiied.

Q3: Why did Norma persuade her husband to agree with her?

Ans. she wanted to have me money in orderto fulfiii her desires for a better iire.

Q4: what were the reasons Norma gave to her to her husband to accept the offer?

Ans. she said it might beiust a sort of survey or research

Q5: Why did Mr. steward continue persuading Norma?

Ans. He knew that she was a weak character and worid graduaiiy come round to his suggestion.

Q6: what was the message Norma received on pushing the button?

Ans. she was iniormed that her husoahd had heen i<i|ied in supway accident.

Q7: what is the significance of Arthur’s me —insurance policy?

Ans. It was the only source or big money tor Norma.

Q8: mu Norma remain normai on hearing the news of accident of her husband?

Ans. No she was desoerateiy unset.

Q1. what dues hunger niean on a large scale as viewed by the author?

Ans. hunger on a lavge sceie means never rieving enough to eat

Q2. Describe some great famines or the past?

Ans. some great rainines oi the past are listed beiowrl guring the reign or an Egyptian priaraoh the river Niie

reinaineg wllhoulflocd Tor seven years causing a severe ramine.(2)hom me hirth orcnristto about 1300 chere

occurred one iemine every rive years in Europe

Q3. HOW do famines occur?

Ans. (1) when the number oi cieopie is greater than the amount of food avaiiaoie. (2) when crops raii due to some

disease. (2) when there are iess crops heoause of the iack of rain.

Q4. What iS meant by birth rate and deilh rate?

Ans sinri rete meens the numberof hirth per 1000 popuiation whiie ueeth rate means the number oiueeths oer

1000 popuiation.

Q5. What have public health measures to do with increase in population?

Ans Pubhc rieaith measures iike the discovery and use of meoicines and epidemic controi have gone a lung way to

decrease the death rate when dath rate decreases. nooulauon increases.

Q6. Account for the high! birth— rate in the underdeveloped countries?

Ans. in underdeveloped countries uirth rate is very high as people are iiiiterate they think mat they need not pian

their iire as God is responsitiie for an their rieeos. They oniy preauce children but no means or Ieeoing ano educating.

Q1: what was the color of the overcoat of young inan?

Ans. The color or the Yourlgmarl’s overcoat was brown.

Q2: what was his appearance?

Ans. he locked a danoy Vourlgman of smart ano graceful appearance He was wearing a graceful piown oyeiooat

Wllh a cute llttle CF55″! colored row lrl VH5 collar. Orl VH5 head WE had 6 chic hat and lll hlS hand El smart lltllé came

SUCK ln short he looked the rnooel of fashion and genmel manners.

Q3: Why did the people come out on the Mall?

Ans. The people came out on the mall for amusement and nth varlety or food that was ayailanle at various hotels,

restauiano and stalls.

Q4: what were the people wearing who came on the mall?

Ans. Most 01 the oeoule were wearing oyercoats and other winter wear

Q5: Why was the cat shivering?

Ans. The at was shivering with cold

Q5: Why did the drive of the triielt speed away after the aeeident?

Ans. The truck driver speu away to escape arrest tor running over the voorigrrian


Q1. Describe a day in theme of a Chinese student?

Ans A Chinese student gels up early in the morning Does a lew chores in the house ann after haying his oreaklast

goes to school where he stays till 11 Then he goes to his home butartertaklng his lunch he comes back to school

and remains there till 3 o’clock. Then he goes back home.

Q3. Why has the world changed its attitude towards china?

Ans After inoepeiioence in 1241, sne oecamea oig power in zo years The chinese depended on themselves They

promoted agrlcullure, controlled the riyers and floods and checked population. The improved their lrlduSU’V and

foreign trade, languages and the arts, ano yillage and city lire.

Q4. Discuss the cliinese agriculture system?

Q7: Why did the son at the age of sic cry?

Ans. The son cried oeoause he had lost the lidle wooden toy plough that his father had made for him

QB: what were the feelings 01 the old rnan at the age of seventy?

Ans. The old man was still in high spirits and loved to go un wurklrlg as a farmer.

Q9: Why had the old man planted his secret garden?

Ans. he had planted his secret garden to honourthe memories of his youth, when he had huilt up a large rami with

the help of his wile

Chti mil} Dark Thev \\ ere Antl Golden Evetl

Q1: why did rlarry want to go hack to earth?

Ans. harry wanted to go hath to the earth, because the and his family had lost their identity an the rriars. There

was a strange effect in the Martian air harry felt that it would gradually drive them our of their wits.

Q2: why did he want to stay?

Ans. harry wanted to stay on the mars till the end oi the nuclear war on the earth. here at last they were sale Al

hrst he had wanted to go back, out me news of war on the with changed him mind.

Q3: what was the climate they faced?

Ans. The climate 01 mars was strange it was pleasant when the landed on the mans. But the surnmer was

intoleiiahly hdtand dry. Even the canals went dry.

Q4: what was the condition of the Bittering family on hearing the news pr war on


Q10. Why couldn’t penicillin have been discovered in the research laboratories of


Ans. Penrcrllrn was drscovered accidentally when the germs culture pram was contamrnated oy mould spares. But rn

Amerrca research lahoratorres the culture plates could never he contamrnated, ror the arr was too pure, there was no

way rn tor spores or common mould.

Q11. Fleming’s achievement paved the way for other discoveries in the medical field.

what are they?

Ans. Fleming’s achrevernent has opened new horrzons or drsease treatment. He rounded the growth rnhrurtrng

treatment or disease He provoked others to seek new antrorotrcs Making research on the lrnes grven dy Flemrng

tame new drugs, make oy nature ol whrch the oest known at present rs streptomycin

Q12. Give an account of the early life of Fleming?

Ans. Flemrng was born rn mat rn Scotland Hrs ratherdred when he was rust seven, he studred at the Darvel School

trll the age of twelve Then he studred at the Krlmarnock academy At rourteen, he went to Landon where he studred

at regent street polytechnic (that rs a technrcal school). Al sixteen Fleming got the lob ofa clerk rn a shrpprng hrm. At

twenty he gota share rn a property Thus m he got the money to study medrcrne.

Q1. Give some instances of PBSKEUWS patriotism?

Ans. lt rs said that Pasteur was more ol a Patrrot than of a screntrst In ma, when there was polrtrcal turmorl rn

Europe, Pasteur enrolled hrmselr rn me Natronal Guard and donated all that he possessed to hrs country. Then again.

Q2. what did al-Hakam do to promote learning and scholarship in his kingdom?

Ans Alr Hakam established 27 rree schools in cortioya. The university orcortioya attracted teacher and students

from almost all over the world. Alrlakarn invited professnrs lrom the east and olfered them attractive sala nes l-le

hirnselr read books and wrote notes about them.

Q3. Give an account of the early career Ahd- Al-Rallman after his escape from


Ans He reached Palestrne without rriends or money .he staned for North Afrlca where the provincial governor tned

to kill hini He wandered lrorn trihe Five years later, he reached Ceuta in Morocco. Later, he reached the syrian

[FOODS lll Southern Spaln Wht) accepted hllrl 85 their leader.

Q4. How did Abd- AI—Rahmarl deal with the governor appointed by the Abbasid

caliph (O contest his rule?

Ans He cut oh the head or the governor oi spain and sends it to Ahoasid caliph in oarnascus. He preserved the

head in salt and carnphor and wrapped it in a olackllag and his letteror appointment as governor.

Q5. What did Ahd- Al~Rahman do to make himself strong and to heautiiy his


Ans He raised an arrny or 40,000 or more trained seroers. All hrs soldiers were well trained and well paid. He

constnicted a wall around the city for derence. Thus, he took all possiole steps to make himself strong He chose the.

Q3: why did the girl consider the first man her helper?

Ans. The girl could not see the krllercleerly. when she reached the pus station she was much lrightened. she sew e

rnen inside the room. she rushed to him quickly end asked tor help. she told him theta killer was fniiowlrlg her. The

man (fled to make her certain that She W65 sate there After It the glri mid him the Whflie Swryt The than asked her to

contact police hut she said that she would not pe able to descnpe the killer. ln the meanwhile another man came

there to take shelter lroin stoririy weather. she was again too much irightened to see him. The riist inan again helped

herto reel heisell sate lirst man again helped her to reel herselrsale That is why the girl considered hirn her helper

Q4: what are the factors that played their role in saving the girl?

Ans. sod Aimlghty saved the girl from the killer. He gave tier courage and strength to run away into the woods to

get nd or the killer. when she reached the hus station she round e man already present there. she could not

recognize him Actually he was the killer Here the situetion became most interesung. unknowingty she asked help

from the killer to save her. The killer tned to make her certain that she was saie there in the meanwhile the second

rnan came there she again got lrightened pecause she suspected that the second rnen might be the killer. ln lact the

presence of the second man proved lavoroole for her because it was not possihle tor the klllerm attack her in his

presence. when the ous arrived the second rnan rnoved away. rindino no one to save the girl the first rnan attacked

her Luckily a dog came there attacked him and inade him run away in this way luck woods second person and the

dog played their role in saying her

Q5: How did she realize the truth?

Ans. The rnan present in the room ol pus station was the killer The gin could not recognize him oecause she had

not already seen him clearly, she asked him to help her He promised to do whatever he could ror her. The situation

was very interesting. The girl running away rrom a killer was oeroie him and asking him to help her, when the second.

Q5: what was the punishment inflicted upon the quack by the villagers?

Ans. The purllshmentfor hlm was to dlg the old lam/s grave, plus a thrashlng hy the people

Q7: For whom did the quack dig the grave?

Ans. He dug the grave for the nld lady whom he had kllled.

Q8: what did the quack do in the next village?

Ans. There too her pretended to be a doctor, skrlled ln curlhg goiter.

Q9: why didn’t the villagers let the old man get cured?

Ans. They were alarmed by the man’s talklrlg of dlgglng the gvave ln case or the old man’s death.

Q10: why did the quack come back to the camel-men?

Ans. He wanted to rebuke them for rnlsguldlnd hlm.

(‘ln\ terlfl .’\ \lild .’\ttz11’k 0|‘ Locusts

Q1: what are locusts?

Ans. Locusts are hungry lnsects that come lfl hude swarms and eat up all vegetalloll ln no ume. They are khowh as


Q2: Why did {he farmers throw Wei leaves On fire?

Ans. They wanted to produce dark and acrld smoke to drlve away the locusts


Q8. Give an account of Pasteur’s treatment oi hydrophohia and how he cured tire

first patient suffering lrom it?

Ans. inoculation for numan oeings Pasleurvacclnated a ooy who nad been omen oy a mad dog. ne vaccinated

him with rneditine having the germs of me disease called hydrophooia .tne ooy get well other persons were also

cu red of this disease in the same way. Later, other scientists discovered other vaccines for dinerent diseases.

Q9. HOW did Pasteur show the ay tn Other scientists? Give an account Of the


Ans. The cure of nydropnooia was l>asteur’s last dlstuvery. This and other of this distovenes moved otner stientists

to cure other diseases with his methods. ln tne ten years between 1390 and 1e90, they discovered the germs of

C0r\Surl’lpt|On (Tb), typhoid, cnolera, diphtheria (a throatand breathing disease), loekiaw (a disease oi the jaw and

mouth) and Malia rever so the cures tor plague, mala na, yellow lever, sleeping — sickness and diseases caused by

riies were discovered. ii

Q1. Why was the attitude Of the Turkish government towards the allies alter World

War 1?

Ans. Their attitude was slavish. They decided to cooperate widi the allies and the occupying forces or the


Q2. Why was Mustafa Kfllnfll sent t0 Anatolia?

Ans. Muslafa Kamal was sent to Anatolia to crush the Turk reoels who were not ready to surrender before the allied


Q3. What was the reaction of the Turkish patriots to the intention of the allies to

partition the ottoman Empire?

Q7. Churchill was taught English at harrow and not Latin and Greek. was it a gain

or I055?

Ans. Really it was a gain fnrChtlrchllI that he was taught only English. He was taught English Dy the rnost able

teacher of narrow, Mr. somervell. HIS way of lefithlfig was very simple and effective .cnuichill learnt the essential

structure of the Bntish sentence, which was a great advantage m hirn

Q6. write an appreciation or criticism of Churchill’s views in regard to the stiidy of

Latin. Greek and English and their value in earning a living?

Ans. Churchill is right when he says that there was no use to learn letin or Greek at narrow. The studene had to

come down again to wnirnon English to earn their living. He wisely says that students should learn English lirst and

then L-BUN or Greek ii they hat tim s Estat e mtoork iwellrir a hnght luture

(‘ha ter 12 l’lil(‘hlIiltill Across The Stillara

Q1. Give an idea of the sile Of the Sahara. HOW can it be compared with England?

Ans. lt is many times the size or Great Britain lt is so large that it a giant PICKS England up and places it in the

middle or the sahara desert, it would be dirntult to rind it.

QZt What did Christopher’s foster mother t0 d0 with his desire I0 see distant


Ans. ln his childhood Christopher was very naughty. HIS roster mother often threatened him to send him to

Timbuktu. This threat instead ol creating fear in him created a desire to see that place

Q3. How did he manage to get a seat in the weapo||’s carrier?

Ans. ctinstopher was traveling in a sluwr moving truck when he sawa last moving weapon rarrier. ctinstopner


Q4. Why is it difficult to destroy books?

Ans. It is dirricuit to destroy books oetause gerieraiiy we don’t have proper oiaee to do this

Q5. HOW did he decide to get rid of them?

Ans. He decided t o stufl the books into a saek and throw it into the river.

Q5. How did he muster up courage at last to fling them into the river?

Ans. He remained reluctant for a iong time He felt ashamed of oeirig his such a ‘oontemotiole coward‘ Them he

thought that ll he faiied that day he would never be able to regain his respect and eoniidenee. iriinking this he

mustered up his courage and threw the sack into the riuer

Q7. Did he come to have a feeling for these bODks once he had got rid Of them?

Ans. Ye5, arter getting rid orhis books he reit sad at theirrate his word ‘vcur fate is perhaps worse than you

deserved’, show that he was sorry ror what he did with his hooks

Qs. Describe the author’s rnidnight venture (risky king of work) to throw the books

into the river and the suspicions which his action were likely to arouse?

Ans. He took up hrs books iri a sack at midnight and went out in the toid when a|| was quiet and lonely He ielt

alraid Ol a Dullceman who tmghl have caught him HE feared SOMEONE was foilowing him But went to the middle 01

the bridge and threw his DUCKS into the water with 6 5D\d5h.

(‘l|;t it-r06 The Man \\ ho Was .\ llus ital

Q1. HOW did Jerome K. Jerome come to suspect that his liver was out order?

Ans. Jerome K. Jerome was reading a patent |iver- pill circuiar when he tame to know that his llvef was our oi


Qs: How much does Harry charge for haircuts?

Ans. Tne regmar DHCE is a aouar but ne generauy takes a half or a qrraner.

Q7: Where is clay going?

Ans. Clay rs gulng down up me beach

Q8: Why does clay need money?

Ans. Clay needs money to get his lather lo come home and mp buy mamera praenl.

Q9: What has happened to c|ay’s tamer?

Ans. He picked up and went off

Q10: What dues clay want tn put in the local newspaper?

Ans. Gav warns lo pm an ad about i\\S father W the iwai newspapers.

Q11: Who is Miss Mcliutcheon? HOW does She feel about her job?

Ans. MISS McCulchecri rs a new teacher. The suruencs er mat school do not show ifltefeit H1 merr studies Attms,

sne ieeis that her JDD rs uresome and dlfficull

Q12: What is Miss McCutcheon looking for? HOW dues she feel about the children of

the town?

Ans. She rs lnokmg Iorgood students. she ieeis ma: mriuren onne lawn nave no imerest H1 their studies. on mp

or that, all oi mern are arrmrlt to concroi.

Q13: What does Harry advise her to do?


Q8. Give an account Of the little town, named El Golea and tell how Christopher

enjoyed himself there?

Ans. A hundred miles Iurmerfrorn Ghardaia. lt was a hne oasis (a place with water and trees in desert) ll had a lot

or water Christopher hathed for hours in a little pool that was shaded hy palm tree and rruit trees

Q9. What do you know or Proiessor claude Bfllanguemon?

Ans. Professor Balarlguernon, a Frenchman, trad been working lor the Tuareg people (Kile Muslims of wstern and

central sahararhe had tdld them thateducation would be uselul to them. he started living like them and changed his

tianils and customs. He taught them in the best ways.

Q10. Describe the journey through the land of thirst and death?

Ans. AIl.er christopherand pany killed a camel to get water, there was a severe sandstorm in the larid ol thirst and

death. Christopher and his companions hid lhem5elv§ behind their camels and covered their h&d5 It was three

inches ofsand on them when me storm was over.

Ch nor I3 Sir .-Uexalldcr Flcmin ‘

Q1. What are antiseptics and what is the antiseptic method?

Ans. Antiseptic method is one in which germs are stopped from getting into the body

Q2. What was the chief defect of the antiseptic method?

Ans. The chief delect of the antiseptic method was that the chemical that destroyed gernis also destroyed the cells

01 the DOUY

Q3. What part is played by the white cells in the blood of a human body?

Ans. White blood cells are the hodys naturalarrnouragainstdisease when germs enter me body the white olood



Q1. HOW is it that a star seldom finds another star near it?

Ans.The universe is so vast that there is so vast that there is a distance at rnillions ot rniles between two stars. so a

star seldom fifldi another star near it.

Q2. What happened when, according to sir James jeans, a wandering star,

wandering through space, came near the sun?

Ans. According to sir lames leans when rnillions ol years agoa star, by chance carne near the sun, it raised huge

tides on the surface of me sun and formed a big mountain.

Q3. what happened when the wandering star came nearer and nearer?

Ans. A5 the star came nearer and nearer the sun mountain on ttie surlaoe of the sun rose tiiger and higer.

Q4. what are planets and how did they some into existence?

Ans. til<e other planets, uureanh also came into belrlg hy the breaking up of the mountain rormed on the surface

oi the sun

Q5. Why i5 there I10 life Uh the stars?

Ans. Both the sun and the stars are so hot that lite cannot éXl5t on them.

Q6. write a note on the beginning of life on the earth.

Ans. Lite was Dom or the earth when it cooled down to a proper temperature With lurther Iavurable condition, it

started in sirnple organisms we may not agree with me writer as the earth rnay have came into Delflg alter a great

explosion in the sun as God wrlled.

Q2: what did Terhut think of jorkens’s argument?

Ans. Teroutdisagree with jorkens, holding that detemiination could not achieve everything

Q3: How did jorkens convince that a man cari become a skating champion or the


Ans. He said a rnan, who was determined to become a skating champion of the sahara, would work hard, make

enough money fol the purpose, and achieve his aim

Q4: How did Gorgios persuade his people to make his country strong?

Ans. He addrssed ouolic meetings and gave sound argument to prove that court acrobat would inspire people to

achieve physicalntness which would eventually ouild up a strong nation.

Q5: What was the viewpoint of the parents of Gorgios?

Ans. HIS parents did notagiiee with hirn because they thought detenninatiun could not achieve everything

Q5: What were ille arrangements made (or the function Of inauguration?

Ans. The great throne roorn was turned into a wonderiiilly decorated gymnasium, and eordios appeared in

gorgeous uniform of the court acrooat.

Q7: what were the feelings 01 Gorgios on the occasion?

Ans. He felt sad at his inability Lo give a grand performance

Q8: Did Gorgios use any short cut to achieve his ambition?

Ans. No, he worked hard lor many years till he achieved his aim.




Q7: why did the parents rebuke her?

Ans. They were annoyed with the misbehavior ol their child

QB: What was the threat of the doctor tn the Chi|d for not showing her throat?

Ans. he told her that she could die of diphtheria il she refused to get herself checked up.

Q9: why did she break the wooden blade?

Ans. she hroke the wpulen hlade, because she did not want to let the doctor luck at herthroat.

Q10: What WES the COIIditi0l1 Of the t0IISi|5 OF the SiCk girls?

Ans. Her torlslls were lrl 5 bad Cllfldllluli.

(‘ha ler08 The Gnlislan Of Sttdi

Q1: what was the advice given by Nushirvan to his people?

Ans. The king advised his people to ayoid iniustite and oppression

Q2: what was the remedy suggested by the physicians for the disease of the king?

Ans. The |)hySlzlaflS said the tnle ofa healthy young rnan was the curs for the kings illness.

Q3: Why did the boy look to the sky and smile?

Ans. The buy looked to me sky and srniled because me realized that only god I5 Just and Mercirul. He expected help

Only form God

Q4: What should be the role of a Qazi?


Q9. Describe the reforms introduced by Mustafa Karnal with reference to the

position of woman .Mustafa Kamal advocated tile emancipation of women?

Ans. Mbsxara Kama\ advocated me ernannpanan of women ne was bfme vrew mat women shouk! work snbmu [0

snbmaer wrzn men He banned the weanng btvens b wbmen anb brderec that rnan and woman Wuuid wurktogethev

and help saw Other.

Q10. What were the terms offered to turkey by the allies?

Ans. In May 1920 me alhes pubhsned merr terms cl peam wrm Menmet IV. The onbman (Turlush) ernprre was lo

be aannmsmered tn/the aines. Eastern Anatuha was gb to Armerua, Izrnrr m Greece ana crcnra to France. 

Qzo: what work does the man do?

Ans. He is a writer.

Q21: What did clay find near black ruck?

Ans. He found and oyster there

Q22: what does clay believe is in the oyster? How much is it worth?

Ans. He believes that mere is a costly pearl in the otlster that worm at least three hundred dollars.

Q23: Does Mi$S McCutchean believe that there iS pearl in the oyster?

Ans. NO, Mccutcheon does not lJ6|4e\/Q that there is a pearl in the oyster.

QZ4: Why dues MiSS MCCl1tCheOI‘l have a chair with three legs?

Ans. Miss Mocutcheon hasa chair with three legs to bring things lrorn the sea.

Q25: what king ofjudge is judge Applegarth?

Ans. He itloged animals at a eotlhty rair one time, so the people caii him judge.

Q26: What does Greeley have in a bottle?

Ans. Greeley has water rn a oottie.

Q27: who suggests that they open the oyster?

Ans. MISS Mecutcheon suggests mat they should open the oyster.

Q18: why do they want Wozzeck to come?

Ans. Wozzeck hau a few good- sized pearls. Harrv plants to have Wozzeck orete-to he has iourld a pearl in the



Q5: whet type of live do you foresee in year 5000?

Ans. Keeplrlg rn vlew the reprd progress or sclence end technology rt rs elrnost rrnpossrhle to roresee theme rrr

5000, there wrll be amazlng rule er S(lEn:€ end technology Men wrll nhd out new worlds end modern srrehee wrll

chenoe the whole unryerse rn a global world as today’s sclence has changed thrs world rnto a grooer village

Q7: How much impressive were the morals ol Kreton?

Ans. r<reton looked quite confident. He hed mlraculuus power but he drd net hurt, herrn or plrhrsh ehyone He

talked polrtely. He trred tn destroy hrs rlyrrrg Saucer; he rersed e well erohhd rt. when geherer powers end hrs AIDE

attacked lrrrrr, he forced mern to stop stunned wrthrn a loot ol hrrn He drd not make use ol thrs rorce to punrslr them

He proved hrrrrselr tolerent end pauerlt.

Q8: what is the role of general power in the play?

Ans. General Powers could not play e malor role rn the play. He trred to look lrrw the rnettercarelully out he larls

to understand rt He lakes Kremn es en enerny or hrs netron. He orders to reteh hrnr But ell of them become helpless

belme hrrrr

Q9: what is the theme of the study of Kreton?

Ans. Kleton loyes to gad about. He hes speoal rnterest rh eerth end rts rnhehrlenls. He rs especlally rnterested rn

thrs perrod oi our development

Q10 How does Kreton impress general powers?


Q2: What did happen to the boy when he tried to snatch the purse?

Ans. he lost his balance and fell back on the sidewalk.

Q3: What was the reaction of the woman?

Ans. The woman gave hirn a kick, and taking hold or his shin fmrll, pulled hini up.

Q4: What was the conduct oi the people who saw the incident?

Ans. some of the people ]H5t passed along while a few stopped to wamh the scene.

Q5: How did the boy look physically?

Ans. He locked weak and shabby

Q6: what was the condition of the hoy when the wonian gave him tew jerks?

Ans. he was frightened because he thought she would take hirn to iail

Q7: why did the woman ask the boy to wash his face?

Ans. she asked him to wash his face because his face was dirty

Q8: why didn’t the boy run from the house of the Woman?

Ans. The niotherly behaviour or the wumarl (hanged his whole charatter.

Q9: why didn’t the woman watch the hoy while preparing a dish?

Ans. she knew that now he was changed. mther reformed boy.

Q10: What was the nature of the woman’s job?

Ans. she worked in the beauty parlour oia hotel.



Q1: Why couldn’t She describe the killer?

Ans. she could not ascribe the killer because she hao not seen him clearly ano she was too rrighteneo to

remember anything about him.

Q2: Whal were illé circumstances that forced her K0 leave her car?

Ans. She had (0 leave V16! car Orl (he road because She had ruri out 01 Q65

Q3: Why did She ask for llelp from the first man?

Ans. she asked for help lrom the hrst man because she was in danger

Q4: Wliil was the condition of the weather?

Ans. The weather was stormy.

Q5: How did the second man accuse the first rnan of lying?

Ans. when the secono man looked in the room, he sawa man aha a girl iri the room. when he entereo the room

he saw only the first man The lirst man tneo to hice the nrserlce ol the girl from the secono man. At this the secono

man accused the hrst man or lying.



1st Year English Important Solved Questions & Notes For Exam 2013