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Allama Iqbal Open University AIOU B.A ENGLISH Code 1423 Guess Paper for AIOU Annual Examinations Preparation

Allama Iqbal Open University AIOU B.A ENGLISH Code 1423 Guess Paper for AIOU Annual Examinations Preparation

Allama Iqbal Open University AIOU B.A ENGLISH Code 1423 Guess Paper for AIOU Annual Examinations Preparation

     (A) Write down one sentence for each expression the following functions.
1.                  Opinion
2.                  confirmation
3.                  Apology
4.                  Indifference
5.                  Instruction
6.                  Pleasure
7.                  Appreciation
8.                  Disagreement
9.                  Preference
10.              Asking permission
11.              Regret
12.              Warning
(B) Write five sentences each to express the following functions. Use every time different way of expression.

1.         Asking permission
2.         Agreement
3.         Intention
4.         Suggestion
5.         Indifference
2.         Suppose you are going to interview a prominent leader / player / figure of showbiz. Write then “wh” questions you will like to ask.
3.         (A) Express your agreement or disagreement about the following issues. Use different expressionseach time.
1.                  Get a CNG kit fitted in the car.
2.                  Plant more trees in the residential areas.
3.                  Administer Polio drops to all children in the country.
4.                  Women should not be allowed to participate in politics.
5.                  Police should be given total control to maintain law and order.
(B) How would you accept or decline these suggestions.
1.                  Let’s got the market for shopping.
2.                  Would you like to join us for tea?
3.                  Have some chips?
4.                  Come with us to watch a movie in the cinema.
5.                  Let me give you a lift to your work place on my car.
4.         (A) Put the verb into the correct simple present tense.
1.                  Water (boil) ……………….. at 100 degree Celsius.
2.                  The health club (open) ………….. at 09:00 and (close) ………….. at 06:30 every day.
3.                  I (smoke) ………….. 10 cigarettes a day.
4.                  It (take) ……………. me an hour to get to work.
5.                  Both of them (play) ………….. the sitar very well.
6.                  She (teach) ……………….. young Montessori children.
(B) Combine these sentences using the basic joining words such as, and, but, or, so:
1.                  Muhammad Ali was cold, ………… he put on a coat.
2.                  Marium tried to read a novel in French, ………… it was too difficult.
3.                  To get from Lahore to Karachi, you can fly, ……….. you can take a train.
4.                  I bought a huge cake,………… we all ate it together.
5.                  The waiter was not very nice, ………….. the food was delicious.
6.                  I went to buy a strings CD, ………… the shop didn’t have it.
7.                  Aman needed some money, ……….. he took a part-time job.
8.                  There’s so much rain lately! Maybe it’s because of EI Nino, effect ………… maybe it’s just coincidence.
9.                  Bilal has a guitar, …………. He plays it really well.
10.              The concert was cancelled, …………. We went home.
5.         Write a letter to your friend inviting to spend his/her holidays with you.
You could not attend the marriage ceremony of your friend. Write him informal letter for apology.
6.         (A) Complete the following sentences with tag question.
1.                  You like ice-cream, ___________?
2.                  He will not help you, __________?
3.                  Kaleen does not like his job, ____________?
4.                  He failed the exam, ______________?
5.                  It was a wonderful film, ____________?
6.                  They are waiting for the bus, ______________?
7.                  You like coffee, ______________?
8.                  She is wearing a beautiful dress, __________?
9.                  Ali lives in Karachi, _____________?
10.              they will come to see you, _______________?
(B) Select the correct tag questions.
1.                  I am a good worker, ……………
I’m?           do I                am I not?            aren’t I
2.                  Arifa is not a teacher, …………..
she isn’t?     isn’t she?       is she?       doesn’t she?
3.                  Jawad and Ali are students, …………….
aren’t they          are they?           Isn’t he?             isn’t they?
4.                  You are there, ……………
is you?            aren’t you?             isn’t you?          weren’t you?
5.                  You and I are busy right now, …………….
aren’t I?           aren’t we?             we aren’t?        aren’t you?
7.         Write a summary of the poem “god’s love is all around us”.
8.         Write a paragraph:
1.                  My daily Routine
2.                  My childhood memories
3.                  Qualities of a good teacher
4.                  Our traffic problems.
5.                  Women’s rights in Pakistan
9.         How would you ask for permission, give and refuse permission in the following situations? Follow the example and then write 3 expressions for each situation.
1.                  Ask a person sitting next to you if you can smoke.
2.                  Ask the admission department at AIOU for an admission from.
3.                  Ask your mother’s permission to cook chicken curry in the kitchen.
4.                  Ask your father to allow you to go to Lahore with friends.
5.                  Ask your boss to give you two days leave.
10.       Change the voice of the following sentences.
1.                  Children cannot open these bottles easily.
2.                  The government built a road right outside their front door.
3.                  Mr. Butt broke the vase as he walked through the store.
4.                  The workers are making repairs all month long.
5.                  The colleagues will celebrate his retirement.
6.                  His professors were discussing his exam result.
7.                  My son ate all the homemade biscuits.
8.                  Shakespeare wrote Hamlet.
9.                  We built our house last year.
10.              They will inform you tomorrow.
11.              Someone stole my books yesterday.
12.              A careless student had left these books in the classroom.
13.              Someone had broken into the house while the owners were on vacation.
14.              A strong firefighter was carrying a child downstairs.
15.              The police had blocked off the streets.
11.       Write a job application letter for the post of English language teacher/secondary school teacher.
Write a job application letter for the post of maths/chemistry/physics teacher.
Write a job application letter for the post of project manager/software Engineer.
12.       Your friend Asad is a cronic smoker. What advices would you give to him?
13.       Change the following sentences into indirect form.
1.                  He said, ‘I live in Peshawar’.
2.                  She said, ‘I am cooking dinner’.
3.                  He said, ‘I have visited London twice’.
4.                  He said, ‘I went to Peshawar last week’.
5.                  He said, ‘I am going to find a new job’.
6.                  Mr. Khan said, ‘I will give Jameel a call’.
7.                  He said, ‘I have been working on that project for over two weeks’.
8.                  Maria said, ‘I can come tonight’.
9.                  Ajman said, ‘I may buy a new car’.
10.              He said, ‘I might go to Lahore’.
14.       Write cause and effect of:
1.                  Unemployment
2.                  Pollution


3.                  Rising Prices
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