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COMSATS University Final Project Help

1 Introduction
The individual project is the most important single piece of work in the degree program. It provides
the opportunity for a student (i.e. you) to demonstrate independence and originality. You need to
plan and organize and then to put into practice some of the techniques that have been taught
throughout the undergraduate program. You can show your individuality and inspiration in this
project. It should be the most satisfying piece of work in your degree.
The final year project has an ever-lasting effect in your career as well; it is an important topic of
discussion in job interviews. Moreover, your final year project can help you getting admissions for
higher studies abroad.
This document aims to guide final-year undergraduate students of the Electrical Engineering
Department through the project process. It contains information on the stages of the project,
indicating when reports are due, and how to write concise and legible documents with good literary
style, presentation and layout.
1.1 Process Entities
1.1.1 Members
A student registered with COMSATS Institute of Information Technology (CIIT), Wah Campus who is
eligible to submit final year project as a requirement for obtaining degree.
Maximum of three project members are allowed for any one project.
o If the proposed project needs more than three members, a supervisor should initiate
a call for project committee meeting in order to justify the requirements for more
than three student members.
1.1.2 Coordinator
The project coordinator is responsible for the overall organization of the final-year projects. You can
contact him/her whenever you have any problem with the organization of the project.
1.1.3 Supervisor
A project supervisor is the primary contact for all students. Students should discuss and share all
their project matters with the supervisor. The supervisor can be asked to assist you in technical and
non-technical issues; however, he is not answerable or responsible for any shortcomings in your
project deliverables. The supervisor needs to attend the presentation given by project members, and
review their project report document in detail.
In case of projects having presentable product; projects members will demonstrate their product to
the supervisor. The supervisor then grades the overall project; and each project member individually
as well.

1.2 Other Entities
1.2.1 Examiner
A project examiner is responsible for unbiased evaluation of projects assigned to him/her. The
examiners should be invited from outside the campuses of CIIT. Your examiner needs to attend the
presentation given by you and your project members, and review the project report document in
In case of projects having presentable product; project members will demonstrate their product to
the examiner. The examiner then grades each project member individually and the overall project as
1.2.2 Department Office
The Head of Department (HoD) office of the Electrical Engineering (EE) department is an entity that
administers project coordinators, supervisors and students. The final reports, presentations and
deliverables are finally approved from this office after obtaining recommendations of supervisors,
coordinators, examiners and the students.
1.2.3 Committee for Maintaining Standards (ECOMS)
The EE department’s Committee for Maintaining Standards (ECOMS) is a team consisting of faculty
members, student representatives and alumni members. The major responsibility on this committee
is to maintain the standard of the projects that are offered to the engineering students.
1.3 Choosing a Final-Year Project
The idea for your project may be a proposal from a faculty member or on your own, or perhaps a
combination of the two.
1.3.1 Staff Proposals
For projects proposed by members of staff, you should discuss the project with the proposer as soon
as possible so that you have plenty of time to think about the best choices for you. Note that not
every project is suitable for every student: some may be specifically tailored to a particular degree
(e.g. B. Eng., M. Eng. BCS) and some may only suit students with a very specific set of interests. Each
proposal will indicate these constraints in order to help you to make an informed choice.
1.3.2 Student Proposals
If you have your own idea for an individual project it is your responsibility to find a member of staff
who both approves of the proposed program of work and is willing to supervise it. You should first
add your proposal to the database, and then discuss it with prospective supervisors. The project
coordinator may help you in finding a supervisor.

COMSATS University Final Project Help

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