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Most Important 50 Written Test Question Pakistan Studies History of Pakistan General Knowledge Information About Pakistan with Complete Solved Answers

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Pak History MCQs

Q:31. Who was the fst Prime Minster of Pakistan?
Ans:- Liaquat Ali Khan.

Q:32. Who Was the Ist speaker of National Assembly of Pakistan?
Ans:- Qaid Aizam Mohammad Ali Jinnah.

Q:33. Who supported Pakistan resolution from Bihar?
Ans: Nawab M. Ismail.

Q:34. When a while Paper on Indian affairs was published?
Ans:- On 10th April 1940.

Q:35. Who gave the concept of two Nation theory?
Ans:- Allama Mohammad Iqball.

Q:36. When Mohammad Iqball was Born?
Ans:- 9th November 1877 in Sialkot.

Q:38. Who was founder of Mohammad Anglo oriental College in Aligarh?
Ans:- In year 1875.

Q:39. When Mohammad Anglo oriental College in Aligarh was upgraded as Aligarh Muslim University?
Ans:- In year 1920.

Q:40. When the Urdu became official Language?
Ans:- In year 1837.

Q:41. Since when the war of independence was started?
Ans:- Since year 1957.

Q:42. When Indian National Congress came into focrce?
Ans:- In year 1885.

Q:43. When Nahru report was produced?
Ans:- In year 1928.

Q:44. When Qaid Aizam Mohammad Jinnah produced 14 points?
Ans: In year 1929.

Q:45. When Allama Mohammad Iqball Addressed the AIML?
Ans:- In year 1930.

Q:46. When Partition Plan was produced?
Ans:- On 3rd June 1947.

Q:47. When Government of India Act was passed?
Ans:- In year 1935.

Q:48. When the communal award was passed?
Ans: In year 1932.

Q:49. When cripps mission Plan was given?
Ans:- In year 1942.

Q:50. When Cabinet mission plan was given?
Ans:- In year 1946.