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Higher Education Commission of Pakistan Admission policy changed for Ph.D. programs


Higher Education Commission of Pakistan Admission policy changed for Ph.D. programs

Higher Education Commission of Pakistan has introduced new criteria for the admission enrollment in Ph.D. programs. Thus this new procedure that is being offered in many universities of the country for admission to such program has left the scholars shocked.

According to the new policy and rules, it has made necessary for the candidates of MPhil and MS to select the research work of 6 credit hours, if wanted to get enrolled in the programs of Ph.D.

The applicants of MPhil and MS or equivalent degrees require completing 30 to 24 credit hours of course work together with the minimum of 6 credit hours for the thesis or research work. While this release is may be allowed for the programs of MS and related discipline where research is not recommended.
(This release from research can just be for non-science subjects or disciplines).
Hence this release is permitted if the candidate terminates his or her wishes of course as if they don’t want to study further in Ph.D. programs.
Before this rupture, in past, MS was considered equal to the programs of MPhil. HEC had also mentioned that the students not selecting the research work in MS programs will not be allowed to continue their studies in the Ph.D. programs.
For the specific criteria of information, HEC has not exposed the new policy of admission either it informed the candidates. For this, a large number of students are unknown about the new policy for admission in Ph.D. programs.

Updated: June 1, 2017 — 12:08 am

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