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How to Apply for MSc Merit Based Scholarships for International Students at UCD in Ireland


How to Apply for MSc Merit Based Scholarships for International Students at UCD in Ireland

Academic Excellence

Scholarships are awarded to academically exceptional students who will be ambassadors for their course and the School during their studies and after graduation.

Scholarship awards cover up to 50% of the tuition fees per candidate

The Scholarship programme is funded by UCD, Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School.

Scholarships are open to self-sponsored candidates who have been offered a place on a full time MSc Programme. Applicants must have completed the application process to the programme of their choice and fulfilled the necessary admissions requirements.


Status: OPEN
Opening: 1st November 2016
Closing: 31st Mar 2017
Value: 50% Tuition Fees


Scholarship winners will be selected on merit. To apply for a scholarship, candidates must have obtained a minimum score of 630 points in the GMAT test. In addition to the overall score, the verbal component score must at least be 30/51 and the quantitative score no lower than 40/60.

The GMAT test result is the primary selection criteria for the scholarship. Candidates must also have obtained a first class honours degree (or equivalent) and, if applicable, achieved a minimum overall score of 7.0 in the IELTS test, a score of 100/120 in the TOEFL test (or equivalent).

With this minimum GMAT 630 score you will be considered for the Scholarship so it is not a guarantee of success in receiving the Scholarship. Where we have a number of candidates with scores in excess of 630, consideration and awarding of the Scholarship will be given to the highest scoring GMATs.


To apply for a scholarship, candidates can also submit a valid GRE. This will be used in conjunction with a first class honours degree (or equivalent) and, if applicable, the minimum score required in either the IELTS or TOEFL.

The scoring scale for the GRE is 130 – 170

The minimum GRE scores are as follows :

Minimum 158 out of 170 GRE Verbal Reasoning
Minimum 160 out of 170 GRE Quantitative Reasoning

For more information on the GRE please visit

How to Apply

In order to be eligible to apply for this scholarship, candidates must hold an offer of a place on an MSc programme in the Smurfit School.

Your offer may be a full or conditional offer (for example, if you are in the final year of your undergraduate degree and have not yet received your final degree result).

Candidates must complete the online application form in full and attach their official GMAT or GRE Test Score Report to the application. Candidates must have achieved a GMAT test result of 630 or higher before submitting their scholarship application. Alternatively, candidates must have scored a minimum of 158 out of 170 GRE Verbal Reasoning and 160 out of 170 GRE Quantitative Reasoning. Test scores must be in date.

The deadline for submitting your Scholarship application is the 31st March 2017.

You must have therefore, received an offer of a place in the School before the 31st March 2017 in order to submit your scholarship application.

Decisions will be made by the Schools Scholarship Committee on or before the 1st of May 2017.

In exceptional cases, we may offer some of these Scholarships in advance of May 2017.

All decisions are final.

A wide range of opinions, perspectives and experiences are essential to educational excellence. The School reserves the right to reallocate scholarships between regions as appropriate in order to support a diverse class and a quality learning environment for our students. It is our intention to award no more than two MSc Regional Scholarships per individual degree stream in the MSc programme.

Successful candidates can be awarded one Scholarship only. On final award, the School will also need to receive the official GMAT or GRE score directly from GMAC or ETS GRE. No candidate will be awarded more than one Scholarship or Bursary. Candidates qualifying for more than one scholarship and successful can’t transfer or use one scholarship between or against another programme.

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