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The University of East Anglia is offering one full fee scholarship for international students towards Masters Degree courses


The University of East Anglia is offering one full fee scholarship for international students towards Masters Degree courses

Funding for postgraduate study is available both from the University of East Anglia and from a number of external schemes.

Funding your course of study

The information which follows is intended to help you to identify sources of financial support before your course begins.

Please Note: The information given below is intended as a general guide. It does not represent an exhaustive list of all available funding. You are encouraged to apply to all sources of funds for which you may be eligible. International students should approach their local British Council for information on local funding.

The level of competition for most of the awards mentioned here is extremely high and candidates are usually assessed on past, and potential, academic performance. If you will require a grant in order to undertake your studies, your application should be made as early in the year as possible. Applications received after March cannot be considered for most scholarships.

The majority of international postgraduate students taking courses in the School of International Development are sponsored by their Governments, their employers, or an agency such as the British Council.

You should not begin a new course unless you are confident that you have enough money for the duration of your course, bearing in mind that fees and expenses are likely to increase annually. Although it is increasingly possible for international students to work part-time while studying in the UK, (part-time earning levels are about £6 – £9 per hour, and this is currently restricted to 20 hours per week by the UK Border Agency) you should not rely on funding your studies through vacation or part-time work since your earnings are likely to be low in relation to your expenses.  The UK Border Agency requires you to show proof that you can fund your full tuition fees and high levels of living costs in order to obtain a Tier 4 Student Visa.

50% Final Year Undergraduate Continuation Scholarship

Current final year UEA undergraduate students who gain a 1st class degree and progress onto a postgraduate course in September 2017 will receive a 50% fee reduction scholarship. Those who do not gain a 1st class degree will still be eligible for the 10% UEA Alumni Scholarship outlined below. Terms and conditions apply.

UEA Alumni 10% Scholarship

A scholarship of a 10% fee reduction is available to UEA Alumni looking to return for postgraduate study at UEA in September 2017. Terms and conditions apply.

School of International Development Excellence Awards for International Students

School of International Development Scholarships

The School of International Development is offering a £1,000 fee waiver to all international students who have obtained the equivalent of a UK 1st Class degree.
How to apply: All eligible candidates with a 1st Class degree to whom the School have made an offer are automatically given the £1,000 fee waiver.

School of International Development Full Fees Scholarship

A full fee award may be offered to one international taught applicant on the basis of academic excellence (e.g. first class degree) and their personal statement.
How to apply: All eligible candidates to whom the School have made an offer are automatically considered for nomination.
Deadline for Applications (full fee scholarships): 31 March 2017.

Please note that all applicants are expected to have met the School’s English language requirements and been offered and accepted a place on the course by this date.  Successful applicants will be contacted by the admissions department.

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