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PPSC Mcqs Food Departments Past Papers and Helping Material for Preparation of New Jobs Test 2016

PPSC Mcqs Food Departments Past Papers and Helping Material for Preparation of New Jobs Test 2016


. Durand line was demarcated on :

(a) 1892 (b) 1890 (c) 1893 (d) None of these

2. On July 9,1948 Government of Pakistan issued for the very first time:

(a) Coins (b) Currency notes (c) Postal Stamp (d) All of these

3. Aeronautical Complex at Kammra was built with the financial and technical assistant of

(a) USA (b) Canada (c) France (d) None of these

4. What is the total duration of National Anthem?

(a) 60 Sec. (b) 80 Sec. (c) 100 Sec. (d) 120 Sec.

5. Which of the following is a cash crop?

(a) Wheat (b) Maize (c) Rice (d) Cotton

6. The largest desert of Pakistan is

(a) Thar (b) Thal (c) Cholistan (d) Rohi

7. Which of the following minerals deposits are found in Potohar plaeture

(a) Rock Salt (b) Gypsum (c) Oil (d) None of these

8. What is the total area covered by forests in Pakistan?

(a) 3.2% (b) 5.2% (c) 7.3% (d) 9.7%

9. The oldest barrage on Indus river is:

(a) Kotri (b) Sukkur (c) Ghulam Muhammad (d)Taunsa

10. How many times, Pakistan has won the hockey world cup?

(a) Five times (b) Three times (c) Four times (d) None of these

11. First princely state which was acceded to Pakistan?

(a) Swat (b) Kalat (c) Bahawalpur (d) Hunza

12. Quid-e-Azam remained president of Muslim League for:

(a) 22 years (b) 28 years (c) 15 years (d) 31 years

13. National animal of Pakistan is:

(a) Horse (b) Pigeon (c) Deer (d) Markhor

14. Total agencies of FATA(Federally Administrated Tribal Areas) are:

(a) Five (b) Four (c) Seven (d) Eight

15. Which of the following scientist died on _______ 1994?

(a) Dr. Abdul Salam (b) Dr. Munir Ahmad Khan

(c) Dr. Saleem Uz Zaman Siddique (d) None of these

16. First Chairman of senate of Pakistan is:

(a) Habib Allah Khan (b) Waseem Sajjad (c) Ghulam Ishaq (d) None of these

17. After creation of Pakistan, first news paper was:

(a) Mashraq (b) Imroze (c) Watan (d) None of these

18. Karakoram road starts from:

(a) Islamabad (b) Lahore (c) Havelian (d) Peshawar

19. Which of the following country voted against Pakistan’s membership in United Nations?

(a) Iran (b) (c) Egypt (d) Afghanistan

20. Motorway M-II Section will be lead to:

(a) Karachi Port (b) Bin Qasim Port (c) Gwadar Port (d) Pasni Port

21. From which of the following country, Pakistan purchased Gwadar Port in Sep 09,1958?

(a) Bahrain (b) (c) Oman (d) None of these

22. There are how many alphabets of Urdu:

(a) 27 (b) 37 (c) (d) 39

23. First SOS village in Pakistan was established in:

(a) (b) Lahore (c) Islamabad (d) Rawalpindi

24. The headquarter of Pakistan Navy is situated in:

(a) Karachi (b) Rawalpindi (c) Islamabad (d) Peshawar

25. After 1947, first Radio station was established in:

(a) Lahore (b) Karachi (c) Hyderabad (d) Peshawar

26. The founder of Deoband institute is:

(a) Maulanad Shabbir Ahmad Usmani (b) Mehmood-ul-Hassan

(c) Maulanad Qasim nanutvi (d) None of these

27. Who convined Quid-e-Azam to join Muslim League?

(a) Nawab Waqar ul Malk (b) Maulana Shaukat Ali

(c) Maulana M.A. Johar (d) hakeem Ajmal

28. From which of the following cities, Maulana M,A Johar startedhis English news paper Commrade in 1911:

(a) Delhi (b) Bombay (c) Calcutta (d) None of these

29. Who assisted Quid-e-Azam to make 14 points?

(a) Sir Agha Khan (b) Liaqat Ali Khan (c) Maulana M.A Johar (d) Maulana Hasrat Mohani

30. The headquarter of FAO is:

(a) Rome (b) Paris (c) (d) None of these

31. PASSCO is the abbreviation of :

(a) Pakistan Agri. Seed & Storage Council


(c) Pakistan Agri. Services & Storage Corporation

(d) None of these

32. Karakoram range includes which of the following glaciers:

(a) Siachen (b) Hispa (c) Biafo (d) All of these

33. The largest Copper deposits in Balochistan are found in district:

(a) (b) Khuzdar (c) (d) Chaghi

34. Babusar pass connects:

(a) Abbatabad to Gilgat (b) Chitral to Gilgit (c)

(d) None of these

35. Khanpur mosque tragedy took place in:

(a) 1911 (b) (c) 1913 (d) None of these

36. The longest glacier of Pakistan is:

(a) (b) Balhuro (c) Siachen (d) None of these

37. In which pleatue/range Soan & Haro rivers are located?

(a) Balochistan Pleatue (b) (c) Potohar Pleatue (d) None of these

38. Warsak dam is built on river:

(a) Korang (b) Kabul (c) (d) Chenab

39. Sir Sayyed Ahmad Khan developed an institute in which English books ware translated into Urdu. It was:

(a) Ali Garh Institute (b) Scientific Society (c) (d) Ghazipur Institute


41. Shandar pass connects:

(a) Gilgit to Chitral (b) Banu to Chitral (c) (d) None of these

42. The area between Ravi and Beas river is known as:

(a) Racchna Doab (b) Bari Doab (c) (d) Shangriwal Doab

43. Which of the following continent has lowest population rate?

(a) Europe (b) North America

(c) Africa (d) Asia

44. “Dasht-e-Lut” is situated in:

(a) China (b) Libya

(c) Iraq (d) Iran

45. The mountain range which separates Asia from Europe:

(a) Ural Mountains (b) Hindukash

(c) Alps Mountains (d) Atlas Mountains

Days and nights are formed due to:

47. Energy generation in stars is due to:

(a) Fission of heavy nuclei (b) Fusion of light nuclei (c) Fusion of heavy nuclei

(d) None of these

48. Formosa is the old name of:

(a) Cambodia (b) Rhodesia (c) Taiwan (d) Bankok

49. London is situated on river:

(a) (b) (c) Thames River (d) None of these

50. Largest ocean of the world is:

(a) Atlantic (b) Arctic (c) Pacific (d) None of these

51. Sea that separates Asia from Africa is:

(a) Arabian Sea (b) Yellow (c) Red Sea (d) None of these

52. Who founded Central Muhammadan Association in 1877?

(a) Chaudhary Rehmat Ali (b) Sir Sayyad Ahmad Khan (c) (d) Syed Amir Ali

53. Baghliar Dam is situated on river:

(a) Indus (b) Jehlum (c) Chennab (d) None of these

54. Smallest country in central Asia is:

(a) Tajikistan (b) Kazikistan (c) Uzbekistan (d) None of these

55. Largest number of air ports are situated in:

(a) India (b) China (c) UK (d) None of these

56. The term “UNO” was coined by:

(a) Stalim (b) F.D Roosevelt (c) WinstonChurchil (d) Austin

57. Who is the current Secretary General OIC?

(a) Dr. Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu (b) Tunku Abdul Rehman (c) (d) None of these

58. Nicolas Sarkozi is:

(a) German Chancellor (b) (c) French President (d) None of these

59. Who is HO Gun Tao

(a) Secretary of Communist Party (b) President of China (c) Both a & b (d) Prime Minister of China

60. Headquarter of Amnesty International is in:

(a) Geneva (b) London (c) Paris (d) New York (NY)

61. Asian Development Bank (ADB) was established in:

(a) 1964 (b) 1966 (c) 1968 (d) None of these

62. Famous archaeological site Bhambhore is in the following district of Sindh:

(a) Khairpur (b) Dadu (c) Larkana (d) Thatha

63. The permanent Sectariat of SAARC is in:

(a) Khatmando (b) Dhaka (c) Delhi (d) None of these

64. Vasco De Gamma was a famous:

(a) Portuguese Explorer (b) French mathematician (c) English Novelist (d) Italian Tourist

65. Which of the following continent has no desert?

(a) Australia (b) North America (c) South America (d) Europe

66. Which International Organization firstly came into being?

(a) UNO (b) Common wealth Organization (c) League of Nation (d) None of these

67. The game of Hockey was originated from:

(a) Pakistan (b) England (c) Australia (d) Greece

68. Interfax is the news agency of:

(a) Russia (b) Turkey (c) France (d) USA

69. Disease Insomnia means:

(a) Inability to sleep (b) Colourblindess (c) Depression (d) None of these

70. The world’s famous Madame Tussaud’s museum is in:

(a) Paris (b) London (c) Rome (d) New York (NY)

71. Pakistan’s first permanent representative in UNO was:

(a) Sir Zafar Allah Khan (b) Pitrus Bukhari (c) M.A. H. Isphani (d) Begum Feroz Khan Noon

72. The first country which recognized Pakistan after its creation, is:

(a) Iran (b) Afghanistan (c) Saudi Arabia (d) Egypt

Select the most suitable meanings from the following:

73. Acrimony:

(a) Friendship (b) enmity (c) bitterness (d) None of these

74. Sacrosanct:

(a) Sacred (b) weak (c) Clever (d) None of these

75. Frail:

(a) weak (b) strong (c) lengthy (d) None of these

76. Perish:

(a) Open (b) Simple (c) die (d) unique

77. Preserve:

(a) attack (b) protect (c) blast (d) None of these

Select the most suitable Preposition:

78. He is knocking _____ the door.

(a) to (b) and (c) for (d) that

79. Did you hear ____ the accident last night?

(a) of (b) in (c) in (d) about

80. Smoking is injurious ____ health.

(a) in (b) to (c) for (d) by

.81 بانگ درا کا اولین دیباچہ کس نے لکھا؟

(a) مولانا حالی (b) سر راس مسعود

(c) شیخ عبدالقادر (d) جاوید اقبال

.82 علامہ اقبال کی اولین نظم کا عنوان کیا تھا؟

(b) بچے کی دعا

(d) ہمالہ

.83 احمد ندیم قاسمی عمومی طور پر کس وجہ سے مشہور ہیں؟

(a) شاعری (b) افسانہ

(c) ناول (d) تنقید

.84 ”قدم لینا” اس محاورے کا مطلب کیا ہے؟

(a) الوداع کہنا (b) آگے بڑھنا

(c) پائوں چھونا (d) پائوں کا نشان بنانا

.85 پھول کی پتی سے کٹ سکتا ہے ہیرے کا جگر

مرد نادان پہ کلام نرم و نازک بے اثر

یہ شعر ان حضرات میں سے کس کا ہے؟

(a) غالب (b) اقبال

(c) حالی (d) ان میں سے کوئی بھی نہیں

.86 ”کان بھرنا” اس محاورے کا کیا مطلب ہے؟

(a) غیبت کرنا (b) گلہ کرنا

(d) بد گمان کرنا

.87 اپنے بے خواب کواڑوں کو مقفل کر دو

اب یہاں کوئی نہیں کوئی نہیں آئے گا”

اس شعر میں کواڑ سے کیا مراد ہے؟

(a) دروازہ (b) صدر دروازے

(c) آنکھیں (d) شہر کے دروازے

.88 ” ناک کا بال ہونا” اس محاورے کا کیا مطلب ہے؟

(a) نازک ہونا (b) خوفناک ہونا

(c) عزیز ہونا (d)

.89 اذان کب فرض ہوئی؟

(a) ۱ ہجری (b) ۲ ہجری

(c) ۳ ہجری (d) ۴ ہجری

.90 قرآن پاک میں سب سے زیادہ ذکر کس نبی آیا ہے ؟

(a) حضرت محمد ﷺ (b) حضرت یوسفؑ

(c) حضرت ابراہیم ؑ (d) حضرت موسیؑ

.91 حج کب فرض ہوا؟

(a) ۷ ہجری (b) ۸ ہجری

(c) ۹ ہجری (d) ۱۰ ہجری

.92 تورات کس پیغمبر پر نازل ہوئی تھی؟

(a) حضرت دائودؑ (b) حضرت موسٰی ؑ

(c) حضرت عیسٰیؑ (d) حضرت محمد ﷺ

.93 خلیل اللہ کس نبی کا لقب ہے؟

(a) حضرت ابراہیم (b) حضرت اسما عیلؑ

حضرت موسٰیؑ (d) حضرت نوحؑ

.94 ”دنیا میں کبھی کسی کی شام غریباں یکساں نہیں گزری

اس شعر کے مطابق شام غریباں کا کیا مطلب ہے؟

(a) غریبوں کی شام (b) مجبوروں کی شام

پردیس مسافروں کی شام (d)

.95 کس شعر کی آمد ہے کہ رن کانپ رہا ہے ” اِس مصرعے میںن رن سے کیا مراد ہے؟

(a) طاقتورعورت (b) کھیل کا میدان

(c) میدان جنگ (d) نرم عورت

.96 لفظ جہاد کے لغوی معنی کیا ہیں

(a) کوشش کرنا (b) جنگ کرنا

(c) برداشت کرنا (d)

.97 رزق تقسیم کرنا اور بارش برسانا کس فرشتے کی ذمہ داری ہے؟

(a) حضرت جبرائیلؑ (b) حضرت عزرائیل ؑ

(c) حضرت اسرا فیلؑ (d) حضرت میکائیل ؑ

.98 ”اُم المساکین” کس اُم المومنین کا لقب ہے؟

(a) حضرت عائشہ ؑ (b) حضرت خدیجہ ؓ

(c) حضرت زینب خزیمہؓ (d) حضرت ماریہ قطبیہؓ

.99 فاتح مصر کس صحابی کو کہا جاتا ہے؟

(a) حضرت خالد بن ولیدؓ (b) حضرت ابو عبیدہ بن جراحؓ

(c) حضرت طارق بن زیادؓ (d)
Which was Populous city of Pak at the time of creation 1947?
2. Who produce film on Quaid “Jinnah”?
3. Punjab Govt. installing Coal project with China at?
4. What is meant by FIQAH?
5. What is meant by INFAQ?
6. Who won last FIFA world cup?
7. Real name of Ibn-e-Safi?
8. Who wrote book “Jinnah to Zia”?
9. Shikwa or Jawab-e-Shikwa Iqbal ki kis book me he?
10. Think and Grow Rich is written by?
11. Second five year plan?
12. Last Umayyad Caliph was?
13. Headquarter of International Court of Justice?
14. Dick Cheney was the?
15. In 1909 which reforms were presented?
16. Where all RTC were held?
17. Where Quaid presented his 14 points?
18. Isa rul Sanadid wrote by ?
19. A tale of two cities related to?
20. Who was reltated to Russian revolution?
21. Which country head visit to Pakistan first?
22. Mountbaten succeeded by ?
23. Alexander the great invasion of india?
24. Davis cup is related to which game?
25. Pak won T20 in?
26. Who offered to become granter in Kashmir Issue recently?
27. China became independent country in?
28. Shikra famous for?
29. Which give portents?
30. Who is Jeo Baiden is ?
31. Ibrahim Lincon was the President of USA?
32. OIC 2nd summit in Pakistan?
33. Who got Lenin award?
34. Major object of Pak foreign Policy?
35. Best fore-import commodity item of Pakistan?
36. Largest industry of Pakistan?
37. Pakistan Only Voice President?
38. How many years Holly Prophet SAW spend in Makka?
39. Badar took place in?
40. Longest Surah in Quran?
41. First reveled Surah of Quran?
42. Urdu ki pehly nassri kitan?
43. Pakistan Purchase Gawadar from?
44. Captan cook was?
45. Accra is the capital of?
46. Currency of Australia?
47. Al Fateh-al-Sisi is is General of?
48. Faormusa is old name of?
49. Aung Sang Sui is leader of ?
50. Mayanmar is new name of ?
51. Abdullah bin Muhammad is the president of?
52. First women prime minister of World?
53. Union Jack is the flag of?
54. Which country celebrating 60ht victory against USA on 26 july 2013?
55. 1 trillion is equal to?
56. Abdullah Husaain Urdu k mashor?
57. How many articles for Muslims?
58. America Leavs Afghanistan in?
59. Russia Afghan War ended through?
60. Pakistan signed first agreement with USA?
61. KBG is the secret agency of?
62. Law of gravity by?
63. Capital of Morocco?
64. First translation of the Quran in which language?
65. First Urdu translation of Quran by?
66. Who collected the most Ahadees?
67. Last Month of Islamic calendar?
68. Ushar means?
69. Which is minimum worth of usher on well-irrigated land?
70. Vir Chakra is the highest military award of?
71. Wrong spelling-
72. Point the Finger to someone treated as?
73. Antonym described?
74. Meteorology is the study of?
75. Fort Bala Hassar is situated in?
76. National flower of Pakistan?
77. Which is human rights organization?
78. Who was the founder of Khaksar Tehreek?
79. Heathrow is the airport of?
80. India wins freedom written by?
81. Sind Tas agreement?
82. Largest building of the world?
83. Toba Tek Singh kis ne likhi?
84. Al Razi was a?
85. Animosity means?
86. Green eyed means?
87. One who always looks at the bright side of things called?
88. Majlis ia a Parliament of?
89. Which continent is most populated?
90. Zaboor revealed on?
91. Hyde Park related to?
92. Leading the day?
93. Pehla Sahb-e-Diwan Shair?
94. En me Zarbul Misal konsi he?
95. En Books me se kon si Fraz Ahmad Fraz kin he he?
96. Who called the Keats of Urdu poetry?
97. Meanings of Proletarian?
Meaning of Taq e Nisyaan par Rakhna——Bhol Jana
2) Who wrote “Maa G” Qudra tullah shahab
3)famous for Marsiya nigari——-Meer Anees
4)Dobtay ko tinkay ka sahara—— zarb o misal
5) Who is called Saifullah——- Khalid bin Waleed
6)Where is Ghar e Kahf ——-
7)Allah Talla k Siffati Naam—–99
8)Islamic Economy mn reerh ki Hadi——-Zakkat
9)Where is Molana Rumi’s Tomb——Turkey
10)Dehr mn Ism e Muhammad sa ujala kr day
Qaut ishq sa hr past ko bala kr day ——— Iqbal
11)Ki meray Katal k baad us na jafa sa toba
haye us zod e pashemaan ka pashemaan hona…… ghalib
12 Akhri Maarka of hazrat Muhammad pbuh—— Tabook
13)Adbi personality of Sialkot after iqbal————faiz ahmed faiz
14)Year of Death of Holy Prophet pbuh——11 hijri
15)Urdu is the word of ——–Turkish language
16)CPU stands for——–central processing unit
17)IMF stands for ——- International monetary funds
18)most usage of search engine is ——Google
19)Ireland’s currency——
20)Nepal’s currency —– rupee
21)Australia’s capital——- Canberra
22)Turkey’s Capital——– Ankara
23)Women’s Quota in National Assembly——-60
24)who appointed the chief justice——-president
25)Presidential order of Manoon Husain—-12
26)Allocation of seats of national assembly in provinces—– in respect of population
27)Governor Punjab—–Ch Sarwar
28)First president of Muslim league—–
29)who led quite India movement—–Gandhi
30)Foundation year of Muslim league—-1906
31)Allama iqbal’s proposal for the first time publically in ——-
32)Who accepted Pakistan first time——Iran
33)Before whom the national anthem was sung first time—-
34)Quaid’s 14-points was the response of ——Nehru’s report
35)meaning of anonymous—–without name
36)Who was affiliated with tehreek e khilafat——Maulana M. Ali Johar Khan
37)When did Islamabad declared capital officially—–????? not confirmed but it did 1961
38)When the natural gas did was discovered in Pakistan—–1952
39)Where is Gawadar—–Baluchistan
40)Jerusalem’s important for ———- Muslim, Christians and Jews
41)Gaza City——— Palestine
42)Khyber pass connects ——- Peshawar to Kabul
43)International Islamic university ——- Islamabad.
44)Biggest barrage ——Sukker barrage
45)First prime minister——- Liaquat Ali Khan
46)Reuters is ——- a news agency
47) Present hijri year——-1435
48)Who presented system of basic democracies——Ayub khan
49 Opposite of gloomy——
50) Meaning of barbaric——–cruel
51) Meaning of satire———-mockery

Peshawar University Post-graduate Diploma in “Applications of GIS (Geographic Information System) and RS (Remote Sensing) to Environmental Monitoring and Evaluation”

Peshawar University Post-graduate Diploma in “Applications of GIS (Geographic Information System) and RS (Remote Sensing) to Environmental Monitoring and Evaluation”

Post-graduate Diploma in “Applications of GIS (Geographic Information System) and RS (Remote Sensing) to Environmental Monitoring and Evaluation”

Applications are invited from interested candidates on prescribed Forms available at the office of GIS Desk, Department of Environmental Sciences for Post Graduate Diploma in “Application of GIS (Geographic Information System) and RS (Remote Sensing) to Environmental Monitoring and Evaluation” so as to reach on or before June 1st , 2016 (closing date). 


GIS is an extremely broad & complex field, concerned with the use of computers to input, store, retrieve, analyse and display geographic information.

A GIS Database can link all of your organization’s digital data together & could enable all departments of an organization to have access to, and share the same data. The PG Diploma in GIS/RS aims not only at providing theoretical understanding of the principles but also offers hands on training to the participants such as image processing and different tools like GPS (Global Positioning System), Plotters etc.

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. M.A & M.Sc (2-Year)
  2. B.S (4-Year)

 in Geology, Geography, Computer Sciences, Physics, Economics, Forestry, Botany, Zoology, Agriculture, Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Library Sciences, Political Science, Social Work, Sociology, Bio Technology and Management Studies.


One year (Two Semesters).

Further details can be had on contact No.091-9216742 or


Educators Interview Schedule District Vehari

Educators Interview Schedule District Vehari

vehari educators scedule

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