Sargodha University Admission Schedule of Private affiliated colleges . admission forms of the students of Private Affiliated Colleges

Sargodha University Admission Schedule of Private affiliated colleges . admission forms of the students of Private Affiliated Colleges

No. UOS/ACE(TS)/4265-4580 Dated:07-04-2016
It is hereby notified that the admission forms of the students of Private
Affiliated Colleges under Term System in the discipline of Under graduate
programs (BS 4–years) Graduate Programs and Post Graduate Programs
Examinations of 2nd ,3rd ,4th ,5th ,6th ,7th Term may be submitted in the office of
Controller of Examinations along with prescribed Single fee latest by 20-04-
2016. The prescribed examinations fee is as under:-
Sr. # Program / Discipline Fee
1. Undergraduate programs, BS(4-years) Rs.3000/- per student
2. Graduate Programs,(M.Com, MBA, MA, etc) Rs.4000/-per student
3. Post Graduate Programs(M.Phil,LLM) Rs.4500/-per student
2. Repeat Course (Per Course) Rs.1000/- per student
2. Admission Forms can be downloaded from University Website No admission form will be accepted after the due date in any
3. The date of commencement of examinations will be notified later on.
Attention M.COM students only:
Admission forms according to the Notified scheme of study of M.COM
will be accepted only(copy attached).
(Prof. Dr. Muhammad Iqbal Ch.)
Controller of Examinations
Course Code Subject Name Credit Hours
MCM-501 Accounting for Decision Making 03
MCM-502 Business Management 03
MCM-503 Quantative Analysis (Inferential Statistics) 03
MCM-504 Principles of Marketing 03
MCM-505 Managerial Economics 03
MCM-506 Company Law 03
MCM-507 Financial Management 03
MCM-508 Business Research Methods 03
MCM-509 Business Communication & Interpersonal Skills 03
MCM-510 Organizational Behavior 03
MCM-601 Human Recourse Management 03
MCM-602 Management Accounting 03
MCM-603 Investment Analysis 03
MCM-604 Operation & Production Management 03
XXX-605 Elective-I *
XXX-606 Elective-II *
*Choose one group from below:
Group-I (For Specialization of Finance)
FIM-605 International Financial Management 03
FIM-606 Personal Finance 03
Group-II (For Specialization of Accounting)
ACM-605 Advanced Accounting 03
ACM-606 Financial Statement Analysis 03
MCM-607 Total Quality Management 03
MCM-608 E-Commerce 03
MCM-609 International Business 03
MCM-610 Corporate Governance 03
XXX-611 Elective-I **
XXX-612 Elective-II **
**Choose one Group from Below:
Group-I (For Specialization of Finance)
FIM-611 Corporate Finance 03
FIM-612 Advanced Portfolio Management 03
Group-II (For Specialization of Accounting)
ACM-611 Advanced Auditing 03
ACM-612 Intermediate Accounting 03

International Essay Contest 2016 For Young People

International Essay Contest 2016 For Young People

Flyer (International Essay Contest)-2~1

A simplified guideline and from UNESCO are included for the students inviting them for wholehearted participation before the closing date. The Entries must be received by June 15, 2016 (23:59 your local time). The email address for submission is given in the attached flyer. Please feel free to seek any guidance if required for which you can email at for this purpose. We wish you best of luck.


Guidelines for Essay Competition


Theme: “Education to Build a Better Future for All”

We live in a world with many complex problems, both local and global. What kind of education and learning would help us address these challenges and create a sustainable world and a better life for all?

Describe your concrete ideas for an ideal education.


  1. Category
  1. Essay Title
  1. Name
  1. Address
  1. Phone Number
  1. email
  1. Nationality
  1. Age as of June 15, 2016
* IMPORTANT: To send your essay online, you must go to the online registration page at and follow the required steps.

  1. 5. Essays must be original and unpublished. Plagiarized entries will be rejected.
  2. 6. Essays must be written by one person. Co-authored essays are not accepted.
  3. 7. Copyright of the essays entered will be assigned to the organizer.



Write the Essay in English less than 700 words