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NTS Educator Recruitment 2016 Entry Test Preparation Mcqs


NTS Educator Recruitment 2016 Entry Test Preparation Mcqs

The founder of modern intelligent tests was?( Alfred Binet )
Q2= The formula to determine I.Q was presented by? ( Stern)
Q3= I.Q of a student having same physical and mental age will be? ( 100)
Q4= The I.Q of a student having twelve years mental age and tem years physical age will be? (120)
Q5= The most commonly used guessing correction formula to predict and control?(B. S=R-W/N-1 )
Q6=Who is considered the father of guidance?(Frank Parsons)
Q7=Who developed the first intelligence test (Binet)
Q8=Guidance is helpful (Makes choices,Making adjustments,Solving Problems)
Q9=Face to face relationship in which one tries to solve the problem of the other(Counseling)
Q10=The I.Q of the gifted children is(140 and above)
Q11=Which is basic (born)emotion?(Fear)
Q12=Another name of working memory is (Short Term Memory)
Q13=Perception and attention play major role in(Long Term Memory)
Q14=The mental development is closely parallel to increase in (Ability to profit from Experience)
Q15=Intelligence as presently defined is synonymous with(Scholastic aptitude)
Q16=Which is measured by in intelligence(Verbal Ability)
Q17=Intelligence Measure(Academic potential)
Q18= RJ javed is bright , Ramzan Chheena Mankera is dull. They are now six years of age,as they grow older,the difference in their I.Q will probably (Remain relatively constant)
Q19=I.Q is an index of (Rate of mental development) (PPSC 22 Nov 2nd Question)
Q20=What type of health of a child is of utmost importance that an elementary school teacher should keep in mind for the growth of the child?(Physical and Mental)
Q21=An internal state of mind of a person,which forces to do something and that is aroused as a result of some internal need of the person is called(Motivation)
Q22=The age measured by an intelligence test is called ( Mental)
Q23=WAIS is the intelligence test for ( High School Students)
Q24=The growth and learning of a child is affected by ( Heredity and Enviroment)
Q25=Control is an important characteristics of method(Experimental)
Q26=Cognitive Development deals with the development of (Child Mind)
Q27=Identical twins indentical (Developmen)(Intelligence)(Growth)
Q28=I.Q of 7 years old child with M.A of 8 years would be placed in I.Q distribution tableas :
(Unconscious Mind)
Q29=Moral Development involves(What is right and wrong)
Q30=An individual who is socially mal-adjusted develops behavior (Immoral)

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