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PPSC Headmistress BS 17 Mcqs Question Paper 2015


PPSC Headmistress BS 17 Mcqs Question Paper 2015

= Budgeting in educational system is??1.investmnt….2.developmnt ..3..progresss.
Q2=Inductive dedective method used????
(a)Socrate (b) Ploto
Q3=Self actualization theory of? Maslow
Q4=Micro teaching is method techniqeue?
Q5=Allama iqbal ke falsfa khudi ke definition?
Q6= Casual LEAVE for teachers?
Q7=MIS is abbrivation of??? Management information system
Q8=Founder of intelligence test?(Binet)
Q9= Formula of IQ determined by?? Stern
Q10=Concept of discovery learning?Tata Gal
Q11= Naturalism like to teach in wich method???
Play way
Q12= Emotion cognitive development etc
Formal oorational stage is begining of…
Q13= Masjid maktb scheme?
Q14= Micro teaching timing? 5-10 minutes
Q15= Belonging affection and status are best classified as???
Q16=1st 5 year plan??? 1955-1960
Q17= A repeated performance of learning untill attainment of desired level( skill)
Q18= In theory x superviser think his employe are…
(Lasy avoid to work)
Q19= Kindergartan(1841)
Q20= In idealism change occur
Do not
Q21= Expenditure on edu?(Investment)
Q22= Forbel kindergarten
Q23= Montisery (Dr maria)
Q24= Assessment definition
Q25= Inductive deductive used
Q26= Teaching is (a)service(b)job (c) profession
Q27= Look understand and then perform like that
Imitation(Learning of students)
Q28= EDO abbrivation(Exective district officer)
Q29= training shape the habit form the habit integrate the habit?
Q30= Experimental research
Q31= lord machaly write
Q32= List of topics
Q33= Detailed contents
Q34= Punjab education code
Q35= Headmstrss role?
Q36 Mini culture?
Q37 when textbook Board established? 1961/1962/91963/1964
Q38 Kindergarten developed in year? 1857/1835
Q39 teachers classification by work is? profesision/ skill
Q40 purpose of basic education is ? EFA / focus on relate primary edu
Q41 curriculum provide instructional method who said?
Q42 division of work is related to /?job description/ job specification
Q43 arousing standard of education through>?continues student evaluation/teaching
Q44 ocus of 1979 policy? special education/high/middle/primary
Q45 educational objectives achieved through?
Q46 expenditure in education is?
Q47 HM guidance and assistance revealed his role of? manager/supervision/admin.
Q48 deductive and inductive method developed by?aristotle/sosrate
Q49 integrated curriculum is used for the years of education?1-5/-1-4/-1-6
Q50 training of teacher to reshape behavior , is belong to which school of thought ?behaviorism/naturilist/social learnign
Q51 Punjab education rules & regulation is for? school/teacher/public/E&D
films and video tapes are the examples of? moving projection/
Q52 test to seek what extant students acquires knowledge is?achivemnet test/attitude/intellegent/
Q53 contents are permanent in mind is called?recall/retention/learning
Q54 teacher observed work of students , he is doing ?monitor/guide/evalute
Q55 Q56 detail content of list is called?salybus/course
Q56 V is helpful when ? create interest/verbal in not enough
Q57 recognizing God and understanding self is related to ?Iqbal//Ghazali/shahaliALLAH/plato
Q58 specific to general mean?inductive/deductive
Q56 teaching learning cannot occur without?learning/communication
Q57 most usable tool for guidance? interview/test/questionnaire
Q58 Freud was a ? pshychologist/physician
Q59 effectivness of teaching is depends? motivation/ techniques
Q60 communication is a ? procces/activity/
Q61 discovering method was found by ? froeble/ burner/dwey
Q62 in X theory sub ordinates feels? careless/ creative
Q63 teaching means? transition of knwldge ?changing behavior
Q64 education is for happiness and realisation siad by. a?sristotle/plato
Q65 training is for ? intergrating habits. forming habits reshaping habits
Q66 deductive n inductive method…Aristotle
Q67 Word examine means….. Analyse
Q68 Mosque school ? 1972 , 1979
Q69 under lord meckaly wich is policy introduced? Bentinck resolution i
Q70 Perpose of asteblished Nidwa tul ulma ?
Q71 = Ibn e khuldun against whish mathod ? Qestion answer
Q72 ideasm chang (fast,slw,avrg ,nt chang
Q73 Teachng would fall off wn (professn,skilld,supervisoon
Q74 Frobel schol systm start?
Q75 Budget uses for incom n expenditure ?
Q76 Purpose of education according to shah wali allah ?
Q77 Purpose od nadvo almia ?
Q78 Punjab text board build ?
Q79 Edu policy 1079 put special education ?
Q80 Posdcrob?
Q81 Epistemology?
Q82 Progmts?
Q83 Perrnlsm?
Q84 Micro teacher lesson duration?
Q85 Aristotle?
Q86 Plato idealism?
Q87 Realism?
Q88 John dwy dfntn ?
Q89 Level of solo taxonomy ?
Q90 Symposm?
Q91 Less gussng item?
Q92 edu not pre planned in….informal
Q93 edu is a process of formation of highest moral character of individual through many sided interest ….plato
Q94 Who find happines in virtue?
Q95 Edu code 4 E&D rule,training tchrs,recurtment?
Q96 training is used….shaped the habits ?”
Q97 .if critarian reference test is reliable then scores from test ?..standardized
Q98 belonging affection n status.? …drives
Q99 test design to predict future performance….aptitude
Q100 most frequently used techniques for evaluating guide ?

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