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GCU FSD Schedule of Trials for admission on Sports Basis for Post Graduate (MA/M.Sc) 2015-2016


GCU FSD Schedule of Trials for admission on Sports Basis for Post Graduate (MA/M.Sc) 2015-2016

The trials for admission on Sports Basis for Post graduate classes (MA/MSc) for the session 2015 will be held as under.

For Boys (MA/MSc Classes) 07-10-2015

1 Foot Ball Final 09:30 AM University Foot Ball Ground
2 Athletics Final 10:00 AM Univ.Athletic Track
3 Kabaddi Final 10:30 AM Univ.Athletic Track
4 Hand Ball Final 11:00 AM Univ. Hand Ball Court
5 B Building, W. Lifting Final 11:30 AM Univ .Gymnasium Hall
6 Volley Ball Final 12:30 PM Univ. Athletic Track
7 Basket Ball Final 01:00 PM Univ.Basket Ball Court
8 Table Tennis Final 01:30 PM Univ .Gymnasium Hall
9 Cricket Final 02:00 PM Univ.Cricket Ground
10 Boxing Final 02:30 PM Univ .Gymnasium Hall
11 Badminton Final 03:00 PM Univ .Gymnasium Hall
12 Tennis Final 03:30 PM Univ.  Tennis Court
13 Hockey Final 04:00 PM Univ. Hockey Ground
14 Wrestling, Gymnastic, Judo, Karate, Final 04:30 PM Univ .Gymnasium Hall

For Girls (MA/MSc Classes) 08-10-2015

1 Athletics Final 09:45 AM Univ.Athletic Track
2 Basket Ball Final 10:15 AM Univ.Basket Ball Court
3 Tennis Final 10:30 AM Univ. Tennis Court
4 Table Tennis  Final 10:45 AM Univ .Gymnasium Hall
5 Cricket Final 11:00 AM University Cricket ground.
6 Taekwondo, Judo, Karate Final 12:00 PM University Gym Hall
7 Foot Ball Final 01:00 PM Univ .FootBall Ground
8 Badminton Final 01:30 PM Univ .Gymnasium Hall
9 Volley Ball Final 02:00 PM Univ.Athletic Track
10 Hand Ball Final 02:30 PM Univ. Hand Ball Court
11 Foot Ball Final 03:00 PM Univ .FootBall Ground
12 Hockey Final 03:45 PM University Hockey ground

Leftover cases will be entertained on October 9, 2015

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