Victoria Doctoral Scholarships – Application Information

Victoria Doctoral Scholarships – Application Information

History or background of award
To encourage postgraduate research Victoria offers scholarships to those about to begin their doctoral studies. These scholarships are awarded on academic merit and are open to New Zealand and international students in any discipline. These scholarships are awarded on academic merit and are open to New Zealand and international students in any discipline.

Purpose of award
These Scholarships are intended to encourage and support doctoral study (PhD) at Victoria University of Wellington. As part of the requirements of this Scholarship, the recipient is expected to contribute 150 hours per annum to the academic life of the School in which they undertake study. The purpose of this contribution is to provide them with an insight into the work undertaken by, and the expectations placed on, the academic community in the University. It also provides an opportunity to develop enduring relationships with the School. This contribution may be as a tutor, research assistant, laboratory demonstrator or supervisor, or teaching assistant.

Selection criteria
The Scholarships are open to graduates of any university within or outside of New Zealand who intend to enrol full time for a Doctorate (PhD) at Victoria University or who have commenced their doctoral study at Victoria University. It is important to read the scholarship regulations available from the link above before application.

Applicants with Victoria University ‘Offers of Study’ who are current Victoria University doctoral students must apply on the application form available from the link at the top of this webpage.

Please note: In most cases the process for applying for doctoral (PhD) study at Victoria and applying for a Victoria Doctoral Scholarship is one process. From 1 January 2010, for new doctoral (PhD) applicants there will be one application process for admission to the doctoral programme and University and for doctoral scholarships. The combined application form is available on the Faculty of Graduate Research Website

Please note: Although funding applications will be considered from full time students seeking scholarship support for a doctoral degree for which they are already enrolled at Victoria, if you have applied for a Victoria PhD scholarship in the past, you must provide updated or additional information to apply for a second round. Such applications must be accompanied by clear strong support from supervisors.

Number of awards offered
35 each round.

$23,500 stipend annually + tuition fees. Conditions apply. See ‘Regulations’ for details.

Tenure of award
Scholarships will normally be tenable for three years. For a student who has already been enrolled for a Doctorate at Victoria for more than three months at the time when the offer of a Scholarship is made, the maximum length of tenure of the Scholarship will be reduced at the discretion of the Research Scholarships Committee.

Closing dates for applications
Sunday 01 November 2015
1 March, 1 July and 1 November.

How do students apply?
‘Application Forms’ for new doctoral(PhD) students are available from the Faculty of Graduate Research:
Website link

‘Application Forms’ for current doctoral students or those with an ‘Offer of Study’ are available from the links above.
Scholarship regulations covering both groups of applicants are also available from the links above.

Decision makers
The University Research Scholarships Committee, a sub-committee of the University Research Council.

How and when do students learn of the decision?
Offers of Victoria PhD Scholarships will be made approximately six weeks after each closing date in March, July and November of the year of application. Because some applicants may in the event decline the offer of a Scholarship with the result that further offers have to be made, it is possible that some applicants will not be finally notified of the success or otherwise of their applications three months after application. Please provide a clear and correct email address.

What conditions are attached to acceptance of this award?
Scholarship recipients must sign a Postgraduate Scholarships Contract agreeing to abide by the attached regulations. Recipients shall be required to devote themselves full-time to their programme of research during the tenure of the scholarship and may not hold a position of emolument without the approval of the University Scholarships Committee. Approval may be given for scholarship recipients to undertake paid employment (usually tutoring) for up to a further 400 hours in addition to their contribution in any one calendar year. All requests to undertake part-time employment must be supported in writing by the supervisor.
Once the period of tenure of a scholarship has commenced, the University Scholarships Committee may, at its sole discretion, grant a scholarship recipient a deferment of their scholarship for a period not exceeding one year. In most cases such a deferment will coincide with a formal suspension from their doctoral enrollment.
A scholarship shall be terminated if a scholarship recipient ceases to resume the aforesaid programme of research within one month of the last day of the period of the deferment.

Additional information
Applicants, other than those who have completed all of their study at Victoria, must include a certified copy of their academic record from other institutions with this application. Applicants whose degree has been conferred at any university other than a New Zealand University will be considered in two categories:
Category 1: applicants from the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Germany or Australia must supply an original or certified copy of their university transcript.
Category 2: applicants from any other country must have their transcript verified and assessed with a course by course evaluation by the educational evaluators: Educational Credential Evaluators (ECE).

Who else has information about this award?
Information on applying to do a Doctorate at Victoria University of Wellington and apply for funding to do so is also available from:

General information about doctoral study is also available from this website.

For guidelines, application forms and more information about this award contact:

The Scholarships Office
Victoria University of Wellington
PO Box 600
Wellington 6140
New Zealand

Phone: (04) 463 5113 or (04)463 5557
Application Forms for New Doctoral (PhD) students
Victoria University of Wellington
PO Box 600
Wellington 6140

University of Turin Scholarships for International Students in Italy

University of Turin Scholarships for International Students in Italy

Scholarships for international students

12 scholarships for international students willing to enrol in second cycle degree for the a.y. 2015-2016

These scholarships are addressed to students who, regardless of their citizenship, have obtained their entrance requirement for Master Degree (First Cycle Degree or equivalent qualification). Above-mentioned qualification must be achieved abroad at foreign institutions operating outside of the Italian system.


Deadline: 26th August 2015, at 11 am (Italian date and hour).

Call for applications
Application form (.odt)
Application form (.doc)

Scholarships will be granted as follows:

  • 6 scholarships to students with a foreign degree obtained in one of the member states of the European Union (Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Hungary), as well as in EFTA/EEA Countries Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Switzerland;
  • 3 scholarships to students with a degree obtained in the Popular Republic of China (P.R.C.)
  • 3 scholarships to students with a degree obtained in all the other Countries

Scholarships will cover enrolment taxes and living costs in Turin. The total amount of the scholarship is 9.000 euro per year, 750 euro per month for 12 months, gross of all charges for the beneficiary’s account.

Moreover, scholarship-winning students will be required to pay only the amount of the first instalment of the enrolment tax per year, and will be exempted from the second instalment.

Applications are admitted just for the first year enrolment, applicants enrolled with a shortening of course will not be accepted.

Erasmus Mundus students or MAECI (Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation) scholarships beneficiaries will not be accepted.


For futher information please contact:

8 scholarships for international students already enrolled in second cycle degree for the a.y. 2014-2015

In September 2015 will be issued a public notice for 8 scholarships addressed to deserving international students, already enrolled for the a.y. 2014-2015 in the first year course of one of UniTO’s second cycle degrees. These students are expected to enrol for their second year course for the a.y. 2015-2016. The scholarship will cover a period of one year.

Scholarships will be granted according to the amount of credits earned as well as their weighted average.

A minimum of 40 cfu will be required before 9th October 2015.



Type of Commission
► AFNS – BSc Nursing
Matric with Science – 60% Marks Minimum
F.Sc (Pre-medical) – 50% Marks Minimum
17-25 years as on
31 December 2015
► Trained Nurse as
Lieutenant (Female)
Nursing Diploma and Midwifery.
B.Sc Generic Nursing.
Post (RN) B.Sc Nursing
18-28 years as on
30 November 2015
Note for BSc Nursing
► Appearing candidates in FSc Part-II examination (having 50% marks in 1st year) may apply with HOPE certificate duly signed by the Principal of concerned college/institution for attaining 50% marks. On declaration of Part-II result, candidates should submit FSc marks sheet immediately.
Note for Trained Nurses
► A candidate should be registered with Pakistan Nursing Council (PNC).
► Preference will be given to qualified post basic specialized courses i.e ICU, OT, CCU etc from a hospital/institute recognized by PNC.
► BSC NURSING. Female unmarried / widow / separated / divorcee without encumbrances.
► TRAINED NURSES. Married/unmarried
 NATIONALITY. Citizens of Pakistan and domicile holders of Azad Kashmir/Gilgit-Baltistan. Upon final selection candidates with dual nationality will have to surrender nationality other than Pakistani.
► Minimum Height – 5’ Feet (152 cm)
► Weight – As per the Body Mass Index
 Twice rejected by the GHQ Selection Board.
 Declared Medically Unfit by Appeal Medical Board.
 Individual withdrawn/resigned/discharged from Armed Forces (Army, Navy and Air Force) training academies/institution on the ground of discipline, characters, medical inefficiency, weak profile or declared unsuitable.
 Individual dismissed/removed from any other government service.
 For BSc Nursing only – candidates already registered with Pakistan Nursing Council.
 Convicted by a Court of Law for an offence involving moral turpitude.
3. REGISTRATION AND PRELIMINARY SELECTION PROCEDURE. Candidates can either register through Internet or by visiting Army Selection and Recruitment Centres (AS&RCs). Following procedure will be adopted:-
 REGISTRATION THROUGH INTERNET. A candidate can register on website Date and time of test shall be intimated on individual’s e-mail address. Candidates will report on date and time given for preliminary test on computerized roll number slip. Date once given will not be changed. Candidates will also bring along documents mentioned in para 6 and will pay prospectus fee on the day of test. Candidates must attain working knowledge of computer.
 REGISTRATION AT AS&RCs. The candidates may report at nearest AS&RC for registration/allotment of roll number along with necessary documents mentioned in para 6 and the prospectus fee for completion of registration formalities. The candidates will bring these documents on the day of test as well.
 SELECTION OF REGISTRATION / PRELIMINARY TEST. Registration and preliminary test will be held as per the following schedule:-
► Registration – 23 Jul – 18 Aug 2015
► Preliminary Test – 21-28 Aug 2015
(Provision of on spot registration at AS&RCs shall remain open till completion of the tests)
 PRELIMINARY MEDICAL TEST. The candidates will undergo initial medical test at AS&RCs.
4. FURTHER SELECTION. Interviews of successful candidates by the GHQ Selection Board will be held at Lahore, Karachi and Rawalpindi for which separate call up letters will be issued. Successful candidates will receive call up notices for interview. The final selection will be made at GHQ on the basis of candidate’s overall performance.
 BSc Nursing – 4 x years Training at AFPGMI Rawalpindi, CMH Lahore, CMH Kharian, CMH Multan, CMH Quetta and PNS Shifa Karachi.
 Trained Nurses – 4 x weeks Basic Military Training at AFPGMI Rawalpindi
Note: On completion of successful training, shall be granted Commission in the rank of Lieutenant.
6. DOCUMENTS REQUIRED AT AS&RCs. Candidates will deposit following documents with AS&RCs:-
 Original certificates/documents/detailed marks sheets along with two attested photocopies of each educational certificate/degree.
 Candidates serving in Government’s institutions/departments will render No Objection Certificate (NOC) of the concerned establishment.
 Attested photocopy of domicile.
 Photocopies of computerized National Identity Card.
 3 x Coloured photos duly attested (front & back).
 Crossed postal order of Rs. 100/- in favour of Director General Personnel Administration (DGPA), GHQ Rawalpindi.
Note: Old National Identity Card will not be accepted.
7. BOND. Finally selected candidates will be required to sign a bond to serve the Army for minimum period of ten years for BSc Nursing before the commencement of training.
Dera Ismail Khan
Pano Aqil
For further details visit
► OR
Nearest Army Selection & Recruitment Centres at Peshawar, Rawalpindi, Lahore, Multan, Hyderabad, Karachi, Quetta, Gilgit, Muzaffarabad, Faisalabad, Dera Ismail Khan, Pano Aqil and Khuzdar.