Information About Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) B.Ed Arts Program

Information About Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) B.Ed Arts Program

Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) B.Ed Arts Program
B.Ed Arts Program 06 Half Credit (HC) courses are compulsory, 02 Full Credit (FC) courses are elective and one FC course is compulsory to complete the B.Ed Degree.
· BA with 60% (Male) BA with 45% (Female) and B Sc Male/Female = 45% marks.
· Only for Fana/Fata/AJK/Baluchistan with Domicile are eligible B.A with 45%.

Subject List
Compulsory Subjects
Perspective of Education
School Organization and Management
Evaluation Guidance and Research
Educational Psychology and Curriculum Management
English Compulsory
Islam, Pakistan and Modern World
Elective Subjects
Teaching of English
Teaching of Pakistan Studies
Teaching of Urdu
Teaching of Islamiat
Teaching of General Science
Practical Workshop & Teaching Practice

General Knowledge Mcqs Test Preparation Who is Who and What is What

General Knowledge Mcqs Test Preparation  Who is Who and What is What

One person every 6 seconds dies from what: Contaminated water diseases
• The length of what is approximately 1/10th circumference of earth: Great wall of China
• USA has most airports which country has second most: Australia
• In 1829 Walter Hunt invented what common item: Safety Pin
• Who invented punched cards used in early computing 1880s: Herman Hollerith
• 1500 paces was what Roman measurement: League
• Who gave the UN the land in NY to build their HQ: John D Rockerfeller
• Which writer coined the word Cyberspace in 1984: William Gibson –Neuromancer
• What is the oldest known infectious disease: Leprosy
• What was invented in 1855 45 years later than it was needed: Can Opener
• Chogori is better know by what boring name: K2
• Which country has the worlds biggest (on land) National Park: Canada – Wood Buffalo 17300s ml
• What was Edison’s first practical invention: Tick a Tape for stockmarket
• Which company invented the transistor radio in 1952: Sony
• What metal impurity makes rubies red and emeralds green: Chromium
• What is dittology: Double meaning
• Which country invented the mariners compass: China
• How was Alexander the Greats body preserved: In large jar of honey
• What was invented 1903 – patented 1906 G C Beilder: Photocopier
• What country consumes the most coal each year: China
• What does soviet mean: Workers Council
• In which city is the worlds oldest museum – Ashmolian 1679: Oxford
• To what family does the hippopotamus belong: Pig
• In which city is the worlds oldest tennis court from 1496: Paris
• Who said Politics is the art of the possible 11 Aug 1867: Otto Von Bismarck
• In which country did Turkeys originate: USA
• What colour is worn for funerals in Egypt: Yellow
• An Arab horse has less what than other horses: Bones – one vertebra less
• In what country did red onions originate: Italy
• What job did Ernest Hemmingway do in WW1: Ambulance Driver
• What was the name of the Roman God of sleep-Somnos
• What is the name of the four holy books of the Hindus-The Vedas
• What animal always gives birth to same sex twins-Armadillo
• What colour is named after a battle fought in Italy in 1859-Magenta
• What does the name Ghengis Khan mean-Very Mighty Ruler
• What is the most common disease in the world-Dental Caries

General Knowledge Mcqs Test Preparation Famous Countries and Cities

General Knowledge Mcqs Test Preparation  Famous Countries and Cities

City of angles is called to Bangkok.
• City of bazaars is called to Cairo.
• City of colleges is called to Lahore.
• City of conference is called to Geneva.
• City of cosmonauts is called to Moscow.
• City of eternal spring is called to Quito.
• City of golden temple is called to Amritsar.
• City of Golden Gate is called to San Francisco.
• City of mosques is called to Dhaka.
• City of parks is called to Kiev.
• City of palaces is called to Calcutta.
• City of pope is called to Rome.
• City of space flights is called to Cape Kennedy.
• City of peace is called to Baghdad.
• Forbidden City is called to Lahaska.
• Gateway to the east is called to Beirut.
• Gateway to the gulf is called to Abu Dhabi.
• Gateway to India is called to Bombay.
• Gateway to Pakistan is called to Karachi.
• Little Pakistan is called to Bradford.
• Manchester of Pakistan is called to Faisalabad.
• Pyramid city is called to Cairo.
• Rose pink city is called to Jaipur.
• Windy city is called to Chicago.
• Lusitanian is the alternative name of Portugal.
• Emerald Island is called to Ireland.
• Land of Prophets is called to Palestine.
• Yellow River is known as China’s Sorrow because of devastating floods.
• Gibraltar of the west is said to Quebec.
• Zambia is known as “country of Copper”
• Albania means the “Land of Eagles”.
• Argentian means “Like Silver”.
• Bahrain means two seas.
• Brazil means “Red wood”.
• Costa Rica means “Rich coast”.
• Cyprus means “Land of copper”.
• Guuatnemala mean “Land of Eagles”.
• Jamaica means “Good water”.
• Kuwait means “Fort”.
• Liberia means “Land of free people”.
• Netherlands means “low land”.
• Nigeria means “a great river”.
• Sierra Leone means “Lion Mountains”.
• Singapore means “city of lions”.
• Sudan means “Land of black people”.
• Turkey means “Land of Turks”.
• Which country is popularly called ‘The Land of the Maple Leaf’? Canada
• Mistress of the Eastern Seas is epithet referred to Sri Lanka.
• Hong Kong is called as Pearl of the Orient.
• Which worlds city is known as The Golden City Prague Czech
• What place was nicknamed “The Pearl of the Orient”-Manilla – Philippines
• What countries name translates as lion mountains- Sierra Leone
• What place is nicknamed “The City of Lilies”- Florence