PPSC TMO Recruitment Test Preparation Mcqs Sample Paper

PPSC TMO  Recruitment Test Preparation Mcqs Sample Paper

1. The most abundant element in Earth’s
crust is
a. Silicon
b. Oxygen
c. Aluminum
d. None of these
2. SIM stands for
a. Single in-line module
b. Subscriber identity module
c. Single in-line memory
d. None of these
3. Which water body is the saltiest
waster body (lake) in the world
(mostly people considered Dead Sea
as the saltiest lake but it is incorrect)?
a. Black Sea
b. Red Sea
c. Dead Sea
d. Assal Lake
4. What is the height of Mount Everest
according to new map survey (its
previous height was 29028 feet [8848
a. 29031 feet (8849 meter)
b. 29042 feet (8852 meter)
c. 29035 feet (8850 meter)
d. 29038 feet (8851 meter)
5. Who invented the paper?
a. Egyptians
b. Spanish
c. French
d. Chinese
6. India consists on how many states?
a. 23
b. 25
c. 28
d. 29
7. In which language the Holy Qur’an
was first translated?
a. Arabic
b. Persian
c. Latin
d. None of them
8. Which is the largest state (Population
Wise) of India?
a. Kerala
b. Uttar Pradesh
c. Madhya Pradesh
d. None of these
9. Philology is the study of
a. Bones
b. Muscles
c. Architecture
d. Languages
10. The branch of science which deals
with structure of animals and plants
a. Anatomy
b. Oncology
c. Ecology
d. None of these
11. Study of earthquakes is called as
a. Ecology
b. Seismology
c. Oncology
d. None of these
12. Name of the first cloned sheep
a. Dolly
b. Mickey
c. Mameen
d. Jakor
13. Lack of _________ causes diabetes
a. Sugar
b. Insulin
c. Calcium
d. Vitamins
14. The largest cell in the human body is
a. Nerve cell
b. Muscle cell
c. Liver cell
d. Kidney cell
15. The number of bones in the human
body of an adult is approximately
a. 210
b. 250
c. 206
d. Not fix

16. The strongest muscle in the human
body of an adult is approximately
a. Jaw
b. Thigh
c. Calf
d. Upper arm
17. The shortest bone is the human body
a. Vertebrae
b. Stapes
c. Phalanges
d. Metacarpals
18. The normal temperature of the
human body is
a. 90 oF
b. 98 oF
c. 98.6 oF
d. 96.4 oF
19. Red color of blood is because of the
presence of
a. Iron pigment
b. Hemoglobin
c. Copper
d. Vitamins
20. Which type of blood of individuals are
universal recipients
a. Type A
b. Type A, B
c. Type B
d. Type O
21. Trachoma is a disease of the
a. Brain
b. Larynx
c. Ear
d. Eye
22. Malaria is disease which affects the
a. Heart
b. Lungs
c. Spleen
d. Kidney
23. Leukemia is a disease of the
a. Lungs
b. Blood
c. Skin
d. Nerves
24. What do you understand by Ad
a. According to value
b. From the beginning
c. At the end
d. None of these
25. Who was the first person to fly across
the English Channel?
a. Louis Bleriot
b. Wilbur Wright
c. Charles Lindbergh
d. Robert McNamara
26. Which of the following is actually a
lake but is called sea
a. Caspian Sea
b. Red Sea
c. Baltic Sea
d. None of these
27. Which country has no railway?
a. Israel
b. Lebanon
c. Afghanistan
d. None of them
28. Deficiency of iron in human diet
a. Goiter
b. Scurvy
c. Anemia
d. Rickets
29. Rickets is a disease of the
a. Bones
b. Tissue
c. Muscles
d. Blood
30. Acquired Immune-Deficiency
Syndrome (AIDS) is caused by
a. Bacterium
b. Protozoan
c. Fungus

31. ECG is used for the diagnosis of
ailment of the
a. Brain
b. Heart
c. Kidneys
d. Lungs
32. Dialysis is used for the treatment of
a. Kidney failure
b. Heart weakness
c. Brain disease
d. None of these
33. Hepatitis is a disease of which of the
following organ?
a. Heart
b. Liver
c. Lungs
d. Brain
34. Radioactivity was discovered by
a. Henry Becquerel
b. Marie Curie
c. Newton
d. Einstein
35. Who was the first commander of the
Muslim Army?
a. Hazrat Ali (RA)
b. Hazrat Hamza (RA)
c. Hazrat Umar (RA)
d. Hazrat Saad (RA)
36. Which is Britain’s oldest university?
a. St. Andrews
b. Oxford
c. Cambridge
d. St. Helena
37. Sunda strait separates
a. Java from Sicily
b. Sumatra from Java
c. Java from Singapore
d. Singapore from Sumatra
38. What is “Big Ben”?
a. A galaxy of stars on the sky
b. The world’s highest tower in
Tokyo (Japan)
c. The world’s first railway
d. The clock placed at the British
Parliament building
39. The world’s famous bridge “Golden
Gate” is located in
a. New York
b. Mexico
c. London
d. San Francisco
40. Penicillin was invented by
a. Dr. Jonas E. Salk
b. Gregory Mendel
c. Paul Ehrlich
d. A. Fleming
41. Who among the following pioneered
Khilafat Movement?
a. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan
b. M.A Jinnah
c. Gandhi
d. Ali Brothers
42. A British government declaration in
November 1917 announcing the
establishment of a Jewish national
home in Palestine, this treaty is called
a. Geneva accord
b. Washington declaration
c. Balfour declaration
d. Pact of Paris
43. Insulin was discovered by
a. Alexander Fleming
b. Edmond Fischer
c. Dr. F.G Banting
d. John Napier
44. Who invented the Polio vaccine?
a. Janas Salk
b. Burk Holder
c. Robert Koch
d. Albert Sabin
45. Who invented the laser?
a. Sir Frank Whittle
b. Fred Morrison
c. Charles H. Townes

46. Alfred Nobel is associated the
invention of
a. Cosmic rays
b. Dynamite
c. Dynamo
d. Penicillin
47. Which vitamin is known as Ascorbic
a. Vitamin A
b. Vitamin B
c. Vitamin K
d. Vitamin C
48. In which of following districts
Harappa is located
a. Peshawar
b. Sheikhupura
c. Lahore
d. Sahiwal
49. Ruhr coal field is situated in
a. Brazil
b. Germany
c. Indonesia
d. South Africa
50. NESPAK stands for
a. New Engineering Services of
b. Newly Engineering Services of
c. National Engineering Services
of Punjab
d. National Engineering Services
of Pakistan
51. Name the famous novelist who wrote
“For Whom the Bell Tolls, The Sun
Also Rises, The Old Man and the Sea
and Farewell to Arms”
a. William Faulkner
b. Thomas
c. Hardy
d. Eranest Hemmingway
e. Henry James
52. Citrus fruits are considered rich in
a. Vitamin A
b. Vitamin D
c. Vitamin E
d. Vitamin C
53. Atacama desert lies in
a. Chile
b. Uruguay
c. Mexico
d. Brazil
54. Poor night vision is because of lack of
a. Vitamin A
b. Vitamin B
c. Vitamin D
d. Vitamin E
55. Which vitamin gets destroyed on
a. Vitamin A
b. Vitamin E
c. Vitamin C
d. Vitamin K
56. Which of the following vitamin is
produced in the body with the help of
a. Vitamin D
b. Vitamin E
c. Vitamin K
d. None of these
57. Vitamin D prevents
a. Tooth Diseases
b. Bone Diseases
c. Eye Diseases
d. Skin Diseases
58. What is the name of Bangladeshi
a. Tsongdu
b. Shergo
c. Jatiya Sangshad
d. Majlis
59. The longest and the strongest bone in
the human body is
a. Tibia

b. Pelvis
c. Femur
d. Jaw
60. The largest organ in the human body
a. Skin
b. Muscle Cell
c. Liver Cell
d. Kidney Cell
61. Blood does not coagulate inside the
body due to the presence of
a. Hemoglobin
b. Heparin
c. Fibrin
d. Plasma
62. Gandhi started the Dandi March
a. To demonstrate against the
policies of the British
b. To break the Salt Law
c. To boycott foreign goods
d. None of these
63. Under whose leadership the All India
Muslim League was set up?
a. Muhammad Ali Jinnah
b. Sayyed Ahmad Khan
c. Sir Agha Khan
d. Nawab Salimmullah of Dacca
64. The Ahrar Movement was started as a
a. Pro-British movement
b. Pro-Muslim League movement
c. National and militant
d. Anti-communal and anti-
Muslim League
65. The border between Pakistan and
Afghanistan is called
a. Durand Line
b. 24th Parallel Line
c. Sir Radcliffe Line
d. None of these
66. What is the total area of Azad
a. 13,926 sq km
b. 13,496 sq km
c. 13,493 sq km
d. 13,297 sq km
67. A person of which of the following
blood group is called a universal
a. O
b. AB
c. A
d. B
68. Which of the following is known as
graveyard of RBCs?
a. Liver
b. Bone marrow
c. Spleen
d. Appendix
69. Which of the following lake is call
“Paradise of Birds”?
a. Hub Lake
b. Manchhar Lake
c. Haleji Lake
d. None of these
70. Night blindness is due to lack of
a. Vitamin A
b. Vitamin B
c. Vitamin C
d. Vitamin D
71. Which of the following Vitamin helps
in clotting of blood?
a. Vitamin B
b. Vitamin A
c. Vitamin D
d. Vitamin K
72. The vitamin which can be most easily
synthesized in human body is
a. Vitamin D
b. Vitamin C
c. Vitamin B
d. Vitamin K
73. Deficiency of Vitamin C causes
a. Night Blindness
b. Beri-Beri
c. Scurvy

“Rickets” is caused due to the
deficiency of
a. Vitamin A
b. Vitamin B
c. Vitamin C
d. Vitamin D
75. Which is the largest search engine of
the internet?
a. Google
b. MSN
c. Yahoo
d. None of these
76. Second largest search engine of the
internet is
a. Google
b. MSN
c. Yahoo
d. None of these
77. Internet mostly uses for the purpose
a. Chat
b. Business
c. E-mail
d. None of these
78. Victoria is the name of waterfall.
Where is it situated?
a. Norway
b. Philippines
c. Zimbabwe
d. Venezuela
79. ROM stands for
a. Read only Memory
b. Random over Memory
c. Read of Memory
d. None of these
80. RAM stands for
a. Read after Memory
b. Random Access Memory
c. Read all Memory
d. None of these
81. “http” stands for
a. Hyper Test Transfer Program
b. High Level Test Transfer
c. Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
d. High Level Text Transfer
82. Which of the following is the lightest
a. Nitrogen
b. Hydrogen
c. Ammonia
d. Carbon dioxide
83. Dialysis is used for people with
a. Liver
b. Kidneys
c. Heart
d. Diffusion
84. Unit Decibel is the measurement of
a. Electric Charge
b. Intensity of sound
c. Magnetic Flux
d. Speed of Ship and Aircraft
85. Sunlight is made of
a. Seven colors
b. Five colors
c. Three colors
d. None of these
86. Which of the following vitamins is
essential for bone and teeth
a. Vitamin A
b. Vitamin B
c. Vitamin C
d. Vitamin D
87. The vitamin capable of formation of
blood is
a. Vitamin A
b. Vitamin B
c. Vitamin C
d. Vitamin D
88. The vitamin which is generally
excreted by humans in urine is
a. Vitamin A

b. Vitamin D
c. Vitamin C
d. None of these
89. Guava is a rich source of
a. Vitamin C
b. Vitamin D
c. Vitamin A
d. Calcium
90. High dose of which vitamin can
destroy the kidney?
a. Vitamin A
b. Vitamin B
c. Vitamin C
d. Vitamin E
91. Spectrum divides sun light into
a. Seven colors
b. Five colors
c. Three colors
d. None of these
92. “Parkinson” is a disease of
a. Brain
b. Heart
c. Lungs
d. Bones
93. What body of water connects the
Bosporus Strait with the Black Sea?
a. Sea of Marmara
b. Aegean Sea
c. Robeson Sea
d. Mediterranean Sea
94. Which of following strait separates
Arabia and Africa?
a. Bering Strait
b. Bab-ul-Mandab
c. Bosphorous
d. Davis
95. Which of the following straits
separate Indian and Sri Lanka?
a. Davis Strait
b. Northumberland Strait
c. Sunda Strait
d. Johor Strait


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