PPSC Lecturer Recruitment 2015 Some Teaching Filed Related Questions for Lecturer Interviews Preparation 2015

PPSC Lecturer Recruitment 2015 Some Teaching Filed Related Questions for Lecturer  Interviews Preparation 2015

What is your educational background? (Or I see you went to [insert school name here]. What was the most rewarding part of attending that university?)
What are you currently reading for enjoyment?
What do you want to be doing in five years?
List five adjectives that describe yourself.
What is one of your weaknesses, and how are you working to improve it?
What interests do you pursue outside of the classroom?
To what teams and/or clubs did you belong as a student?
What activities might you coach or advise as a member of the teaching staff?
When did you decide to become a teacher, and why did you choose this field?
Why do you want to teach at the ____ level?
What personal strengths do you find especially helpful in your teaching?
What is your favorite subject to teach? Why?
What is your least favorite subject, and how do you overcome your indifference toward it to teach it well?
What do you like most about teaching as a career?
What is your least favorite aspect of teaching?
What is your philosophy of education?
What role do standards play in your classroom?
Describe your teaching style.
How do you organize your classroom?
How do you structure your time to manage all of the duties associated with teaching?
What is the greatest success you have had in teaching?
What do you think is the greatest challenge facing students today?
What is the most difficult aspect of teaching today?
What are the qualities of an excellent teacher?
Describe the “worst” lesson you have taught. What did you learn from it?
What is your approach to classroom management?
What role have parents played in your classroom?
How do you motivate your students to become active learners in your classroom? (Or: How do you encourage class participation?)
Tell us about a troubling student you have taught and how you helped him or her.
Describe your best professional development experience.
Describe your ideal lesson.
Describe your planning process for a major project or unit.
Explain your experience with [insert teaching strategy here].
What plans do you have for the integration of technology in your own classroom?
What experience have you had with team-teaching? What is your opinion of it?
How have and will you address your students’ different learning styles?
How do the assignments you give offer students the opportunity to express their creativity and individuality?
How do you modify your teaching to reach students who are struggling to perform at grade level?
How do you provide support for students with exceptional ability?
What would you tell your incoming class in a “back-to-school” letter at the start of a new school year?
How would you deal with a student who regularly missed school or your class?
If most of the students in your class failed an assignment, test, or project, how would you respond?
What would your students say they had learned after spending a year in your class? (Or: What do you want students to remember about your class?)
How would you establish and maintain good communication with the parents of your students?
What steps would you follow to deal with a student who displays consistent behavioral problems in your classroom?
Under what circumstances would you refer a child to the administrator’s office?
What could a visitor to your class expect to see?
What do you hope to learn from your mentor?
How would you take advantage of resources within the community to enhance your teaching?
Why should you be hired for this position?

PPSC Lecturer Recruitment 2015 Interview Past Experience Lecturer History also Other Subjects Help

PPSC Lecturer Recruitment 2015  Interview Past Experience  Lecturer History also Other Subjects Help

10:17 am i entered room for my interview

penal consisted 1member (muhammad zia ur rahman) and 3 advisers

may i come in sir?

mr. zia ur rahman: yes a jao

ishtiaq :kia mai beth sakta hoo?

mr. zia ur rahman: zaroor

mr. zia ur rahman: are you ishtiaq ahmad?

ishtiaq:yes sir
mr. zia ur rahman: from where you got your master degree?
ishtiaq: islamiya university Bahawalpur(iub)
mr. zia ur rahman: app ny kon kon sy subject rakh they history mai?
ishtiaq: ancient history of india, history of islam till to The Umayyad Caliphate , slave dynasty, mughal empire , history of Pakistan movement, constitutional history of pakistan, turkish history,

mr. zia ur rahman: what are you doing in these days?
ishtiaq: sir i am the student of LLB final year

then mr. zia ur rahman reffered me to an adviser for further questions

1st adviser (he was sat on my left side)
All-India Muslim League founded in 1906 at Dahaka where was its first HQ?
ishtiaq: Lucknow

1st adviser: when did quaid-e-azam join AIML?
ishtiaq: 1913

1st adviser: quaid-e-azam presented his fourteen point in 1929 can you tell me the exact month and date?
ishtiaq: 28th march 1929

1st adviser: what was the difference between Governors-General and Viceroys?
ishtiaq: his question was in english but due to my weak vocabulary i was failed
to explain my answer

1st adviser: beta mai app ka answer samja nahi?
ishtiaq : lakin mai samj gaya k urdu mai jawab bi day doon tu khair hai
mai nai us ko bataya ka jab east india company nai sub-continent mai apna hold karna shoroo kia tu apny maqbozatt ki hafazat kai liay governer general appoint kia , lakin jab 1858 ko east india company kahtam hoe to governer general ko viceroys bi kaha jany laga, jab indo-pak ki dividation hoe tu viceroys ka tilte khatam hova aur sirf governor general khaha jany laga head of state india aur pakistan mai. phir jab 1950 ko indian constitution nafiz hova to GG ka title khatam hova au ki jaga head of state president bana, isi tara pakistan mai bi assa he hove 1956 k constitution k nafaz k bad

1st adviser: good (then he referred me to the second adviser )

2nd adviser: when pakistan become islamic republic?
ishtiaq: sir on 23rd march 1956

2nd adviser: why?
ishtiaq: sir on 23 march 1956 the first constitution of pakistan enforced according to this constitution pakistan declared islamic republic

2nd adviser: who was the founder of Ottoman State?
ishtiaq: sir, usman khan gazi
2nd adviser: what was the nickname of usaman khan?
ishtiaq: kara

2nd adviser: who was the sultan muhammad fatih?
ishtiaq: king of ottoman empire and conqueror of Constantinople on 29 May 1453

2nd adviser: musliman bar bar Constantinople pr hamly kio karty thy?
ishtiaq: apna defence karny k liay aur dusman pr apni dahak bathany k liay
2nd adviser: koe aur waja?

ishtiaq: nabi akram(saw) ki pesheen goe k tun zaroor qutuntunya fatha karo gy

3rd adviser: how can we improve our education system?
ishtiaq: check and balance, boti mafiya ka khatima, equal and one education system. invest minimum 4% budget on education. aur jo bi mery zehan mai aya mai kehta chala gaya
3rd adviser referred me to the member and head of penal mr zia ur rahman

Mr. zia : in current days there is a discussion about indo-pak trade , what is your opinion?
ishtiaq: after giving long detail i told him it is necessary for both countries and i am in favor of trade

mr. zia -ur-rahman : history is the moral of ……………………….(bari lambi proverb boli the aur pocha k is ka kia matlab hai)

ishtiaq : sorry sir
mr. zia-ur-rahman : ok thek hai
ishtiaq; sir mai jao kai?

mr . zia-ur-rahaman ; ji app ja sakty ho
ishtiaq; thank you sir

before my interview i look that my aggregate in academic qualification is 36 out of 40

i am thankful to my God who give me full confidence in interview