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PPSC Lecturer Recruitment 2015 Physical Education Mcqs for Lecturer Test 2015


PPSC Lecturer Recruitment 2015  Physical Education Mcqs for Lecturer Test 2015

The National Game of Pakistanis? (A)Cricket (B) Football (C)Hockey (D) Badminton 2. The amount of Blood comes out from ventricle, per minute is called? (A) Cardiac cycle (B) Cardiac output (C) Cardiac volume (D) Ventricle volume 3. A log distance runner must consume more quantity of? (A) Fat (B) Protein (C) Carbohydrate (D) Minerals 4. Ranga Swami Cup is awarded in? (A)Hockey (B) Football (C)Cricket (D) Volleyball 5. How we get injured in games? (A) Precaution habits (B) Long term training without rest (C) When rules of games are not followed (D) Over confidence 6. The weight.of a Basket Ball is— (A) 400-500 ounce
(B) 500-600 gm (C) 567-650 ounce (D) 567-650 gm 7. Which of the following food stuff contains almost all ingredients of a balanced diet? (A) Meat (B) Milk (C) Chicken (D) Fish 8. Against which country ‘Maradona’ scored the goal of the century? (A) Brazil (B) Germany (C) Italy (D) England 9. The length and width of a volley ball court is? (A) l7x9metre (B) l8x9metre (C) l9xl0metre (D) 20 x 10 metre 10. Which of the following concepts of health is the earliest concept? (A) The Bio-medical concept (B) The Psycho-social concept (C) The Religious concept (D) The Ecological concept 11. The height of human being is measured by? (A) Vernier scale (B) Weighing scale (C) Stadio meter (D) Dynamometer 12. Name the first Indian woman Wo won the Gold Medal in asian games— (A) P. T. Usha (B) Sunita Rani (C) Shayni Abrahim (D) Kamaijit Sandhu 13. Which of the following game’s playground has ‘bonus line’? (A) Basketball (B) Hockey (C) Kabaddi (D) Volleyball 14. In older, age, the common problem in eyes is (A) Cataract (B) Black water (C) Squint eyes (D) Farsightedness 15. Apparatus to measure fat percentage in body is? (A) Anthropometer (B) Tensiometer (C) Skinfold Meter/Caliper (D) Flesometer 16. One of the method of Teaching is? (A) Writing story (B) Writing (C) Demonstration (D) Search
17. The cause of postural defects/deformities is? (A) Balanced diet (B) Malnutrition (C) Extra diet (D) Sickness 18. Jogging at one spot? (A) Tightens muscles (B) Strengthens few muscles (C) Strengthens all the muscles except the hamstring (D) Weakens muscle 19. Long bones’ work in human body is? (A) To give strength (B) To give shelter (C) To work as lever (D) To provide base for muscular joint 20. During muscular contraction, if there is no change in the size of muscle, this contraction is said— (A) Isometric (B) Isotonic (C) Isokinetic (D) Kinetic
The landing arena of High Jump will be (A) 5x4mts (B) 5x5mts (C) 5 x 3 mts (D) 5 x 6 mts 2. Blood is purified in the human body by? (A) Carbon dioxide (B)Nitrogen (C)Oxygen (D) Hydrogen 3. Name the vitamin which is water soluble (A) Vitamin A (B) Vitamin B (C) Vitamin E (D) Vitamin K 4. Salivary g]and produces (A) Ptyalin (B) Adrenal (C) Pepsin (D) Renin 5. Who is responsible for sanitation /cleanliness in schools? (A) Principal (B) Cleaning worker (C) Teacher and students (D) All of the above 6. Name the disease which is categorized as psychosomatic disease (A) Diabetes (B) Asthma (C) Tuberculosis (D) Small pox 7. According to rules, the colour of football goal post is? (A) Light yellow (B) Green (C) Light blue (D) White 8. How much protein a working woman must intake every day? (A)27gm (B) 46gm (C)30gm (D) 37gm 9. Which of the following line is related to volleyball? (A) Bonus line (B)Baulk line (C) Attack line (D) Service line 10. The tread mills training is prescribed for the injured athlete for the purpose of improving his/her (A)Muscle strength (B)Stability of the body (C)Range of motion (D)Muscle endurance
11. To which of the following chambers of the heart, is the aorta connected? (A)Left ventricle (B)Right ventricle (C)Right auricle (D)Left auricle 12. What will you do, if you burn by fire? (A) Lying down on floor (B) To cover with quilt (C) Will use maximum water (D) Remove all clothes 13. What is flexibility? (A) Isotonic movements (B) Health (C) Concentration (D) Long life 14. In which place World Class Hockey Academy is proposed to be established by International Hockey Federation? (A)Berlin (B) Sydney (C)Madrid (D) Dubai 15. The longest muscle in human body is? (A)Sartorius (B)Biceps (C)Deltoid (D)Lattismus Dorsi 16. The cardio respiratory capacity is related to (A) Strength (B)Flexibility (C)Normal physical endurance (D)Agility 17. Shuttle run ‘Test’ measures (A) Explosive strength (B) Speed endurance (C) Agility (D) Speed 18. Which of the following game’s team consists of both men and women players? (A)Corfball (B) Netball (C)Softball (D) Handball 19. ‘Stimulus Response Theory’ was given by? (A) Frobel (B) E. L. Thorndike (C) Dr. Radhakrishnan (D) John Dewey 20. How many types of joints there in human body? (A)2 (B)3 (C)6 (D)9 21. Which of the famous Hockey player has written the book ‘Golden Hattrick’? (A) Ajit Pal Singh
(B) Dhyan Chand (C) Balbir Singh (D) Surjit Singh 22. The types of swimming in competitions are? (A) 10 (B) 6 (C) 4 (D) 2 23. Which of the following vitamin we get from Sun rays? (A) Vitamin A (B) Vitamin B (C) Vitamin C (D) Vitamin D 24. How many entries are allowed per event in Athletics in Olympics? (A) 2 (B) 3 (C) 4 (D) 5 25. When did Cricket World Cup start? (A) 1970 (B) 1975 (C) 1979 (D) 1973 26. Reason of constipation is due to (A) Less functioning of large intestine (B) Extra eating (C) Less make of water (D) More intake of water 27. What was the Mascot of first Asian games held at New Dethi? (A) Jantar Mantar (B) Kutub Minar (C) Lotus flower (D) Appu 28. The weight of a hockey ball approximately is (A) 5.5 ounce to 5.75 ounce (B) 5 ounce to 5.5 ounce (C) 6 ounce to 6.5 ounce (D)5.75 ounce to 6 ounce 129. How many events are there in Heptathlan? (A)5 (B) 6 (C)7 (D) 9 30. In which country Indian women cricket team won the test series first time ? (A) New Zealand (B) South Africa (C) Australia (D) England 31. ‘Pele’ is related to which game? (A) Cricket (B) Horse Riding
(C) Swimming (D) Football 32. The normal temperature of a healthy human being is? (A) 98.4° F (B) 95.5° F (C) 96.6° F (D) 97.4° F 33. The life span of Red Blood corpuscles is not more than (A) 120 days (B) 130 days (C) 140 days (D) 150 days 34. What is the resting stroke volume per beat of heart? (A) 20-40 ml (B) 40-60 ml (C) 60-80 ml (D) 80-100 ml 35. The length of trachea (wind pipe) in an adult person is about? (A) 20 cm (B) 15 cm (C) 10 cm (D) 05 cm 36 By which hormone High Blood Sugar level can be controlled in stomach? (A) Glucose (B) Insulin (C) Thyroxin (D) Non-Apinefreen 37. Are heavy exercises good for sound sleep? (A) Yes (B) No (C) Sometimes (D) Never 38. Balanced diet contains (A) Protein (B) Vitamin (C) Carbohydrates (D) All of the above 39. The longest bone in human body is? (A)Ulna (B) Tibia (C)Femur (D) Humerus 40. The main source of vitamin ‘A’ is? (A)Egg (B) Banana (C)Carrot (D) Potato 41. Fatigue comes during training due to? (A) Lactic acid (B) Adrenal (C)Carbon Di Oxide (D) pH-Factors
42. What energy do minerals supply to the body? (A) Chemical (B) Electrical (C) Thermal (D) No energy 43. The Olympic games in 2016 will be held at? (A) London (B) America (C) Holland (D) Brazil 44. The measuring instrument of Blood pressure is? (A) Steadiometer (B) Menometer (C) Sphygmomanometer (D) Dynamometer 45. The minimum number of players required in a team to start a Basketball match is?— (A) 4 (B) 5 (C) 3 (D) 12 46. What is Blood? (A) Tissue (B) Liquid Tissue (C) Blood Platelets (D) Special Tissue 47. Water percentage in plasma is? (A)60% (B) 70% (C)80% (D) 90% 48. Who declares the ‘Olympic games close’? (A) Chairman JOC (B) President IOC (C) Secretary IOC (D) Prime Minister of the country 49. The width of a lane in an athletic track is? (A)1.20 mt (B) 1.21 mt (C)1.19 mt (D) 1.22 mt 50. During a hockey match, if the ball is stuck in the Goalkeeper’s pads then game is restarted (A) By Bully (B) By centre back pass (C) By hit from outside ‘D’ (D) By toss

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