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PPSC Lecturer Recruitment 2015 Geography Mcqs Preparation Test


PPSC Lecturer Recruitment 2015 Geography Mcqs Preparation Test

1) Which planet rotates on its axis from east to west?
Earth Jupiter
Venus Mercury
Answer :
2) The minimun distance between the sun and the earth occurs on
December 22 September 22
June 21 January 3
Answer :
3) On the day the sun is nearest to the earth, the earth is said to be in
Aphelion Apogee
Perihelion Perigee
Answer :
4) The earth is at its maximum distance from the sun on
January 30 July 4
September 22 December 22
Answer :
5) The rate of rotation of the earth on its axis is highest on
January 3 July 4
December 22 Never changes
Answer :
6) Which of the statements does not prove the sphericity of the earth
If the earth were flat one would come across some sharp edges The sunrise is not visible from all places at the same time
The shadow of the earth at the time of solar eclipse is circular The altitude of the stars from various point on the earth’s surface varies
Answer :
7) What is the International Date Line?
It is the equator It is the 0 degree longitude
It is the 90 degree east longitude It is the 180 degree longitude
Answer :
8) The mass of the earth is about ______ times of that of the moon
85 81
83 91
Answer :
9) How much of the surface of the moon is visible from the earth
about 59% more than 75%
only about 40% none of these
Answer :
10) What is the unit of measurement of distances of the stars from the earth?
fathoms nautical miles
kilometres light year
Answer :
11) On the surface of the moon the
mass and weight become less mass remain constant and only the weight is less
only the mass is less mass and weight both remain unchanged
Answer :
12) Which comet appears every 76 years ?
Hally’s Holme’s
donati’S Alpha centuari
Answer :
13) We always see the same face of the moon because –
it is smaller than the moon it revolves on its axis in a direction opposite that of the earth
it takes equal time for revolution around the earth and rotation in its axis it rotates at the same speed as the earth around the sun
Answer :
14) When the tide producing forces of the sun and moon act in a straight line complementing each other, it produces
tidal bores neap tides
spring tides normal tides
Answer :
15) What is a tidal bore?
A tidal wave resulting from seismic activity A deposit of sand in coastal areas
A formation of polyps just above high tide lavel A high tidal wave moving upstream in the mouth of a river
16) The longest circle which can be drawn on the earth surface passes through the
Circle of Arctic Equator
Tropic of Cancer Tropic of Capricon
Answer :
17) Which one of the following is the largest irrigation canal in the world ?
Suez Canal Indira Gandhi Canal
Panama Canal Sirhind Canal
Answer :
18) Which of the following soils has low humus contents?
Alluvial Black
Desertic loamy
Answer :
19) Area under forests is far below the required percentage in India because of
Long dry spell period Large area under cultivation due to large population
Large area under plateau and hilly terrain Large extent of drought-prone area
Answer :
20) Which of the following combinations represents the arrangements of the decreasing particle size order of soils?
Clay, gravel, sand and silt Gravel, sand, silt, and clay
Sand, gravel, clay and silt Silt, sand, gravel, and clay
Answer :
21) Which of the following is the youngest mountain of India?
Aravallis Himalayas
Nilgiris Vindhyachal
Answer :
22) Which of the following combinations of crops provide raw material for agro-based industries?
Cotton, jute and oilseed Pulses, tobacco, and jute
Jowar, cotton, and sugarcane Ragi, spices and sugarcane
Answer :
23) Aravalli ranges are an example of
Volcanic mountains Residual mountains
Block mountains Folded mountains
Answer :
24) Which one of the following is not a landlocked country in Africa.
Botswana Zambia
Lesotho Nigeria
Answer :
25) The imaginary line on the earth’s surface that closely follows the 180 degree Meridian is
Prime Meridian Equator
International Date Line Tropic of Cancer
Answer :
26) The country that shares longest border with India is
China Bangladesh
Nepal Pakistan
Answer :
27) The distance between two consecutive longitudes (91 degree east and 92 degree east) at the Pole is
0 km 18 km
25 km 110 km
Answer :
28) Logically, what does a continually rising air pressure indicate?
Advent of unsettled and cloudy weather. Advent of cyclone
Fine and settled weather. Fine and unsettled weather.
Answer :
29) The soil formed by wind dust in and around hot deserts is called
silty soil loamy soil
sandy soil loess soil
Answer :
30) In wildlife conservation, which one of the following best defines an ‘endemic’ species?
When the critical number of a species declines in a forest due to parasitic attack. A species which is cosmopolitan and can be commonly found in a biosphere.
An endangered species which is found in few restricted areas on the earth. A species confined to a particular region and not found anywhere else.
Answer :


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